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Samsung Ativ S – Initial Impressions

There is always one late comer to every party.  In this case, Samsung announced the Windows Phone 8 touting Ativ S back in August of 2012 but didn’t actually manage to release it until December, almost a whole month after the Nokia Lumia 920. Still as the

Nokia Lumia 920 & 620 Coming soon to Three

The number of Nokia Lumia 920′s that you see on the street could be set to increase rapidly as EE’s exclusivity deal comes to an end. Three have today announced that coming soon are the flagship Lumia 920 and the entry level Lumia 620. Although Three have

Nokia Lumia 920 and the tale of déjà vu

Exactly a year ago, thanks to the lovely team at Nokia Connects I’ve had an opportunity to review the Nokia Lumia 800 – the first Nokia-designed smartphone running the Windows Phone operating system. Putting all ramblings whether Nokia’s sudden strategy switch was right or not, the Lumia

Lumia 920 coming to Vodafone

Good news for customers today as Vodafone announced on the official blog that the Nokia Lumia 920 is soon to make an appearance on their network.   This is clearly important news as EE have had the exclusivity on the flagship Nokia since its UK launch however

Windows Phone Game Review – Boxes

I’m going to come out and say it. This is a remake of Tetris. But a damn good one at that. The developers Blugri have taken a classic game and added a few twists, a new design and some ingenious control options and have made a really

Nokia Lumia 920 – Initial Impressions

The Nokia Lumia 920 has been heralded as the ultimate Windows Phone 8 device. When it was announced I was excited the range of colours and accessories. It captivated my imagination and made my wallet area hurt with anticipation of the upcoming cost. When it came to

Samsung Ativ S is actually in stock somewhere

How many times over the last few weeks have we heard that the Windows Phone 8 equipped Samsung Ativ S was going to be in stock somewhere or delayed again? Answer: A lot. Well the day has finally come that retailers actually have the phone in stock

Windows 8 gets aped on an Android tablet.. for children

Whilst randomly browsing around I stumbled across this rather interesting Android tablet at ToysRUs. The tablet and the interface is designed for children, and the fairly low-end device has a 10.1″ screen with front camera, WiFi and micro-SD expansion. But I couldn’t help noticing the similarities between

Microsoft claims Windows Phone sales up 300% …but of what?

  Microsoft’s resident megaphone has been spouting again, this time to the annual shareholders meeting, where the larger than life CEO announced that Windows Phone sales are up 300% from last year. That sounds a good tag line, but as Microsoft never announced any sales figures for

Nokia Lumia 820 In Stock at Expansys

The Lumia 820 is the only one of the top end Nokia offerings that is available anywhere other than at EE stores and as a result stocks are rather low in most retailers. One retailer that has managed to procure stock and will have it available from

Samsung Ativ S to hit Vodafone courtesy of Phones4U

A lot of us have been waiting for a chance to check out the new hotness that should be Windows Phone and now we’re one step closer. Phones4U has the Samsung Ativ S up on its coming soon page. Having a quick look around on the site,

Customising Windows Phone 8

Yes you read the title right, you can customise Windows Phone 8 quite a bit. This article is a quick look at a few apps I use on my nice new HTC 8X to customise the look. Starting off with a custom tile creator. Wizz Tiles Wizz

Nokia Lumia 920 in white due in stock tomorrow

UK online retailer Clove have announced via their blog that they are getting stock of the Lumia 920 tomorrow. It’s going to be the white version and it’s going to be SIM free. Oh and it’s going to cost £520 the order page is here. Or it’s

ZTE officially tease 5.9 inch Windows Phone

When it comes to massive phones Android have the market all to themselves, but not for long if ZTE have anything to do with it. ZTE’s marketing chief, Lu Qian Hao, has decided to tease us with what seems to be a huge Windows Phone. He tweeted

Windows Phone 8 – What you can get, where you can get it

We’ve reviewed it, we’ve attended the launch and now we have details on how you can get the Windows Phone 8X by HTC. It’s available in-store from November 2nd but you can pre-order it now. It’ll be available on Three, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, Virgin Media, Carphone Warehouse

HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

HTC have been making fantastic hardware for many years now, and when paired with a high quality operating system you really can get the ideal phone.  Microsoft have now announced the release of their new Windows Phone 8 operating system and this is at the heart of

Hands on with Windows Phone 8 devices

Currently at the London event for Windows Phone 8 launch and we have managed to get hands on with the phones that are supporting this latest version of the operating system.  These are the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820.  The Samsung Ativ S and the HTC 8X

Windows Phone 8 launch: Liveblog

Join us live from the Windows Phone 8 launch to recap the best features of Microsoft’s recently-announced OS. [iframe src="" width="100%" height="375"] [iframe src="" width="100%" height="1180"]

Windows Phone 8 Event Details Revealed

The much anticipated Windows Phone 8 is to be revealed on 29th October.  Microsoft have also confirmed that the event will take place in San Francisco. This of course could pave the way for a 30th October launch for the new Nokia Lumia handsets, coincidentally, the date

Have Microsoft and RIM left it too late?

On Tuesday Comscore published their latest figures on market share in the US.The statistics relate to quarter 3 2012 and do not take account of the launch of iPhone 5. Once again Google and Apple have seen percentage gains, Apple saw their market share grow by 2.4%

Windows Phone 8 by HTC – First look

Things are hotting up in the Windows Phone world at the moment, I’ve even recently started playing with the app whilst looking for a new car. Three manufacturers are all poised to release their new handsets. One by one they keep releasing little bits of information

Windows Phone Friday deals

We’ve spied a couple of pretty great deals if you’re up for a new Windows Phone handset. First up, down at Asda, they’ve got the Nokia Lumia 800 for just £149. I mean sure, the Windows Phone 7 OS is going to be replaced in a matter

Nokia lashes out at HTC over Windows 8X and 8S announcement

Yesterday saw HTC announced two new Windows Phone 8 devices – the HTC 8X and 8S – almost immediately after Nokia had done exactly the same thing with the Lumia 920 and 820. Whilst Nokia seemed to get massive criticism for their phones, HTC got quite a

Three UK to stock HTC 8X and 8S

Today HTC announced two new smartphones, their first in the Windows Phone 8 range under the names 8X and 8S to partner their One X and One S Android brothers which were announced back at Mobile World Congress in February. And Three UK have come straight out

HTC discuss the design behind the 8X and 8S

This afternoon HTC have announced the 8X and 8S and boy do they look nice. My decision over which Windows Phone 8 device to get has just got a lot harder. To possibly help you HTC have posted a video about the design behind the new phones.

Announced: Windows Phone 8S by HTC – All the details

Following the Windows Phone 8X, the 8S has a slightly smaller screen and slightly reduced specs. Up front there’s a 4″ WVGA 800×480 pixel screen with Gorilla Glass and super LCD display. Powered by a 1GHz dual-core chip, it uses a microSIM and has the same Beats