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Giving your business cheaper calls with a professional edge

If you’re prepared to do a bit of work then getting cheap calls is relatively easy. There’s a range of solutions if you have a mobile handset, and when you’ve got an internet connection then everything becomes either extremely cheap or totally free. Having a call package

Virgin Media SmartCall slashes £1.2 million off calls

In October last year Virgin launched Smartcall. The app, which you can download for iPhone or Android handsets let’s you use your home Virgin Phone talk plan on your smartphone. It’s effectively the home phone you can take anywhere and works on pretty much any WiFi hotspot

More cheap international calling – MobiVoip

I must admit, I’ve seen quite a few apps that’ll help you make cheaper international calls. Today it’s one called MobiVoip which, naturally, is available on .. err.. voipmobi.com. Anyhow, it’s available for both Android and iOS. You can make free video and voice calls between other

Viber for Windows Phone updated

Mention “VoIP” and “cheap calling” to people and Skype is usually the download of choice. You might not have heard it, but Viber is another option and is doing rather well. It’s available for pretty much any platform you care to shake a stick at and offers

Release your Phone with TU Go from O2

We live in a well connected world these days where you can instantly draw upon the the great search engine in sky for the answer to any question, watch videos of Shetland Ponies moonwalking and other such delights that the Internet can bring. Now while this is

Free Calls via Facebook

Facebook look set to expand their mobile offering in a big way – at least for iPhone users. Starting to appear now in the US after apparently successful trials in Canada is an option from within Messenger to place a free voice call to your chosen contact.

Orange provide HD-quality free calling via VoIP with Libon

Orange have launched an instant messaging / visual voicemail system called “Libon”. Not only that, but it’ll do HD-quality VoIP calls too. HA! That should put those pesky expensive mobile operators out of business….. ..oh, wait… Aside from converting audio voicemail into text, this is available to

Skype for Android updated with a nice tablet UI

It’s always nice when a large name app developer like Skype actually update their app to have a decent tablet UI. This mornings update to Skype has added exactly that. Here are a few screenshots showing what to expect. The what’s new section of the Play Store

Windows Phone 8 gets Skype

Much has been made about the fact that Skype, now owned by Microsoft, hasn’t been available for Windows Phone 8 at launch. However, a little late but better than never, it’s available – albeit in a preview version. You should be able to grab it through the

Skype comes out of Beta

Skype has been available in Beta form on Windows Phone since the announcement at Mobile World Congress this year back in February. However it now looks like the full version is now available to download from the Marketplace right now. There is a video and an announcement

MWC – Skype For Windows Phone Beta Available

During the Nokia event this morning they announced that Skype is in beta as a free download for their devices so you can finally keep in touch worldwide at super low prices. It had been rumored that Skype was coming on Windows Phone for a little while

Skype Gets Updated On Android

Skype have just updated their Android app and is available to update right now via the Android Market.  This new version is 2.7 and any update is always a good update as it helps improve existing features and adds in new ones. Today we have released a

O2 to launch calls over WiFi too

O2 are trialling a new VoIP service that will let customers use text and voice services over standard WiFi networks. Named “O2 Connect” it’s currently in testing but will shortly be available on iOS and Android smartphones. We assume that this will be similar to the Orange

Viber comes to Android

Viber, the free VOIP and messaging service has finally hit the Android market. The app has been available on iOS for a while now and allows you to make free calls over 3G and WiFi as well as send free texts. The app features some nice integration

Cheap calling abroad – an experiment

Let’s face it, going abroad is expensive if you use your phone. You can be careful, you can sign up to a network or package which allows a certain amount of data or calling when you’re abroad or… you could do it my way. If you’ve never