BlitzWolf BW-TS1 Tablet / Phone Flexible Holder – Review

If you’re looking for a quick, flexible and easy way to mount your iPad, tablet or smartphone, this could be just the thing. It’s available on Amazon for £28.99 as I type or on AliExpress for £24.99.

It’s great for fitting onto kitchen worktops, but also works on shelves, desks and tables too. It arrives in the box curled up like this..

Fitting it and setting it up as extremely easy, although there’s a user manual too, should you get stuck.

The main base clamp has soft anti-slip silicon pads, which is ideal for stopping any unsightly scratches on your furniture. The base rotates and opens up to a full 7cm great for thicker desks and worktops.

Screw to tighten, closing the clamp, or unscrew to loosen. It’s a great system and works very well – better than the usual spring-loaded clamps we have seen here before. Everything is firmly locked into position and there’s no slipping around.

The “Gooseneck” is very flexible and can then be extended and twisted into whatever position you fancy. Get it in the ideal spot, then use the 360° flexible mount for your iPad, Galaxy Tab, Nintendo Switch, phone or tablet. There’s a couple of small strings to help you pull the phone mount apart and get it in there without the usual swearing.

Not only that, but there’s also soft anti-skid padding at either end to keep your device cushioned and cared for. The back of the tablet / phone mount is a polished plastic.

The actual arm has very little “droop”, although heavier tablets will need a small amount of readjusting after you’ve fitted them as, well, gravity is gravity. The arm consists of a high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy with a solid core.

It gives the entire device a very sturdy and durable feel, with a definite feel of strength and no sliding off the worktop, shelf, headboard, chair or cupboard you’ve fitted it to. The whole thing is about a metre long if you extend it fully, so there is plenty of length to it and you can get into just the right place.

As always with these things, you’ll need a bit of strength to bend the arm into the shape you want, but it fits great onto exercise bikes, treadmills, car armrests and so on. Its ideal for watching Youtube videos, Netflix movies, reading books or holding video conferences. No wobble, no worries, no propping up on books and so on.

I also like the fact that the cradle allowed enough space for charging cables to be put in. Nice easy access.

Just to add some variety, I mounted it to the door ..

Despite the vertical nature of the door, there was no sliding, no slipping and no marks on the door after I’d removed it. The whole system – the main grip, the phone / tablet holder and the arm in-between – works very well indeed. Highly recommended from us here at Coolsmartphone.

The BlitzWolf BW-TS1 Tablet / Phone Flexible Holder is available to buy on Amazon for £28.99 or via on AliExpress for £24.99.