EarFun Air Wireless Earbuds – Review

Available for £54.99 as I type, these have a number of attractive benefits. First, the play time is long – some 7 hours before you even consider putting them into the supplied case, which adds another 28 hours of playtime.

Also worth noting is that the case, which has wireless charging capability for the 500mAh battery alongside the USB-C charging. This case will charge the two earbuds, which each have 55mAh batteries in them.

In addition, these Bluetooth 5.0-compatible earbuds have 4 microphones for enhanced call quality and come with IPX7 Waterproof and “SweatShield Technology”, which basically means that you can go down the gym with them on.

I’m fairly used to just taking things like this straight out of the box and getting going, but it’s important to charge everything fully. Once you’ve done that you really won’t need to in-box manual. Instead there’s a really easy “Quick Start” guide to get you paired up. It’s just a matter of opening the case and then finding the EarFun Air buds on your phone via Bluetooth.

There’s a range of buds so that you can get the appropriate size for your ears. Ensure they’re comfortable and then pop them in. Something called “In-ear Capacitive Detection Technology” will start your music the minute you put them in your ears, which is pretty cool.


The earbuds also have a control system, which allows you to play, pause, skip tracks and turn the volume up and down. Touch and hold the right bud to turn up, touch and hold the left bud to turn down again. Triple-tap the right bud for the next track, tap twice on either to play and pause – plus if you get a call you can double-tap to answer it. There’s a range of other things you can do with this functionality – it’s fully featured.

When the earbuds do (eventually) need charging, the case has an LED that tells you when it’s charging (flashes every 5 seconds), when it’s finished charging (LED goes off) and when it’s pairing.

Now, where there’s a difference with these earbuds is the sound. You may remember how much I liked the Honor Magic Earbuds that I reviewed recently. They came close to the Apple Airpods in terms of audio quality and bass. However, they only lasted about 3 hours before you had to put them back in the case for a battery boost.

This, at least in my head anyway, is because of that bass output. With the EarFun Air, there’s not much in the way of bass. I’ve pushed them into my ears, tried different buds and messed around but still no real improvement. However, they do last for 7 hours, so perhaps there’s some trade-off.

The sound quality and clarity though is very good indeed. The balance of sounds and,tones is really very crisp and nice. If you’re after long-lasting music for your commute or several gym sessions then these are the things to get, however the bass response is less pronounced than it is on the likes of the Apple Airpods or the Honor Magic Earbuds we reviewed.

At £54.99 though, these are comparatively cheap and you’ll find that you rarely have to charge them. I also appreciated the wireless charging aspect – great if you’re in McDonald’s or somewhere similar and you can just plonk the case onto a wireless matt.

My only other minor gripe is that it can be a little tricky to pull the headphones out of the case when you’ve got sweaty hands – a bit of a problem at the gym etc. Other than that, they were comfortable, lightweight and easy to setup and use.

Head to Amazon UK to get them or direct to the EarFun website for more information or pricing in your local country.