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London to get 5G Mobile Networks by 2020

It’s been reported today that the well known tech guru & London Mayor Boris Johnson has pledged that London will cement its reputation as a ‘Tech Capital’ of the world by pushing ahead with plans to introduce high speed ’5G’ mobile data networks by the year 2020.

Remote kill order initialised!

Thought that might get your attention ;) Imagine the scene, you are on a bus /train/aeroplane/horse drawn cart or other mode of transport. You are minding your own business and get off without a care in the world. A while later you go to get your phone

A meeting destined to shape our future?

This evening I am having a meeting. This meeting will be taking place in a bar. Some drinks will be drunk and words will be exchanged. It sounds quite dull and mundane. However, the meeting is with a very interesting chap by the name of James Hepburn.

Google buys Skybox

Remember those mini satellites we told you about? They’re about the size of a shoebox and whizz around space with fairly standard (compared to other satellites) technology inside. The company responsible for them is called SkyBox and Google were sniffing around them last time we covered the

Apple confirm Beats purchase for $3bn

This news we expected for a while, especially with Dr Dre on video talking about being a ‘billionaire’. We knew it was all but signed. The deal is now confirmed by Apple. They have purchased Beats – the company that makes headsets and speakers. Beats also provide a music streaming

Moto E spotted before launch day.

Some very official looking shots Motorola’s new device the Moto E, have turned up online over the weekend ahead of it’s launch on Tuesday. The images show the new phone will look similar to the Moto G in design and be available in black and white, and

Huawei P7 Rumoured Specs, Updated

Here is what we think we know about the upcoming Huawei P7. The phone is going to be a metal construction with a minimalistic bezel allowing them to cram in a 5″ 1080p res display panel into it. Huawei are going to be once again using in

Huawei P7 Mini to be announced at same time as P7?

If rumours are to be believed then Huawei are looking to announce not one but two phones in Paris on the 7th of May. Pictures have just appeared online of the rumoured P7 Mini along with some specs… 4.5-inch 960×540 resolution display Quad-core Snapdragon 400 SoC 1.2GHz

Clear-Coat UK protection review.

Screen protection. You either love it or you hate it. Unfortunately, with the current screen technology that exists, it is a necessary evil. There’s a vast array of options out there right now that’ll protect your screen but these offerings vary vastly in quality and price. Clear-Coat

Coolsmartphone at the Gadget Show Live Pro

I am writing this whilst travelling down to Birmingham from both of the border. Why would I willingly come south of the border? Well there is only one reason gadget fans – a show dedicated to gadgets! As you will have no doubt established, I will attending

HTC again reporting losses

This time lat year HTC were under some considerable pressure after reporting the companies lowest profits to date, people were saying that the death knell was sounding for the Taiwanese company. Despite launching two flagship devices the HTC One M7 and now the M8 this hasn’t stemmed

Possible breach of security at Cerberus.

Are you a user of the Android security app/service Cerberus? I am and have reviewed the app here on the site in the past. I’m still convinced that it’s unparalleled for features that it gives. Now worryingly emails have been sent to users instructing them to change

WhatsApp – Highs and lows in one month

Not that we wouldn’t pay attention to one of the most popular messaging mobile applications in the world today, but there’s been a lot more attention placed upon it recently since Facebook snapped it up. Those who were concerned about privacy have been trying out a number

LG G2 Mini to be announced on 24th February at MWC

Having just announced the G2 Pro 2 yestoday, LG has posted a teaser on its Facebook page alluding to the fact that the G2 Mini will be announced on 24th February at MWC. The following image, with the G2 Mini doing its best Dalek impression, was accompanied

Tech 21 Screen Protector unboxing and application

Here we have something that will mess with your head a bit. Tech 21 have now started making screen protectors. They integrate the same tech used in bullet-proof glass. This will help protect your phone from a direct blow and there’s also a self-healing layer to protect

Nokia and HTC agree patent collaboration

After spending the last few years slinging mud at each other in various court rooms around the world resulting in injunctions against the sale of the HTC One mini, which was then revoked, Nokia and HTC seem to have made up. The One mini seemed to be

Pebble App Store coming to iOS on Monday

Have you like me got a Pebble smart watch or, if you’re a lucky boy like our own Dan, a Pebble steel ? Well, if you are you will know only way to install apps to your watch is by using “third party” sites to download and

Nokia Normandy could this be the replacement for the Asha range?

So. over the last few weeks the interwebs have been getting in all sorts of a muddle over a phone called the Nokia Normandy. This phone is purportedly Nokia’s Android handset. What? Nokia running Android? Yep, you read that right. It is believed that the boys and

Nokia event at MWC 2014 announced

So the build up to MWC 2014 begins and Nokia are fresh off the plate with their announcement of an event. It is to be held on Monday February the 24th @ 7:30am UK time. We will have a team at the conference so will be bringing

Nokia release disappointing results

I’m not a Nokia fan boy but I really like the new Lumia device’s and windows phone operating system. I thought, along with loads of other people, that this combination (plus being bought by Microsoft) would signal the beginning of a turnaround for the ailing company. Today

We’ve finally got ourselves a Google+ page

Social media is a big thing these days, finding a way to fit Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ into the working day without contravening the workplace rules is sometimes a struggle. But we’ve sussed the latest social media craze and we now have an account on

Galaxy S4 Pink heading to Phones4U

  Its a Samsung Galaxy S4 and its pink. We’ve seen blue handsets, silver ones, black ones, white ones, red ones and now we have that much demanded and sought after colour, pink. On pre-order now and available from January, Phones4U will be exclusively offering the Samsung

Carry your digital library with you wherever you go

That’s right now due to a recent update to Google Play Books you can carry all of your digital library with you and easily access more of it when out and about. All you need is a web connection and an Android device and you are good

Argos stores in UK and Ireland to get O2 WiFi

O2 continues to build out its own nationwide WiFi network, and today they’ve announced a partnership with catalogue outlet Argos. They will provide O2 WiFi in 735 of the chain’s stores across the UK and Ireland. O2 WiFi access will be made available for free in Argos

KitKat-Based OmniROM Available for Google Nexus

Are you a Nexus 5 owner? Are you into the custon ROM scene? Well if you are like me (my N5 was just a few mere hours old before the bootloader was unlocked and the device rooted). Google Nexus 5 owners looking to get in on the

Flying high with mobile in flight

It has recently been announced that flyers in the US can now use their gadgets on all parts of the flight, all the way from take off to landing. Now, Europe is coming in to line with this ruling after the European Aviation safety Agency (EASA) issued guidelines

Firefox for Android pre-installed on more devices

Not content with launching Firefox OS phones via Ebay in the UK and USA and via mobile networks in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Germany and soon Hungary and Greece Mozilla have announced today that their Android web browser will come pre-installed on the latest batch of Kobo