Excitrus NitroCharge 30 Pro charger – Review

The First PD 30W Power Bank with Magnetic Wireless Charging for MagSafe iPhone.


  • 30W Fast charging to MacBooks and laptop computers.
  • Magnetic wireless charging to MagSafe iPhone12/13 Series.
  • Fast charging to laptop – Charge MacBook Pro 13″ to 50% in 1 hour
  • Fast charging to phone – Charge iPhone 12/13 to 80% in 1 hour.
  • Fast recharging – Recharge 80% in 1 hour (by using 30W charger)
  • Super Slim – 0.7″ thickness. (Li-Po 10,000mAh)
  • Bluetooth device charging mode (low power Qi)

As mobile phone technology advances, the demands on their batteries increase exponentially, unfortunately battery technology is just about keeping up a pace, we’re often finding day-long battery life is sometimes still out of reach.

And that’s why we need power banks. These portable chargers can, literally, be life-savers. They can be packed away in a bag and then turned on at a moment’s notice, ready to deliver charge to a phone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch and help you see the day out.

Recently I was sent through the Excitrus portable charger the NitroCharge Pro 30W  that could deliver 30w of charging output more than enough for most smartphones including the power hungry flagships.



Size wise the NitroCharge is no bigger than a smartphone, although admittedly heavier and bulkier, the NitroCharge 30 Pro packs a 10,000mAh Li-Polymer battery into its smart grey fabric casing, and one of its killer features is its magnetic wireless charging panel.

This works perfectly with an iPhone 12, or one of the newer Magsafe devices, but it’ll also work with other wireless charging gadgets such as Android phones, earbud cases and so on.

Excitrus says the NitroCharge 30 Pro can charge a USB-C laptop or MacBook up to 50% or a smartphone up to 80% in just one hour, but cleverly, it can actually charge three devices at once. One on the wireless panel, one through the full-sized USB socket, and one through the USB-C port.

One nice feature is the ability to lower the output of the powerbank, so that devices like smartwatch and wireless ear buds can be safely charged at a lower rate.

Obviously, you can expect its on-board battery to drain very quickly if you’ve got three devices plugged in, but for a top-up on-the-go, it’s perfect for the job.

The 30w capacity is also a two-way street, so it can be charged from a compatible power supply very quickly, and you can do a pass-through charge, which is important.

The LED display is a bonus, as it gives you a read-out in percentage terms of its remaining capacity and, compared to its bigger sibling, the 30w version is a good size and weight.

There’s not a lot to dislike about the NitroCharge 30 Pro. There might be plenty of options out there if you’re in the market for a portable charger, but don’t miss this one. It’s really very good.

The NitroCharge 30 is available from Nitro’s web site for £52 a little on the expensive side, but this is a quality device well made device packed with features.