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Nexus 9 LTE available in the UK

Finally we are able to purchase a Nexus 9 LTE in the UK, but not from where you think. Amazon are currently showing that they have some Nexus 9 LTE variants in Black in stock.. Unfortunately since this screenshot was taken the price has gone back up

Coolsmartphone Podcast 120 – Watch live

Look, it’s raining and it’s cold outside. You really don’t want to be out there. Get yourself comfy for the live “as it happens” recording of our 120th podcast. We’ll be going live at 8.30PM tonight and it’ll then be available tomorrow morning after we’ve removed all

Three removing One Plan tariff for customers?

Three have always made an impact in the UK mobile phone market. They were the first 3G network to launch over 11 years ago, they’ve brought free roaming to certain countries and they introduced us to their outstanding One Plan tariff. The latter allowed customers to use

Could network roaming be coming to the UK?

Network Roaming is one of those break through events that we have been expecting for along time, but a lot of us were starting to suspect that it would never happen. The ability to roam across networks would allow users who find themselves without service to switch

Free WiFi potentially coming to a place near you…

  Did you know that we had a ‘Digital Economy Minister’? Me neither.  But apparently we do.  His name is Ed Vaizey and he looks like this: Our Eddy is actually more than just this Digital Economy Minister, though this is part of his portfolio.  His full

The future’s bright – the future’s .. O2?

Parties, foreign travel and stacks of free phones. That’s what you get if you work in the mobile industry. It’s just non-stop craziness for us here at Coolsmartphone Towers too, and when we’re not on a first class flight to New York, we’re sipping champagne with Beyoncé

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Launches on smartphones everywhere

With little fanfare, the latest instalment of FIFA has crept onto the app stores a little earlier than expected, bringing with it the usual high expectations. FIFA has much to live up to, but does it live up to the hype? Featuring the Ultimate Team format, FIFA

Apple set to live stream Sept 9th Event

Apple sent out invitations to the press for their iPhone and wearable event on 9th. As Apple have done quite a number of times in the past for events like this they are also having a live stream – Apple Event Live. The live stream has a

EE in hot water over Priority Answer service

You know that new service that EE have started offering everyone but their pay and go customers? Yeah, the one where you pay 50p to queue jump. Well, it has landed them in some hot water on social media channels. #EE is just the RyanAir of mobile

Can surface keep up with the changing Microsoft?

Surface… No longer is it the large boardroom/restaurant table. It’s that small tablet sized computer we now hold in our hands. Ever since it launched it has been something you either love or hate and sadly it may not survive too much longer if Microsoft continues the

London to get 5G Mobile Networks by 2020

It’s been reported today that the well known tech guru & London Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged that London will cement its reputation as a ‘Tech Capital’ of the world by pushing ahead with plans to introduce high speed ‘5G’ mobile data networks by the year 2020.

Remote kill order initialised!

Thought that might get your attention ;) Imagine the scene, you are on a bus /train/aeroplane/horse drawn cart or other mode of transport. You are minding your own business and get off without a care in the world. A while later you go to get your phone

A meeting destined to shape our future?

This evening I am having a meeting. This meeting will be taking place in a bar. Some drinks will be drunk and words will be exchanged. It sounds quite dull and mundane. However, the meeting is with a very interesting chap by the name of James Hepburn.

Google buys Skybox

Remember those mini satellites we told you about? They’re about the size of a shoebox and whizz around space with fairly standard (compared to other satellites) technology inside. The company responsible for them is called SkyBox and Google were sniffing around them last time we covered the

Apple confirm Beats purchase for $3bn

This news we expected for a while, especially with Dr Dre on video talking about being a ‘billionaire’. We knew it was all but signed. The deal is now confirmed by Apple. They have purchased Beats – the company that makes headsets and speakers. Beats also provide a music streaming

Moto E spotted before launch day.

Some very official looking shots Motorola’s new device the Moto E, have turned up online over the weekend ahead of it’s launch on Tuesday. The images show the new phone will look similar to the Moto G in design and be available in black and white, and

Huawei P7 Rumoured Specs, Updated

Here is what we think we know about the upcoming Huawei P7. The phone is going to be a metal construction with a minimalistic bezel allowing them to cram in a 5″ 1080p res display panel into it. Huawei are going to be once again using in

Huawei P7 Mini to be announced at same time as P7?

If rumours are to be believed then Huawei are looking to announce not one but two phones in Paris on the 7th of May. Pictures have just appeared online of the rumoured P7 Mini along with some specs… 4.5-inch 960×540 resolution display Quad-core Snapdragon 400 SoC 1.2GHz

Clear-Coat UK protection review.

Screen protection. You either love it or you hate it. Unfortunately, with the current screen technology that exists, it is a necessary evil. There’s a vast array of options out there right now that’ll protect your screen but these offerings vary vastly in quality and price. Clear-Coat