Tribit XSound Mega Bluetooth Speaker – Review


  • 30W Output.
  • Bluetooth® standard: V5.0, Wireless range: Up to 98 feet.
  • Battery Capacity:(3.65V/4000mAh *2)/29.2Wh.
  • Charging time : 4 hours @ 5V/2A.
  • Playtime: Up to 20 hours (varies by volume level and music files).
  • USB-C.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.
  • Dual External Charging Ports Two USB-powered devices can be charged simultaneously by the two power outlets on the speaker.
  • Front RGB Led ring.


Good Points:-

  • Good powerful sound with strong bass.
  • Long playtime.
  • USB-C Charging.
  • Link speakers.
  • Use as a power bank.
  • 3 EQ Modes.
  • Carrying Strap.
  • NFC One Touch Pairing
  • Ability to link up to 100 speakers. (yes 100)
  • Speaker phone for calls.


Bad Points :-

  • Bit on the heavy side.
  • No dedicated fast forward/rewind controls.

Inside the box

  • User manual.
  • USB type C charging cable.
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable.
  • Carrying Strap.


Frist thing that I noticed with the X Sound Mega, was its weight, this is a reassuringly heavy speaker, with a  rugged design, rubber feet on the bottom to help reduce vibrations to the rear of the speaker is where the charging port and USB A output along with the 3.5mm port all live under a silicone cover.

All the controls are situated on the top of the device sitting under a silicone cover , power, Bluetooth play/pause volume up volume down LED light button and your EQ mode button.

The triangle button is not solely a play button, it serves as a multi-function button,  single press will allow you to play/pause a track or answer/end a call, a double-tap will enable you to move to the next track, a triple-tap will allow you to return to a previous track, and a two-second hold will activate the voice assistant. although if you didn’t read through the manual correctly like me, these multi-functions don’t spring to hand. Once I did read the manual it showed a small “N” (NFC) to the left of the Power button/indicator, which was somewhat hard to visualize on the speaker.

Up front is the large metal Oval speaker grille and hidden around this grill is the mulit-function LED light bar.

Paring the speaker to my phone couldn’t be simpler just press the Bluetooth button and it appeared almost instantly on my list of devices on my Galaxy S21 Ultra.

In Use:-

Let me just come right out and say this the sound that comes out of this little unit is amazing, clear and very very loud, listening to music you can actually hear a marked difference in the output when changing to the different EQ settings, despite it being pretty much a  one direction ( front facing)  it still sounds good from each side.

Audiobook mode gets rid of pretty much all the base, so the spoken word from Audiobooks or podcasts come through clear and crisp. Overall am really liking the loudness of the speaker has got really good clarity in my personal favourite is Xbase mode where it just hits a little bit harder the beast as our power that vocals or anything it sounds just right to my ears

Tribit claim 20 hrs of battery, which I I have had this long enough to see if the battery life is what there ever tising but the build quality on this speaker is really nice and I feel like a speaker is easily compared what to save AJBL foot 5 or flip 6 that I tested recently

And I have no problems recommending this Bluetooth speaker expressly considering this one’s already a sale hopefully these clips give a little bit closer low get what this speaker sounds like by Tribit.



Even though the speaker may not be audiophile high-end, the near-indestructible waterproof shell, the colourful LED, the various sound modes, and the portable design provided significant positivity points.  The weight was slightly on the heavier end, but this supported the Xbass mode.  The sound will fill a medium to large size room and will be perfect for a kitchen, apartment, office, or even a smaller outdoor gathering.  I found that the speaker gained some additional punch by placing it on a sturdy base, near a wall. With up to 20 hours of battery time, waterproofing, and a colourful LED light show, the speaker should be ever ready for your next activity. The Tribit XSound Mega is available from Tribit and Amazon for £99.99