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A Review of the Kitsound Trail Wireless Earbuds 

Here’s a neat option of those who like to listen their music whilst they exercise; the Trail Sports Wireless Earbuds from KitSound. The Age Old Problem I was cautious when approaching this review as I generally don’t get on well with earbuds, but in for a penny, in for

PK K1 USB 3.0 drive review

Here at Coolsmartphone towers, a number of us use Chromebooks. I’m writing this from my Asus Chromebook Flip, which is a gorgeous device with its flip screen and brushed aluminium body. But the main problem with Chromebook is their lack of internal storage. It’s generally limited to a

CheoTech In Car Quick Charger – Review

Now that I am using some very shiny phones I have found that I am in need of a car charger that will keep up with the rapid discharge rate of these high-end handsets. Thankfully CheoTech have come to my rescue with the CheoTech Quickcharge car charger.

FIRE! We FRY weeds with Hozelock’s Thermal Weeder

Here’s me, sitting in my house, trying to figure out how to get to Mobile World Congress. It’s a huge show about mobile phones. However, a few hours ago I was testing something from a company called Hozelock. They make those yellow things that connect to your

iClever FM Transmitter IC-F40 – Review

Imagine the scene. You’re driving along and you put the radio on. You tune around, but every station is either pumping out the same tune or there’s a never-ending barrage of adverts for local window companies and the like. You dig around your CD’s but they’re either

Tronsmart Titan charging station – Review

When I was young I really didn’t, for one minute, think I’d be reviewing chargers when I grew up. Never mind though, because we’ve got ourselves a charging station from Tronsmart. We found it under the name of the “family size” multi-port charging station here in the

Charge your phone and automatically back it up. MEEM Reviewed.

I’m terrible at backing things up. I mean, really terrible. I like technology because it makes my life easier, but sometimes it does make you a tad lazy. Backing up the photos, videos and messages isn’t too difficult if you’re technically aware. You can hook up your

Creative Woof 3 Speaker Review

Woof. It’s a strange name for a speaker, granted. Does it bark? Does it give lamp posts liquid refreshment? I hope not. That’d be weird. What it is, of course, is yet another Bluetooth speaker. Here it in Coolsmartphone HQ we’ve started calling it “the shiny one

RHA S500i earbuds – review

These are the S500i earbuds. They’re quite nice actually. Surprisingly nice. My very first foray into using RHA was from the very base version of their earbuds, say about 4 or 5 years back (FYI, they were called MA150’s. To put it in context, they’re no longer

Annke X8 Dash Cam Review

The guys from Annke sent me this very dash cam. It’s just £59.99 which is a lot less than it used to cost. Yes, yes, I know there’s lots of dash cams out there and this one might seem a bit on the expensive side, but it’s

Winner Gear Reversible Micro USB cable – Review

This is a cable which is going to solve that daily charging problem. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a massive problem, but it’s one of those repetitive and annoying little niggles. You’re about to plug in your phone and… doah… the micro USB cable is upside

Oppo Digital Unboxing HA-2 and PM-3

Christmas is coming and you need that knock-out present – well we’re here to save the day. Back in November, we looked at Oppo Digital’s new HA-2 portable amplifier and PM-3 headphones (Come in Major Tom? New Christmas Presents from Oppo), which boasted some great specifications. We

Huawei Watch – Review

It’s the first time that I’ve properly tried Android Wear, and this is the watch I’m doing it with. The Huawei Watch. Truth be told, when I got it out of the rather lovely box, I thought it was a bit fat, but after wearing it for

Plemo LG G4 Heavy Duty Case – Review

I recently received a Plemo LG G4 heavy duty case from Avantek UK for review. So here is a run down of the case and my thoughts on it. The case comes in three parts, the first two of which are required and form the main case, the

Review – Elivebuy External Battery

We get a lot of these. Basically, when you’re walking around or away from a mains socket or far away from that cigarette lighter in you car, you can get a boost with a portable battery like this. Yes, it’s a bit heavy and a bit clunky

iClever 6-port USB Charger – Review

Charging your devices can lead to tangled wires and multiple chargers dotted around the house. During the last few months we’ve seen a lot of chargers with multiple USB sockets because, quite simply, people have more gadgets. This one is from iClever. It’s the 6-Port USB Travel

CPR Call Blocker – Review

You know how it goes. You get home from a long day at work and, just as you sit down for your evening meal, the home phone rings. If you’ve got caller ID then you’ll either see a withheld number or an international number flashing up. The

Capturing Family Memories with Technology

The set-up. The days of relying on traditional (and expensive) photography film are long gone. Now precious memories can be captured using consumer device in high-quality video and pictures. To put some of the latest devices to the test, I set out with my son, his go

Mini Amp Speaker review

Simple one this. It’s a small speaker which you can attach to anything with a 3.5mm audio port and amplify your tunes. It’s shaped just like an amplifier too, so should prove popular with anyone who like rock ‘n roll or guitars. There’s no Bluetooth here, no