Honor announces AR project and collaboration – IFA 2022

Honor has been very vocal over the last few months and during their time at IFA 2022 they have some more cool stuff to shout about. Some of you may have heard about the Honor talent contest that is currently running worldwide to find the very best of the world’s digital artists in very different categories. The traditional categories exist but at IFA they are announcing a new category and to go along with the announcement they have partnered with ARLOOPA, an AR and VR development company. The result of this is the HONOR Gateway to the Future AR experience.

This is both a physical and Augmented Reality experience that is located at Germany ‘s “Gateway to the World,” Hamburg which has the UNESCO world heritage site in the form of Wasserschloss, an iconic landmark located in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt. This was a vital port district during the times of the Hanseatic League and global trade where major port towns were linked together by vital trade routes and cargo all moved via shipping. To celebrate this historical and cultural;y rich area Honor and ARLOOPA partnered with two celebrated artists Yunuene and Timo Helgert, who were tasked with creatively transforming the famous Wasserschloss building into AR experience for us to enjoy in the real world.

The results of these two creators are :

“Blooming Future” which highlights Hamburg’s commitment to becoming one of the world’s greenest cities by transforming this once heavily industrialised area into a green vibrant environment rich with an abundance of wildlife.

The other one is called: “Sailing Through Time” and this draws on the past present and future that allowed the port to become such an important port over time.it uses cute and affable characters to entice you into finding out about more of the history of the port.

I have included screenshots of each of these experiences as you will not see this in its full effect unless you are lucky enough to be going to Hamburg any time soon. However, if you are kicking around Ahmburg this autumn, then head over to the Poggenmühlen-Brücke, the bridge opposite the landmark and load up the free ARLOOP App and then you will be able to use Ar to experience the “Gateway to the World” in a completely different way. The experience will be running from now up until the end of the year

If like me you are not going to be able to get to Germany any time you can still recreate the experience with your phone by selecting “experience on any surface” on the ARLOOPA app and following the on-screen instructions to virtually check out the AR experience on a flat surface nearby.

I have to say that this is really cool way of using Augmented Reality technology and I am really impressed with what Honor has been able to do with this emerging technology. I hope that we are able to see more of this innovative use of technology to bring great cultural viewpoints to life in a way that is suitable for our Metverse-focused work that is starting to develop. Honor has got a really good foothold on this segment with the Honor Talent program and i am looking forward to seeing more from this program.

If you wish to find out more about eh Honto talent contest then head over to the home page here