Nudient Case – Review

Lets be honest the next best thing to having a new phone, is having a nice new case. 

Lets be honest when you have just spent the best part of a months wages on your new flagship device, you want to pop it in a case for some protection, so why ruin that gorgeous design and feel with a cheapo case?

Ive been asked to review the Thin case from Nudient a Swedish design company.


  • Works with wireless charging
  • The case is 1mm thin
  • Made out of hard polypropylene plastic
  • Premium matte feeling with 3x rubber coating. Slips easily down pockets and purses, not sticky like silicon
  • Built-in Nudient magnets for auto-align Nudient products
  • Soft textile fabric on the inside to protect the phone even more
  • The slits at the bottom let the case click on the phone for a seamless fit.

Right from the un-boxing you can tell that the Nudient case is a quality product, made out of hard polypropylene plastic. Premium matte feeling with 3x rubber coating. And doesn’t feel sticky like some silicon cases.


The Thin Case is certainly that, adding very little to the devices overall feel, it is a very rigid case and getting the case off and on can be a little tricky and I did feel that I was going to snap it on some occasions. Despite its thinness the case does offer some protection, yes not like the rugged cases that are available, but the Thin case doesn’t add the extra bulk.

The inside of the case has a soft textile lining very similar to microfiber, with a message and signature from the company, to reduce any micro-scratching to your device.

The right side has been cut out to allow access to the buttons. While the bottom has a cut out for the mic etc and a larger cut-out for the USB-C port, ( which is a nice attention to detail, as not all chargers are the same size)  The edges aren’t raised that much, so Id avoid placing your device screen down. ( makes me cringe )   There is also a bump for the camera, which means when it’s placed down the camera doesn’t touch the surface.

There is an imprint of the Nudient logo on the back, but it’s barely noticeable. I have tested it on several wireless chargers and it hasn’t interfered at all. This case is designed to be used with other Nudient products, which I think is the main selling point. You can use this with the Card Holder. It holds 1-3 cards, made of leather. It also works perfectly as a stand-alone wallet

Nudient make cases for all the top flagship devices available from Nudient’s Website  and will make some cracking Christmas gift ideas.