Test your skills. Park it!

I passed my driving test many years ago, but the Bill Plant Driving School still sticks in my memory and I see their cars going round on a regular basis.

Available only on iOS right now, they’ve launched “Parkathon”, an app where you need to navigate various obstacles to park your car. You can get up to 3 stars per level and enjoy a worry-free driving competition in your household or social bubble.

There’s 10 levels with each one getting steadily harder and with more obstacles added. Crashing or poor parking will reduce your score.

Peter Brabin, Head of Training at Bill Plant Driving School, told us..

We’re excited to finally be able to unveil Parkathon. It’s been in the works for a little while now and we thought it would be a fun for those unable to carry out their driving lessons as it enables them to get behind the wheel to practise their parking skills – albeit digitally.

Head to the link above to the Bill Plant website to get the link or, if you’ve got an iPhone, jump straight into the App Store.

Update – We’ve just been told that the Android version is now also available.