Game Sir X2 Bluetooth Controller -Review

Good Points :-

  • Good tactile feel to buttons.
  • USB type-C charging.
  • Extends to different phone sizes.
  • Seamlessly works with all controller supported Apple Arcade and MFI games.
  • Price.
  • Good build quality.
  • Included carry case.
  • Good Battery Life.

Bad Points;-

  • Size a little cramped for large hands.
  • Switching Bluetooth channels can be a bit of a faff.
  • Doesn’t play well with Call Of Duty Mobile.
  • No vibration
  • Rubbish app.

What’s in the box:-

  • The controller (obviously)
  • Carry case.
  • USB C charging cable.
  • Stickers.
  • Paperwork/Instructions.
  • Replacement pads for joysticks.

Design :-

Design wise the X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller does make yours set up look remarkably like a Nintendo Switch, The two sides of the controller are connected by a sliding body, which can easily hold any modern phone with ease ( I was able fit both my S21 Ultra and Note 10+ in the controller with no need to take the devices out of their case.


On left hand side of the controller is a joystick. a 4-way dpad and a dedicated screenshot button, on the right is another joystick the usual XYAB buttons a turbo button, along the top are 4 shoulder triggers and at the bottom is the USB type-C charging port.  


The X2 is not bulky in the hand, but I did find it a little cramped in my large hands, but all the buttons had a satisfying click when pressed, with good tactile feedback.  The Bluetooth controller can support phones up to 173mm, for instance, I was unable to squeeze my S21 Ultra in its case into the controller, where it was able to just barely fit in the Razer Kishi. Conversely, a colleague  has found that the unabashedly large Galaxy Fold 2 manages to fit in the GameSir X2, but not the Kishi.

It also features up to 20 hours of battery life before it needs a charge, but there’s no way to charge your phone while it’s in the controller.

In Use:-

X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller features different Bluetooth signals for both Android and iPhone, and can be used on both, with ease, although it was s a little confusing to understand at first, newer Android phones,  have a known issue in Android 11 causing game controllers to occasionally not be recognized or have certain button presses ignored. While not an issue specific to the GameSir X2, it is definitely something that came up repeatedly during my review period. 

Most games I tried worked really well, but my favourite mobile of game of choice Call Of Duty Mobile, just didn’t want to play nice with my Android devices, when I paired it to my iPad COD played just fine.  

On the games front, if you want to play a game that requires a bit of precision in how hard you pull the left or right triggers — such as a racing game,  the GameSir X2 only offers simple clicking triggers that are either fully pulled or fully released, nothing in between.

Despite actual hardware being great, the same can’t be said about the app. The GameSir app is meant to give you access to GameSir’s G-Touch Technology that helps you configure and save controller setups and other various tools for a variety of different games. It’s just not intuitive to use, and it makes the whole experience of using the app feel cheap.

Should You Buy The Game Sir X2 ?

If you’re dead set on getting a portable controller that makes your phone look and feel like a Nintendo Switch, or if you simply want a controller you can quickly throw your phone into for an impromptu gaming session, you can’t go wrong with the GameSir X2. But, the controller is certainly not for everyone especially if you class yourself as a “hardcore” gamer or are otherwise looking for an ergonomic controller to reduce stress on your hands and wrists, you would be better served by connecting a full-size controller to your phone.

The USB-C GameSir X2 for Android retails for $£69.99 and is available from Amazon or direct from GameSir