Three ways your phone can keep you up to date with the world of sport

The life of a football fan can often be stressful. Not only do you have to deal with the tension as the players battle it out on the field, but there are also a lot of developments to keep up with off the pitch. Not only that, but with the coronavirus lockdown we’re finding it harder to keep in touch with our favourite teams or enjoy that matchday experience.

So, whether it’s the latest signings, injuries or even fixture changes, here are some of the best ways to keep up to date with your team on your smartphone.

Betting odds

One of the best ways of gauging how likely it’ll be that your team can beat their rivals in their next match is to look at the odds the bookmakers are offering on them. Every bookmaker employs a lot of experts to try and predict the outcome of every game. If they get it wrong, they could lose a serious amount of money. That means they have a big motive to get it right every time, so they often have a better track record than the commentators and summarisers on TV.

The best way to gauge what the bookmakers think is to look at the odds of lots of different bookmakers at once. You can see lots of College Football Odds at Odds Shark, a comparison website that shows you the latest odds from up to eight of the biggest betting providers on the market. If you’re confident in their prediction, or you think they’ve got it completely wrong and see a good chance of winning some big money, the website also allows you to quickly access those odds on the bookmaker’s website.

Score alerts

Although the predictions are thoroughly thought out, we all know every team doesn’t get the points and the glory until they actually play the game and win. These days, and especially during 2020, it can often be hard to keep up with your team’s progress. Many games have had to be postponed due to outbreaks of the coronavirus. League officials are then forced to reschedule the matches in unusual timeslots on days where games aren’t traditionally played to make sure they can complete the league on time.

The good news is that you can now get mobile phone apps that will send you notifications of all the big news on your team directly to your home screen. With many of the apps, you can decide exactly how much information you want. You might want to follow every second of the match and know whenever a goal has been scored. You might think that’s too many notifications and just want to hear the final score. Whatever kind of fan you are, you can personalise the settings for your needs.

Signings on social media

One of the biggest bits of news your team will ever have to share during a season is when they’ve signed an exciting new player. These days, the first place fans get the chance to hear about these announcements is on a team’s social media. The big teams’ social media managers are constantly coming up with new ways to draw out the tension, with many filming bespoke videos for each announcement. Make sure you follow your team on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss any of the news and the amusing videos that go with them.