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Google release their Android camera app

Google have been slowly and surely releasing the core Android apps onto the Play Store. Like the keyboard, Calendar, Gmail, Google Search and a load of others. The latest is the camera app which has only previously seen updates during Android version updates. It’s a whole lot

Dropbox releases Carousel

Dropbox is an online cloud storage offering that allows you to sync your files to the cloud, and the app is available on computer, tablet and phone varieties. Now Dropbox have a new trick – Carousel.   Carousel allows you to not only save all your pictures

Recovering lost data with MobiSaver.

Everyone must know that horrible sinking feeling when you’ve accidentally deleted something. It’s worse on phones, as there’s usually some pretty personal information on there such as photos, text messages and music. Imagine you’ve just lost some data. Whether it be an accidental deletion or someone resetting

Three Rescue – New Insurance Option

“Whoops.. There it goes… Damn It”, are usually the words of some variety we use once we send our beloved piece of technology hurtling through the air at speed, before it comes into contact with the floor, grass, road or worse.. The toilet. What am I talking

Earn while you play with Hasoffer – Free Gift Rewards

Free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff, so why not give this app a try to get yourself some for merely having fun? Although it doesn’t work outside the USA just yet, the idea behind Hasoffer is simple enough. You play free games and get free stuff in return.

FlightRadar24 – Be a clever plane spotter

Waiting for a friend or loved one to return from holiday or a business trip, you’ll no doubt have checked the flight arrivals page on the airport website. However, with FlightRadar24 you can go one further and, with the paid-for version, you get some very clever augmented-reality

Sleep your device when you get home

If you use your smartphone or tablet as a sat-nav system you may find that it goes flat when left overnight in your motor. The reason, if you do choose to leave your device in your car and on display (which is usually a bad idea), is

The Flappy Bird saga. Why remove it?

Where do I start really? This is a game that got people talking. Sure, it didn’t always gain positive comments, but it lit the social media candle and soon turned into a bonfire. It’s become the most popular app so far this year, but has now been

O2 Match day App Review

During this time of year we all like to snuggle down into our slankets and watch 30 overgrown men (I use the term in the loosest possibe sense) beat each other up on a grassy pitch at the weekend. No I am not talking about a trip to

More ways to watch TV on your device

Available for both iOS and Android, “TV Player” is competing directly with the CatchupTV app we’ve covered here previously. As with most streaming apps, the data usage when you’re not hooked into a WiFi hotspot can get a little high, so be careful if you’re not on

Take a stroll around Leicester as it was in 210 AD

I’m getting to know you quite well dear reader. I’m thinking that you’re the sort of person who’d love to take a 3D interactive journey through a virtual reconstruction of Roman Leicester. I’m right aren’t I? Oh yes. Well, your luck is in my friend. De Montfort

888 Poker app review

To be honest, I’ve only got a vague recollection of how poker works, but it you want to play the game there’s plenty of apps kicking around the various mobile stores to let you practice and play without losing any money. When you get good and know

Android App Review – Focus photo sharing

Don’t you just hate it when you hand your phone to a friend to have a look at a picture you’ve taken and they then start looking through the rest of your shots? Well there’s an app for that now. Focus photo sharing deals with this exact

Checking in on elderly relatives easily

A smartphone is a great way to keep in touch. You can share not just voice calls but video calls, music and pictures too. My elderly relatives love using Skype to talk to their friends and relations from all over the world but it’s usually my smartphone

Hungry House for Android updated, get yourself a discount

Those boys at hungryhouse have been fiddling around with their Android app and sent me a 20% discount voucher last night to encourage me to try the updated version. If you do give it a spin then just enter “Jandroid” at the checkout to get 20% off

More cheap international calling – MobiVoip

I must admit, I’ve seen quite a few apps that’ll help you make cheaper international calls. Today it’s one called MobiVoip which, naturally, is available on .. err.. Anyhow, it’s available for both Android and iOS. You can make free video and voice calls between other

HotOrNot refreshed. New apps now available

Last year I took a look at an app which let you upload a “selfie”. The app then lets other users rate your “hotness” but, as I mentioned at the time, it was a far cry from the original “Hot or Not” website. Well, Lookie here, the

iPhone App Review – Blockapp

If you’re into your Tetris-style games, Blockapp might be worth to try, even though some of the translations are a bit iffy. It’s an iOS app available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is completely free. It turns the Tetris world upside-down, as blocks glide from

Android App Review – Skiplock

If you’re using today’s super powerful smartphones like me, you are now carrying everything in your pocket, your bank details, your social networks and normally some irreplaceable photo’s of loved ones. So your phone should have some kind of password/PIN/pattern/facelock protection to stop unwanted eyes to getting to

Watch cartoons and movies for free

I’ll be honest and admit that this app isn’t the right and proper place to get streamed movie and cartoon content. It’s not Netflix and the app, named “Cartoon Plus”, has the infamous get-out-clause stating that it’s “just a search engine for content which is readily available