Xiaomi launch new E-Scooter range

Today Xiaomi has launched the update to their E-Scooters range with three new models, Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, Mi Electric Scooter 1S and Mi Electric Scooter Essential. These E-Scooters are developments to the previous Mi Electric M365 E-Scooter and bring a lower price point and increased range across the various different price points.

Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

Whilst these are still only really for use on private land as per the latest update to the regulations for use on roads they do bring the potential of ownership to a new audience with the rollout of the Mi Electric Scooter Essential with a cheaper price of £399. This makes it less of a hurdle than the original version however it does have some significant improvements to its predecessor.

Mi Electric Scooter Essential

These E-Scooters have the potential to become very useful for the end-user particularly as we are all looking to be more carbon-conscious with regard to our transport needs. We only need the government to catch up with the demand for them and allow them to be used by private owners as opposed to only being available by rental operations.

I would really like the ability to use one of these as part of my commute as it would allow me to park outside the city and then do the last section of my trip on the E-Scooter meaning that I would not be dragged by my car into the city. There is also great potential for these systems to be used for companies like Just Eat and Deliveroo as an alternative to mopeds and motorbikes.

Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2: On Halfords from Aug 28 for £599 

Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2
  • The e-scooter can cover up to 45km of distance and reach speeds of up to 25 km/h on a single charge
  • Includes a built-in LCD allowing riders to monitor speed and other parameters
  • Features a 300W motor, a double braking system, shock-absorbing tires and an easily foldable design

Mi Electric Scooter Essential: On Halfords from Aug 28 for £399

Mi Electric Scooter Essential
  • The e-scooter can cover up to 20km of distance and reach speeds of up to 20 km/h on a single charge
  • Includes a multifunctional dashboard and can connect to a smartphone using the Mi Home app
  • Features 8,5’’ pneumatic tires and E-ABS + disc brakes

Mi Electric Scooter 1S: On Halfords in September (exact date TBC) for £499

Mi Electric Scooter 1S
  •  A variant of the Pro 2 scooter, this model can cover up to 25km of distance and reach speeds of up to 30 km/h on a single charge
  • Can climb up to 14% inclines effortlessly
  • Features a 250W motor, a double braking system, reinforced pneumatic tires and an easily foldable design

One thing that I have noticed whilst doing some research in preparation for this article is the inclusion of a new generation of Regenerative braking commonly know as KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). Whilst this technology will be known to any Electric or Hybrid vehicle owner it may not be something a potential E-Bike or E-Scooter owner is familiar with. In essence, the system will allow you to get energy back into the battery whilst you are braking or coasting allowing you to increase your potential range. You can also adjust the “Regen/KERS” level via the Mi Home App which the E-Scooter links up to and will also provide a wealth of other useful information to the user.

The KERS system is present on all of the range of E-Scooters that have been announced today.

The Pro 2 and Essential Scooters will be available by the time you read this at £599 and £499 respectively from Halfords. As I mentioned earlier these are only for use by an individual on private property at the moment under the regulations imposed by the UK Government. Let’s hope that things change on this front soon though. In other countries, you are able to buy one of these and use it wherever you want to. I vividly remember seeing these E-Scooters whizzing up and down the streets in Barcelona when I was last there for MWC in 2019.

In the UK you will be able to rent E-Scooters from a rental service soon and I can only hope that they start knitting out there fleets with one of the above options.

I have enquired into the possibility of getting a loaner E-Scooter for a while to do a review as soon as I can so hopefully that will be due to come soon.