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OnePlus 3 – Exclusive to O2 from this Thursday

Those of you who follow us on Twitter can look away now. Indeed, if you’re a regular visitor then you really don’t need to read this story, because this is something we told you about way back in June. Our readers knew all about the OnePlus 3

European roaming law gets update – no 90-day limit

OK, story so far then. We’re all fairly familiar with the “bill shock” that comes with a trip across a local border here in Europe. Take a short trip on the Eurostar and your phone suddenly costs a whole lot more to use than it does back

Vodafone begin blocking spam calls at a network level

Every day at around 2PM I get a call from The Claims Guys on 01212774003. They’re continually chasing me about a PPI claim that I have no intention of following up on. They drive me insane. I’ve told them around six times that I’m not interested, I’ve

New SIM Only deals from Vodafone and EE

With inexpensive handsets entering the market from the likes of OnePlus, WileyFox and co, the proposition of entering a SIM only contract is far more appealing to your pocket as oppose to signing up to 24-month handset contracts. Recently my 24-month contract ended on EE but I

EE update “Add to Plan” accessory offering

If, for example, a phone was to be released that would make it slightly more difficult to use wired headphones, you might want to consider Bluetooth ones. Trouble is, some of these can be a bit pricey. Also, even if you want a good set of wired

EE to deliver 6 months of Apple Music for free

OK, a little warning before I start. This article features Kevin Bacon in tight fitting Lycra. Sorry in advance if you’re eating your breakfast. It’s all because EE are giving new and upgrading pay monthly iOS and Android customers a whole six months of access to  in

Samsung Galaxy Note7 – Pre-order from Three

The boys at Three have been in touch to tell us about their pre-order offers on the new Samsung Galaxy Note7. If you’re after one, listen up.. The network will be offering the handset in both blue coral and black onyx. They’ll also be giving away a

EE Launch “Roam like home”

Hmmm… A roaming service that lets you use your phone abroad for no additional fee? Just as if you were in the UK? We’ve totally never heard of that before, and it’s in no way similar to anything any other network is doing… Today EE, who got

Samsung Galaxy Note7 – Pre-order now

It’s £739. That’s £739. Just one more time for you… SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE POUNDS. That’s a lot of pounds. Either way, if you want to part with a stack of money and get your S-Pen action going, it looks like the pre-order party on the

Three Feel At Home – Speeds abroad on test

This has been a hotly debated topic. It’s understandable because, when you’re in the UK using Three on a brisk 4G connection, you get certain expectations about download speeds. It’s these expectations that you might take with you when you go abroad and, with the Three Feel

Three increase Feel at Home to 42 locations

Three were caused shockwaves in the industry when they originally announced “Feel at Home”. The roaming offer let’s you use your calls, texts and data in selected foreign countries, just as if you were home. Over time more and more locations have been added so customers can

KnowRoaming now offering unlimited data in over 90 countries

Remember that clever KnowRoaming sticker that we tried out? It sticks onto your existing SIM card but, when you go abroad, it’ll let you roam without that bill-shock problem. Now, for $7.99 (which is £6.09) per day, you can get completely unlimited data in places like Canada

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Availability

We’ve been contacted by a number of networks after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so here’s a brief run-down of their offerings.. EE They’ve confirmed that it’ll be available on their network and they’re obviously touting their superfast 4G network. The new handset will

Vodafone want to stick brains into your bikini

Sitting out in the sun all day long might seem like a great thing to do, especially when you look out of the office window here in London to see nothing but rain. However, there’s risks associated with this, and Vodafone have been dreaming up ways to

EE offers up BT Sport to mobile customers

Building on their previous offer, EE are now making it even easier to get your sport fix. Customers on pay monthly plans can now just text “SPORT” to 150 to get six months of free access to the BT Sport App. Once you’ve got that, you can

Three launches the bare Essentials

Going abroad is great. Using your phone as a hotspot is great too. However, if you don’t want to use your phone on holiday and don’t often turn it into a portable WiFi hotspot, there’s no real need for you to have a chunky plan which includes

Argos to stock Anywhere SIM

Are you sick of coming up against a mobile signal black spot (first world problems and all that)? Take my house for instance, upstairs I get a 4G signal giving 40Mbps download speeds, go downstairs Nothing,  Nada. Well this is where Anywhere SIM may be the answer.

How much data does Pokemon Go use?

Unless you have been living under a rock for a few days you will be aware of the Pokemon Go phenomenon which is taking over the world. Everywhere I go I see hordes of gamers waving there phones in the air trying to collect Pokemon, or gangs

giffgaff serve up summer deals on the latest smartphones

Head over to the Apple website and a 64GB iPhone 6s will set you back £619. The 128GB one will cost you £699. However, right now giffgaff have dropped the price of this and lots of other handsets. So, head over to their site and you can