The easiest ways to stream TV shows on your smartphone device

New technology has made it possible to develop smart devices that are faster and better in terms of performance. The idea of fast internet is also among the topmost influential factors in streaming TV shows and movies from anywhere and at any time you desire. YouTube is among the world’s most popularized streaming platforms recording massive user traffic of 163.75 million on average.

The wide variety of streaming platforms has brought on massive confusion for users online. Some unofficial websites also offer streaming services on which you can read about their safety here at You can also turn to torrenting websites with security from firewalls such as Peerblock.

If Peerblock does not work, you can also get a VPN service on your phone to do pretty much the same job. Many smartphone streaming apps often provide their services on a subscription basis or through a one-time payment. Here are the most popular ways through which you can successfully stream TV shows on your mobile device.

Amazon Prime

Amazon has a dedicated Instant Video Service that allows you to purchase or rent out a TV series after signing up for its various subscription plans. There is a main plan dubbed Amazon Prime where you have to pay $99 annually. With Amazon Prime, you can stream a massive collection of TV shows without making any additional payments.

If you don’t have a Prime subscription, you can still rent out TV shows for as little as $1.99. There is also an additional tag where you can purchase a movie of your liking for only $5.99. However, it is important to note that some HD shows can only be viewed through a TV. There is also a trial period of 30 days where you can familiarize yourself with whatever is available.


The Apple iTunes platform has a vast array of the latest TV shows that you can use to purchase or rent your favorite shows on your iPhone. After renting a show, you are allowed 24 hours, after which if you fail to watch it after opening it, the show disappears.

The platform recently underwent some upgrades for a much cleaner presentation. However, after some of the most recent shows, they can command a high price of up to $17.99.


Netflix is among the original streaming services, with over 150 million subscribers globally. This platform’s base service is set at $7.99 each month and allows you access to numerous TV shows that you can stream through a stable internet connection. You can access Netflix through a dedicated app on your smartphone, provided you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection or data.

This streaming service recently underwent major scrutiny after it created a rift between its streaming and DVD rental provisions where there was a huge price difference between the two. However, the company has now revitalized its protocols with uniform pricing that doesn’t include any long-term subscription plans. There is a vast collection of TV shows that you can access through genre categories depending on what you like.