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Argos to stock Anywhere SIM

Are you sick of coming up against a mobile signal black spot (first world problems and all that)? Take my house for instance, upstairs I get a 4G signal giving 40Mbps download speeds, go downstairs Nothing,  Nada. Well this is where Anywhere SIM may be the answer.

How much data does Pokemon Go use?

Unless you have been living under a rock for a few days you will be aware of the Pokemon Go phenomenon which is taking over the world. Everywhere I go I see hordes of gamers waving there phones in the air trying to collect Pokemon, or gangs

giffgaff serve up summer deals on the latest smartphones

Head over to the Apple website and a 64GB iPhone 6s will set you back £619. The 128GB one will cost you £699. However, right now giffgaff have dropped the price of this and lots of other handsets. So, head over to their site and you can

Tesco puts a Rocket in your pocket

Want 4G data on Pay As You Go? Tesco Mobile is going to deliver with their new “Rocket Packs”. They’ve been announced just weeks after the virtual mobile network announced a money-saving scheme which reduces mobile bills if you watch some ads. Now they’re offering 4G data

Vodafone help you keep in touch while you get drunk

Honestly, at times I despair. Vodafone think that I’m going to post an article on this site purely because they’ve mentioned the words “beer” and “pub” in their press release. Disgraceful. I do like beer though. I like pubs too. Gahh… they’ve got me. OK, short version.

Get BT Sport for free on EE

So it begins. With BT firmly in charge of the EE ship, we’re now seeing the first push to offer BT services on the network. Soon it’ll no doubt be BT supplied TV, home broadband and home phone instead of the current EE equivalents. Until then, we’ve

Vodafone – 10GB SIM-only for just £11.59 per month

I’ve reached the end of an EE SIM-only deal that I took out last year. It should’ve been £20.99 but I managed to get it down to £16.99 per month for 4GB of data and enough minutes to keep me waffling to the missus. However, that deal

A blast from the past.. a Gionee Flip Phone – MWC Shanghai

Whilst I was walking through the halls of MWC Shanghai I came across the Gionee booth. We’ve had some dealing with Gionee before on the site including a demo in Barcelona. They also brought a couple of phones to the UK under the Kazam brand. Unfortunately that

EXCLUSIVE – Yes, yes. The OnePlus 3 IS coming to O2

So, while I was mourning the loss of our Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (it’s only lasted a week and there seems to be some issue with the graphics driver), I received another email. It was from our mysterious, but trusted, source. The same one who mentioned that

Honor 5C Announced

Oh I like this. Honor have sent us pictures of their new Honor 5C outside, next to a river. Perhaps James took it to the pub and snapped some photos? Well, perhaps that’s a topic we’ll need to talk to him about over a cold beer. This

Euro 2016 causes a network data spike

Unless you live under a rock, you may have noticed that there is a little football tournament happening in France. Last week England were playing Wales during traditional working hours with a kick-off of 2pm. In previous years, businesses would get a high amount of “sickness” during

Thinking of switching contracts? Go armed

Just a few days ago I mentioned a great deal on a SIM-only plan for a friend. I have become the go-to person for “geeky” things and that also seems to include mobile phones, plans and contracts. Just last week I also helped my wife renew her contract as

Vodafone launch the Smart platinum 7

From Monday 20th June you’ll be able to get this, the new branded device from Vodafone. It’ll cost just £300 on Pay as you go, or you can get it on contract. Prices start at £28 per month for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of UK data.

£5 for 1GB of data – SIM-only deal of the day

This weekend was my tenth wedding anniversary. It really doesn’t seem like a decade. Not at all. I remember being at the church, going on honeymoon and even writing about it here just five minutes ago. What happened eh ? We spent most of the weekend celebrating.

Tesco launch Mobile Xtras

Well, this is awkward. We’ve been given some information about a new offering from Tesco Mobile but their PR team aren’t getting in touch. We’re not totally sure if we’re breaking an embargo or what-not, but here goes anyway. So, word on the street is that Tesco

dial wearable now on Three PAYG

UK network Three have now made their latest exclusive device the ‘dial’ from It’s available on Pay As You Go for anyone wanting to purchase – no need for a contract. The dial is an interesting idea – making a smartphone with voice assistant available on

Get your mates on Three and bag a £25 Amazon gift card

Well. There I go again. I’ve included the entire post within the title. Now I’ve got to that Daily Mail thing where I basically repeat the contents of that headline, but again and again throughout the article. Hey ho… Three have come up with a new referral