VanTop H610 Dashcam – Unboxing and price-drop!

Hello people. So, I was sent this to review a long, long time ago. It’s a dashcam, but with lots of added features. The Vantop H610 dashcam clips onto your rear-view mirror and, before you wire it up, it looks just like your normal mirror. You can see everything behind you as normal.

Without the screen on

However, there’s a lot more to it. Out of the side is a camera for monitoring where you’re going and, on the end of a cable, is another camera for recording where you’ve been. It’ll act as a super-cool reversing camera too.

Front camera (still with protective strip on)

Review upcoming on this one, but I want to point out that the camera has just been reduced in price, down to $84.99 – or £64.61. Also, if you “hang around” on the website, you’ll get a newsletter signup message. Get signed up and you get a further 5% off.

There’s a full HD 2560x1440P 170° lens on the front camera and a 1920x1080P 170° lens for rear camera. Also, because of the Sony IMX 335 sensor, you get some great low-light footage.

The mirrored glass is your 9.66 ” touch screen (320 X 1280) IPS and everything is captured on a looped recording, with sensor to start a recording if you have a bump.

Anyways! Let’s get to the unboxing and setup shall we? Dive in below. We should also have a full review online in days with some example footage too..