Watch Live – Nokia and Microsoft Press Conference

Nokia are assembling in New York for a major Windows Phone 8 launch. This is a critical stage for them, and they’ll no doubt be hoping that it’s not going to turn out like the Lumia 900 launch just a few months back. That quickly turned into hefty discounts and an OS which was dead in the water.

CEO Stephen Elop now has a company that is struggling to get a foothold in the mobile landscape. This morning in New York we’re expecting two devices in a range of colours. Rumours also suggest that the PureView camera technology will be married with the Windows Phone 8 OS and there could be a “wireless charging” system too.

With losses mounting and Apple about to launch their next handset, many are seeing this as make-or-break time for Nokia. Motorola and HTC are also due to make announcements in the coming days, but below you can watch the Nokia event as it happens. The event kicks off here in NYC at 10AM local time, which is 3PM back in the UK, so get ready. We’ll also be liveblogging below..