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Games appear to be creeping onto my phone.. and staying there

Not too long ago you could pick up my phone and find it to be a productivity powerhouse. I’d have my email, my Citrix Receiver, Office 365, my calendar and not much else. It was a portable office. Now though, after coming back from holiday, I’ve found

Vodafone begin blocking spam calls at a network level

Every day at around 2PM I get a call from The Claims Guys on 01212774003. They’re continually chasing me about a PPI claim that I have no intention of following up on. They drive me insane. I’ve told them around six times that I’m not interested, I’ve

Turn your mobile phone into a desk phone – the NVX 200

I tell you what you need. You need a desk phone that plugs into your smartphone somehow. Perhaps one that let’s you use those traditional numeric keys to make a call and a normal corded headset too. Sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it? Well, look at it

A smart suitcase. Yes, a smart suitcase.

No, I didn’t know there was such a thing either, but apparently it is a “thing”. To be honest though, after a bit of reading, I became quite interested. A carry-on suitcase that is water resistant, scratch resistant and has GPS and 3G technology built in? Remote

Got a Galaxy Note7 and want to return it? Here’s the details

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was explosive, but sadly not in the right way. Batteries seem to be melting through the handset as it’s charged and the advice now appears to be, “Woah there! Put the phone down! Put it DOWN” If you’re in the

Lightning connected headphones from JBL appear

Well, these have apparently already sold out. Not only that, but because they interface with an iPhone 7 and the Lightning connector, they cost £169.99. That’s a lot. They are really rather good, and include adaptive noise cancellation plus top-quality sound with no need for any batteries

Driving and using the phone? Fines and points to double

You may have done it yourself. You may see others do it. Perhaps you’ll catch an approaching driver looking down at something and you’ll wonder if they’re really just “tuning the radio” or perhaps browsing the web instead. It’s on the rise and, with the deep cuts

Token iPhone 7 article published in order to get traffic

Oh come on, let’s be honest. I’ve never seen so many websites writing so much bobbins about the iPhone 7 just to get more hits. Pah.. I’ll be honest. I’ve got a tiny bit of information for you and I’m going to… Publish it because, to be

HTC Desire 10 lined up for launch on Tuesday

What are you doing on Tuesday morning? Well, we’re going to be at a swanky launch party in the West End of London. We’ll be eating canapés, drinking free champagne, meeting the….. ..wait. Ah no. It’s another one of those “web” launches from HTC. Gah.. what happen

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad – Review

Your iPhone can connect to the iCloud to backup, but what if you want to backup your photos yourself? What if you want to put files ont your own personal USB stick? Or you want to quickly transfer them? Well, heres the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive –

The smartphone – A vital piece of evidence after a fatal accident

In the last few hours lorry driver Danny Warby has been given a six year sentence for crashing into an off duty police officer’s car. The collision killed Det Con Sharon Garrett, aged 48, and caused a five-vehicle crash. A police investigation revealed that Mr Warby was

Turrah Lumia. Nice seein’ ya.

Get yourself a drink Lumia fans. Turn the lights down. This is the end, my only friend, the end… News from WinBeta and elsewhere seems to confirm it. The Lumia range is dead. An anonymous employee states that Microsoft is about to “end sales” of the range

So, you want to listen to music AND charge your iPhone 7?

I pointed it out after the announcement but, if I’m being honest, it’s not going to be a massive deal-breaker for most iPhone owners. See, I can understand to some degree because Apple give you just a single USB-C port in the MacBook Pro. It looks neat,

iPhone 7 pre-orders live today. Get the best cashback deal

We don’t normally do this, but some guy from TopCashback has gone through the various places that you can purchase the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to see which one offers the best cash-back deal. It’s pre-order day today and we’ve seen several network websites

Upgrade your iPhone 6s to an iPhone 7 for a LOT LESS

The iPhone 7 pricing is quite high. We all know that. Some have tried to blame Brexit for the £599 price-tag (that’s the 32GB one, the 128GB version is £699 and the 256GB handset is £799). So how can you upgrade for a lot less? Well, my

Is the iPhone Upgrade Programme really worth it?

OK, so we had the slight misfire with the Galaxy Note7, but we’ve still got the Galaxy 7 edge and the Galaxy 7 out there and, as you’ll no doubt be aware, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have hit the scene too. There’s other