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Light up your floater for up to 3 hours.

What’s going on here eh? I’m getting sent all sorts of weird stuff in my inbox today. I could just go ahead and publish anything, perhaps with some hysteria and click-bait hype. Y’know, like the Daily Mail or The Verge. Perhaps then it’ll stick onto social media

Bluetooth Speaker #4467 – The Braven BRV-PRO

Why has this guy got a Bluetooth speaker on his surfboard? Just why? We’ll never know. Yeah. Perhaps he wants some music blasting out while he catches some waves or something. Maybe. I think he’d perhaps be better without that attachment on the front, but whatever floats

Bluetooth Speaker #4276 – The KitSound Hive

Ahhhh come on. It’s been at least an hour since we mentioned a Bluetooth speaker. We’ve got a box full of miniature speakers here at Coolsmartphone towers but this one is from KitSound, who we quite like because we’ve reviewed their stuff quite a bit and it’s

Bluetooth Speaker #2746 – Boomtube

This my friends, is another post about another Bluetooth speaker. Meet the Boomtube.. Sorry. Not Boobtube. BOOMTUBE. I think, due to the amount of emails I get about Bluetooth speakers, I’m going slightly delirious about them. Speakers that is, of course. This is a classy and stylish

Hello Moto ….. G ….3rd … gen..

Sadly it wasn’t up for long, but this picture briefly appeared on the Digitec website which puportedly shows the Moto G 3rd Gen in all its glory. Due for a launch by LenovoMoto next week, it looks like they’ve jumped the gun early by revealing the 5″

OnePlus Two peeps out in new photo

We’ve seen the OnePlus Two details already floating around the internet, but now Teena, the Chines mobile regulator, has revealed a shot of the thing for all to see. What we know so far is that the OnePlus 2 will have USB Type C and it should

Commodore is back, and it’s bringing the 80’s with it

Remember the Commodore 64? If you do then there’s a fair chance that you remember a time before mobile phones. You remember a time when putting something a stylus onto something called a “record” and trying not to scratch it. You remember tape-to-tape copying and high-speed dubbing.

Voda deny MVNO exit claim

Earlier today TalkTalk accused Vodafone of quitting all MVNO activity. In documents relating to the BT/EE merger, TalkTalk had info to suggest that Voda had served notice on Sainsburys and Carphone Warehouse following the discontinuation of service for TalkTalk. We now understand that Vodafone is in the

XiaoMi mi4 available unlocked

Remember the XiaoMi mi4i ? That handset had dual-SIM, 5″ 1920×1080 pixel screen, 13 megapixel f2.0 rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera and a Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 64-bit octa-core CPU. If you don’t fancy spending quite so much money, check out the cheaper brother. They both

Hey Cortana, you’ve got a leaky APK

If you’re an Android user and want to play around with the Windows assistant that is Cortana, you can now download the leaked APK and sideload it here. The voice assistant, which you’ve probably seen on adverts, may or may not be better than Google Now /

Across the Pennines on a bike. Blogging on a phone

OK, I’m slightly fibbing here as I’m actually writing this on my phone at 11.50PM on Thursday night and you’ll be reading this on Friday morning. I’ve had several “sports drinks” as I type this so forgive me if it’s a bit mashed up. The 40 mile

In the middle of no-where, blogging with just a phone. Day 1.

Good morning. Today I’m in a place called Kirkby Stephen. It’s roughly around that small silver pin and is small market town in Cumbria, near the Lake District. I’m on my mountain bike, and have a 170-something-mile journey using the Pennine Bridleway. We’ll be heading to Harlington, in

I’m weak, here’s another deal I’ve stumbled across

I’ve got to liking my 5.5″ screens now. Over the years I’ve pretty much wound up on this as my preferred size and now you can get the OUKITEL U10 for a mere $149.99, which is £95.94. Originally this was $223.33 (£142.85) but I’ve just noticed it

SanDisk puts a tiny portable WiFi storage drive in your pocket

Handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S6 have now done away with microSD cards, so you generally have to stump up for the on-board storage you need when you purchase a phone. However, despite all the cloud solutions floating around, many still want to be able to transfer

Dell Factory Outlet selling cheap tablets

If you’re looking for a cheap tablet costing £50 (albeit without the VAT), head to the Dell Outlet where you can pick up the Venue 7 for £50, which is then £60 with the VAT… then there’s a tad more for delivery. It’s powered by Android 4.4

Apple Pay is live today in the UK. But..

The contactless payment system we’ve been using for a while now is today available via your iPhone too. No special debit or credit card needed here, it’s all done via your phone. The same limit of £20 applies (this will increase to £30 in September), but the

Geeksphone – Bye, thanks for the paella

Although you might not guess it from their website, Geeksphone is to stop making and designing smartphones. A press release, which is tucked away in the forums, states .. After having developed six smartphones in less than six years, the company has reached the end of a

Charge your phone from your power-purse or handbag

Battery life, as we continually keep mentioning, is utterly woeful. I can attest to this because, as I was recently in an area with choppy signal, I disabled data all day. The battery lasted for absolutely ages without the constant app updates but the phone quickly became,

TVPlayer announces subscription service for extra channels

We’ve already covered a data-free way to get TV on your tablet this week, but if you want streaming TV shows you can also use the likes of TVCatchup or TVPlayer. Both have got mobile apps, but if you want to get access to premium (paid-for) channels,