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Upload your entire cat photo collection to Amazon

I mentioned fairly recently that you could get some pretty sizeable online storage from a variety of places but Amazon wasn’t included. It’s worth considering though, because they’ve now added the ability to upload an unlimited amount of photos if you’re using their Prime service. Unlimited? Is

Want a cheap PAYG handset? Three have just cut some prices

This, my fine friends, is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. I reviewed it about a year ago. There’s me sitting in my car with the phone, which was about £300 at the time (and indeed you’ll still find it for £299 from Samsung direct) however…. Today Three

Audio books. How about not paying for them?

If you’re a fan of our weekly podcast then you’ll probably already be aware about the delights that can enter your ears on a regular basis. However, if you’re on the bus, in the car or stuck on a train and want to even more audio entertainment,

I hope this is a joke. I hope this is a joke.

I’m really not sure where to start with this Kickstarter project. To be honest I’m glad that (at the time of writing) it’s only managed to achieve $1 of the $35,000 which is supposedly needed to put it into production. Now, we know that driving and texting

Huawei Ascend Y550 Review

Cast your mind back to January 2013 and you may remember the Huawei Ascend G330. It looked like this.. The moment I unboxed the Y550 it instantly reminded me of the G330 above. Sure, the Y550 is a bit bigger and has a larger screen (4.5″ on

Galaxy Tab Active now available

If you’re after the rugged Galaxy Tab Active that we mentioned a couple of months ago then head to Exertis. Nope, I’ve not heard of them either but, due to the business customers that’ll be buying this device, their partner will be offering .. A unique proposition

Galaxy Note Edge on the way to Vodafone UK

Well that’s a pleasant surprise. The Galaxy Note Edge has popped up on the Vodafone coming soon pages today. I say “pleasant surprise” because we were told in September that it wouldn’t be gracing our shores. The handset has a large 5.6″ quadHD screen and runs Android

Moto 360 gets a little bit more watch-like

Well, although we couldn’t find it available here in the UK, you can get the Moto 360 in the USA with a variety of metal bands. Theres a chunky 23mm strap or an 18mm one in a few different shades which do seem to match the overall

Swapping your phone? Got a SIM problem? Get an adaptor

Some clever sausage somewhere decided at some point that the standard SIM cards were just too big. Despite some phones still being massive (phablets etc), we’re seeing the teeny-tiny nano SIM slot on some phones, with the slightly-larger micro SIM now being an almost-standard. However, there’s still

Now unregister your iMessage number easily

If you’re using an iPhone and want to change to another smartphone then you may find that your messages go adrift. Now Apple have a new tool for you. It’ll stop messages vanishing by deregister your phone number from iMessage. When you stop using your iOS based device you

When free really isn’t free

Wondering how the makers of mobile apps can afford TV advertising when they’re free to download? Well, we seem to quite like a model named “Freemium”. The word itself, which is a mash-up of “free” and “premium”, means that you get the entire game or app for

Get the OnePlus One a bit cheaper

If you’re after the Oneplus One then OppoMart seem to have trimmed the price a little. Instead of $399 (£252.14) it’s reduced by $50 if you enter the code “ONE50F” at the checkout. This’ll bring it down to $349, or £220.55, plus you get an official case.

Charge on the go, without a strange bulge

Sometimes, if I go to a restaurant and order a large steak, I’ll get the meat sweats. Likewise, when I need to make an important call or I’m waiting for an email and see my phone hitting 5% battery life, I get the battery sweats. We’ve seen

Doodle, scribble, colour in. It’s no problem on these new cases

There’s a wide range of cases out there but this one is definitely geared towards the kids, or perhaps those who want a canvas for quickly doodling ideas. The tablet cover, available in 7″ (£19.99) and 10″ (£24.99) sizes lets you or your children doodle all over the front

Gmail Android app appears on even more handsets

If I’m honest, the Gmail experience you get on a desktop computer isn’t exactly “swish”. It’s a little clunky, a bit low tech but yes, it does the job. On Android it was a bit better, but still lacked some gloss. This morning that newly designed Android

Nexus 6 cases pop up on Google Play

If you’ve got a Nexus 6 then, well, I’m amazed. It’s not available yet but we do at least know prices. You can’t even pre-order it on the Google Play store. To be honest, if I’m getting on my soap-box for a bit, putting a phone up

Former Nokia X manager behind new smartphone startup – Vsenn

Well, this is certainly a bit strange. We’ve received a press release about a new company called Vsenn. They’re a mobile startup based in Finland and they will soon deliver a modular smartphone based on Android with OS updates guaranteed for 4 years. There’s encryption too, but

The Poppy Appeal enters the smartphone world

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. It’s the Sunday closest to Armistice Day on November 11th, the end of the First World War hostilities in 1918. It’s also a chance for us all to remember, commemorate and pay our respects to those who’ve fought for the freedom we

Samsung Gear S available on Friday

If you like the look of this 3G-enabled smartwatch you really don’t have long to wait. The Samsung Gear S will be available on Friday. O2 and Samsung Experience stores will be selling the watch, which will let you reply to texts and will deliver notifications from