NHS COVID-19 App updated. Ghost message workaround issued.

A few weeks ago I received a pop-up message on the NHS COVID-19 app saying that I’d been “exposed” to COVID-19. However, if you click on the message it simply vanishes…

It seemed to relate to me switching Bluetooth on and off, but for many people they were quite shocking and – given that you couldn’t get any more details – confusing too.

I dived into the Notification Log on Android to try and get more information, but there wasn’t a great deal of extra detail.

Today a “fix” has been issued, although to be honest it’s more of a workaround as the pop-up messages will still appear, however a follow-up message will then show up to tell you to ignore it. The second message will read..

Covid-19 Exposure Check Complete. Don’t worry, we have assessed your risk and there is no need to take action at this time. Please continue to stay alert and follow the latest advice on social distancing.

So, umm… basically a fudge…