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Vodafone Smart 4 Power now available to buy

This is a device that we talked about only recently and runs Android KitKat. It’s 4G ready and you can now actually go out and buy the thing too – it’s priced up at £175 on Vodafone Pay as you go, or from free on a £26.50 Vodafone

Vodafone launch notspot squashing campaign

Hey. Are you living in the middle of no-where? Have you got a choppy signal or, even worse, no signal at all? Vodafone want to talk to you. They’re looking for mobile “notspots” and are giving the opportunity for 100 rural communities to get piped up to

O2 launch a data new roaming offer

It looks like O2 are about to join other networks in launching a roaming plan to help cut down your holiday horrors. Pay monthly customers will soon be able to get as much data as they need whilst abroad in Europe for a mere £1.99 per day.

O2 to start offering the iPad next week

The Apple iPad Air and Mini with retina display have proved to be another hit for the Cupertino company, with most networks offering them as bundled deals with a SIM card with included data. Now O2 have announced they are going to be joining the club announcing

Vodafone Smart 4 Review

Made by a company called “Yulong” (no, we’ve never heard of them either), this is the rather cheap (£75 on Pay As You Go) Vodafone Smart 4. Inside there’s a dual core 1.2GHz CPU and just 512MB RAM. It has a pretty decent amount of on board

Three joins free WiFi on the Tube

Back in 2011 TFL announced plans to put Virgin Media WiFi hotspots in a selection of London Underground stations for the 2012 London Olympics. This was then rolled out to the rest of the network, allowing everyone to use them for a while before then restricting it based

Lumia 930 bargain at EE

The new Lumia 930 is going on sale tomorrow here in the UK (Thursday 17th July) and many of the networks have decided to stock it, including EE on their 4G brand. What is amazing is the PAYG deal they have managed to put together, the only

Switching? Wait!

I got asked a quite simple question last night, and it got me thinking… @gears is Three a good network now? I remember you could never get a signal. I only want to renew with networks that offer unlimited data. — Sean Dale (@SeanDale) July 15, 2014

Three launch new SIM only plans

Three UK has today launched a new range of SIM-only contracts. In a way this mirrors how they relaunched their contract plans recently. Customers will be able to start at just £7 a month for 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. This includes free 0800

Vodafone Smart 4 Power and Smart 4 Turbo announced

EE have already released their own 4G handset and now it seems as Vodafone want to join the party too. They’ve just launched the Smart 4 Turbo and, coming soon, they’ll have the Smart 4 Power. These are aimed at lower end of the market and will bring 4G

Rumour – Three to return to Carphone Warehouse?

Despite most sales being direct and, despite withdrawing from Carphone Warehouse last year, Three look to be coming back again. There’s no official announcement just yet, but we understand from a trusted source that the Three network will be offered up again by the high street retailer

Vodafone launch WorldTraveller, but…

If you’re a regular reader then you’re probably already aware of the Three Feel At Home service. It costs nothing if you’re a Three customer and it automatically lets you use your bundled data, minutes and texts in 16 different countries just as if you were back

Three issues an apology

I’ve got to give it to the ad people, this one is rather clever. Three have issued the following TV commercial to formally apologise to the great British public.. It is, of course, to promote their Feel At Home service, which lets you travel to one of

What has Glastonbury and this hard drive got in common?

This is a 2.5TB hard drive. It can store stacks of pictures, plus there’s room for all those “specially backed-up DVD’s” you have too. Now, imagine downloading everything off this drive onto your phone. That’d take quite a while wouldn’t it? Somehow this is how much data

Moto G 4G going cheap..ey?

If you want a cheap Android phone you’ll probably have the Moto G on your shortlist. The 4G version is now available but it’s a tad more expensive than the 3G model. It’s not by much, but if you’re on a budget, a few quid can mean

Vodafone Red 4G customers, come get your Netflix

If you are using Vodafone UK and have opted for a Red 4G package costing v mir than £26 per month, you can now opt for six months of Netflix pre-paid. TV box sets including original series such as House of Cards and Arrested Development are available,

giffgaff seem to be having a pretty bad day again

Got giffgaff? Well, right now you probably haven’t. Many of their customers have been in contact with us after internet connectivity mysteriously dropped and, as we type, it still hasn’t come back online again. A status page has been updated on the giffgaff website and it shows

£99 G Watch with a G3 purchase at Three

Google announced availability of the new LG G Watch last night in San Francisco with pre-orders live right now. It costs £159 here in the UK, and the device will ship on the 4th July. This is a great price for what looks to be an exciting

EE expand 4G coverage to 73%

EE have just announced an additional 14 locations have been switched on for their 4G service. This brings the total to 229 large towns or cities, meaning a 73% population coverage. EE are on a big push for their 4G rollout, meaning many more can experience the

EU Reduces Roaming Charges Cap yet again

Are you planning on taking a trip to one of our fellow EU Countries this summer? Well if you are you’re in for a treat. The EU has managed to reduce roaming charges yet again to help us all save a few pennies when we travel in

Get the Moto G 4G right now

You’ve hopefully read our Moto G review and, if you’re gunning for the new 4G version, you’ll probably want to know that it’ll be coming rather soon indeed. However, what you might not know is that you can actually get one today as Phones 4u seem to

Connect to EE 4G Moo-Fi at Glastonbury

If you’re going to Glastonbury and want to keep hooked up to the web then EE (and previously Orange) can usually be counted on for a solution. This year, even if you’re not an EE customer, you can hook onto the internet via the EE “Highspeed herd”.

Networks to share masts under ‘National Roaming’ plan?

I’m sure most readers will be aware of Roaming when they go abroad, whereby their phone connects to a foreign network to allow you to make calls, send texts or access the internet when in a different country. But what if you could do it in the

LG G3 launching on Three UK 26th June

LG have started sending out press devices of the new LG G3 so that sites can get reviews up, and that means the general public should also be able to purchase one shortly. We heard lots of talk that the G3 will launch in the UK on

ZTE and Virgin Media launch the Blade L2 and Kis 3

Fancy getting the ZTE Kis 3? It is £49.99 with Virgin Media and £59.99 when bought at Argos. For that you get a handset running Android 4.4 with a 4″ WVGA (480×800) screen and a 1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU. The device also has a 3 megapixel

Vodafone make EuroTraveller open to Pay As You Go customers

If you’re off to a sunny european location in the near future, you can soon activate the Vodafone EuroTraveller plan even if you’re on pay as you go. Launching on July 21st it’ll let you take your UK minutes, texts and 100MB of data for just £2

EE trial phone calls over WiFi and 4G

We’ve seen calls being made over WiFi before and indeed Orange (as they were then) are perhaps the most memorable for their Signal Boost technology. It worked well, but if you received a call whilst on WiFi and moved out of range, the call would just drop