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Koopower Solar Fairy Lights – Review

KooPower have been in touch again and, following on from the wireless doorbell we reviewed, we now have 12 metres of LED fairy lights. Now, I’ve had these in the back garden for quite a while as I honestly thought that they wouldn’t work. Why? Well, solar

devolo dLAN 550 Starter Kit – Review

Back in January, Leigh reviewed devolo’s dLAN 1200+ WiFi ac Powerline adapter and now I got the chance to review the 550 starter pack. The dLAN 500 WiFi is an upgrade of devolo’s current mid-high range offering, the dLAN 500 WiFi. While continuing to offer Powerline transmission speeds

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad – Review

Your iPhone can connect to the iCloud to backup, but what if you want to backup your photos yourself? What if you want to put files ont your own personal USB stick? Or you want to quickly transfer them? Well, heres the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive –

Adaptable Universal Docking Station from udoq

When I read the press release for this Kickstarter campaign for udoq it was hard to get excited about a docking station. However, I was impressed (from the video at least) of the build quality and it didn’t look like just another Chinese plastic stand. The docking station is

LockSmart and LockSmart Mini – Review

Back in March at Gadget Show live, I met up with the guys from Dog & Bone, who had an array of convenient accessories for those who like adventure and technology. Well, the lovely people at Dog & Bone sent us two of their Bluetooth locks, namely

aLLreLi USB Voice Recorder – Review

Out of the box this looks no different to any other USB stick. It’s got a little cap on to cover the USB port itself and there’s a very tiny switch on the other end. Turn it on and it’ll start recording. Turn it off and it’ll

TP-Link TL-PBG6700 Vivid Series Power Bank – Review

I know what you need. What you need is another power bank. People, if I’m honest, don’t know what to call these things. Not really. Are they power banks? Are they portable chargers? Should we just call them batteries? Portable batteries? Here TP-Link calls it a Power

Lumsing 13400mAh Portable Charger – Review

I’ve got another portable battery for review. This time it’s the Lumsig Grand Series A1 Plus charger. This costs £18.99 from Amazon or $23.99 on Amazon US. It’s available in this silver shade along with black and gold. Inside is a rather chunky 13,400mAh battery. I say

T505 LED Headlamp – Review

Strap yourself in people, because we’re going to be reviewing a headlamp. Nope, not a headlight on your car – but one that you strap to your head for seeing in the dark. This is a pretty big one – it has a 8cm diameter on the

iClever BoostSound BTS-04 Wireless Speaker – Review

I always start reviews like this by saying, “There’s lots of Bluetooth speakers to choose from”. You’ll find them in electronics shops and supermarkets and it’s very hard to know which ones are good. Here, we’ve got another one from iClever. This will set you back (at

iClever BoostRun BTH06 Bluetooth Headphones – Review

Perhaps it’s just me. I’m not sure, but I’ve reviewed quite a number of Bluetooth headphones over my time and they usually fall into two distinct categories. Category one is usually the sort that go flat after just an hour, but the sound and the bass response

Sengled Boost LED WiFi repeater bulb review

Good Points: Easy Setup. Control from Android/iOS app. Dim-able. Used alone or in a group of bulbs. Innovative hidden way to increase WiFi coverage. Bad Points:  Large Unit Size No ability to program on/off times Need to connected to same WiFi nerwork for app control. In today’s

Urbanista – Video review

Over the past month, Swedish outfit launched two new products called Seattle and San Francisco. The Seattle series are a range of headphones in different colours whilst the San Francisco range are earbuds in a unique mosaic pattern. Well, we (the wife and I) have been testing

A look at STIL Cases

We recently became aware that STIL were about to launch their first range of fashion cases in the UK and exclusively to O2. It’s the first time that I’ve personally heard of a network have an exclusivity deal on cases so I though I would check them

Cheotech USB Type C Keyring adapters – Review

So, you’ve got yourself one of the newest phones on the market with all the fancy pants features that you want. It is all going swimmingly. You’re downloading apps, getting it all just so. Then, without warning, up pops the all too familiar sign on the screen

Devolo WiFi ac Repeater – Review

So, everything connects via WiFi now. There was a time, not too long ago, when an ethernet connection was needed by quite a bit of stuff in your house. Your TV, for example. Your Sky TV box, your console game etc. Now though, most of that kit

TP-Link AC1900 Wi-Fi Range Extender – Review

You don’t necessarily have to live in a mansion to have WiFi coverage problems. Even “normal” houses will have patchy areas where the WiFi coverage isn’t brilliant. Most internet providers will give you a free router now, and the WiFi range can be questionable at best, especially

EE TV – On test

The boys from BT.. sorry, EE.. sent me one of their clever TV boxes recently. You can’t just go out and buy one of these things, you have to have an EE Broadband package too. There’s full details here. You basically plug this into your rooftop aerial