Microsoft – Mango is on the way, this year

Microsoft   Mango is on the way, this yearMicrosoft have just announced Mango – the next version of Windows Phone. It’ll be arriving on new and existing handsets “later this year” and developers will soon have new Windows Phone Developer Tools to play with. The new version will include access to sensors, with application multitasking for background processing, audio and file transfer and faster application switching.

Apps will also be able to use the camera and there’s a deeper integration into the other parts of the phone, such as the Live Tiles.

More as we get it. Skype has been confirmed too and should arrive in the Autumn

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  • ItemSize

    That’s a really clever idea, calling an OS release after food. I love the way Microsoft are trailblazers, only to be copied by everyone else.

    • Reehan


  • Anonymous

    Not sure why this is being reported; Mango was ‘announced’ at MWC two months ago, when Microsoft showed off a range of the features that are to be introduced. Today, Microsoft expanded on that by discussing the developer experience for Mango – and mentioning a couple of additional features – but today wasn’t a premier announcement, nor an end-user product launch, so this article is either two months late for the first official announcement, or six months early for the roll-out announcement… but either way, I don’t know what it’s doing here now.

  • Billinge

    I’m hearing it will be called Windows Phone 7.5, and could be coming in June 2011