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Three UK about to buy O2 ?

As you’ll know if you follow us, the boys at BT are currently sniffing around EE. Poor old O2 were out in the cold but, according to The Sunday Times, the owner of Three is looking to buy the network. Owner Li Ka-shing is apparently in talks

Tulisa goes slim as the face of KAZAM

Good old Tulisa Contostavlos. She’s managed to shake off the ordeal of “that video” becoming public and is now walking around with the slim KAZAM Tornado 348 in her hand. Now she appears to be the ambassador of the brand and has even created her own limited

HTC One M9 to arrive in March according to rumours

Mobile World Congress last year HTC were a little quiet. Yes, we got a quick hands-on with their Desire 816 but we couldn’t turn it on and most devices on show were earlier models. This year we’re hoping that HTC will make more of a splash, and

Skype on a Chromebook in 10 easy steps

A few months ago I posted a method of getting Skype on a Chromebook. Recently I found that this older method didn’t actually work any more, so here’s a new way of doing it which does. I’ll do this step-by-step to make it easy, because I know

HTC kick off the MWC rumours

It’s only weeks away and we’re busily preparing for Mobile World Congress, the mobile tech event to watch for new smartphones, tablets, accessories and everything in-between. HTC have already started things off, with an announcement of a launch event during the show, which will again be held

Kinivo BTE40 Stereo Bluetooth headphones review

You’ve got your favourite headphones and you don’t want to get rid of them. I understand that. However, you don’t want to constantly be shackled to your smartphone or tablet. It’s a pain isn’t it? Especially if you have a tablet or a phablet. Those things are

Skype on a Chromebook. Things have changed

Update - We’ve now got a fix, click here to read the update! I added a post back in October which detailed how to get Skype working on your Chromebook. It got a few hits, as did the video demo, which was recorded on the floor in

Yotaphone 2 – Overview and picture special

We’ve managed to get a bit more time with the two-faced phone and over the coming days I’ll show you just what this thing can do. However, when I do get a new gadget I’m always quite excited to show it to you straight away, so here’s

Powercube down in price. Spring clean that desk!

If you remember our piece covering the Powercube then you’ll remember how jolly clever it was. Mount this anywhere and you’ll instantly clean up your cabling nightmares, keeping your sockets (five of them) and USB ports (two of them) in one convenient place. There’s a 1.5 metre

ulefone Be Pro phablet – Cheap and powerful

Morning all. A quick update on my continual trawl through Chinese Android handsets. Today it’s the turn of the ulefone Be Pro. It’s got a 1280×780 pixel 5.5″ IPS capacitive screen and runs Android 4.4. It’ll be getting Android 5.0 (Lollipop) in February and has an MTK6732

Rock Jaw Alfa Genius headphones – Reviewed

Headphones, we get a lot of them to review and we’ve had a couple sent in by Rock Jaw already. Here’s our look at the Arcana and the Hydra headphones. These Alfa Genius ones though, are quite different to any you’ve ever seen before because you can…

Lie on top of us. We want to be in your dreams.

Now that, my friends, wins our “weirdest title of the year award”. Honestly, it’s proper click-bait. We’d like to tell you about this pillow we’ve found.. Inside there’s two hidden speakers and an amplifier. Plug your device in via the 3.5mm audio cable and, boom. You’ve got

Karbonn A19 now available in the UK

Wait a minute, just a few minutes ago we reviewed the dual-core 1.2GHz Karbonn A5S. It’s about £70 but, for £85.54 you can get this, the Karbonn A19. It has an ever-so-slightly faster CPU – a dual-core 1.3GHz CPU. It also has a better camera (8 megapixel

Karbonn A5S Review

It’s only been a month since we spotted the Karbonn A5S on Amazon. This smartphone, just to set your expectations right here, is around £70 SIM-free, and you can stick two SIM cards in (one standard size, one micro SIM). Wait though, who the heck are Karbonn

A week of reviews

Welcome to a cold and dark Monday morning. Come on into the a Coolsmartphone cafe and get yourself a tasty beverage because this week we’re going to have a bit of a treat for you. Every single day this week, at 8.30am, we’ll have an in-depth review

Manything can do more than just watch your pets

Morning my lovely people, hope you’re well. You may remember, some time back, I decided to setup a CCTV system with an old smartphone. Since then we’ve looked at the BT Smart Home Cam and the Pan and tilt camera from SwannCloud. They’re better than a smartphone

CES – Nest adds more connections to “Works With” list

Remember our Nest review ? Of course you do, it was the one with the Ford Cortina, which all good reviews should include. Anyhow, there’s more innovations and gadgets getting added to the “Works with..” list of internet-connected devices that’ll work with your Nest thermostat. A sneak

CES – HTC RE adds live YouTube streaming

If you’ve got yourself the innovative new RE camera from HTC (which is detailed here) then listen up. You can, after an update to the RE app tomorrow, live-streaming video from the camera to YouTube. The update will be on the Google Play store tomorrow and will

Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 to be available in gold

If you’d like a bit of bling but you perhaps can’t afford a Lamborghini phone, you can at least have a phone that looks expensive thanks to a limited run of gold Lumia handsets. The Lumia 930 and 830 will be available in gold with a black

4K Drone video shot using a smartphone

We’ve probably all seen those rather beautiful videos filmed using super-steady drones. However, if you want to step things up a bit and film in full 4K video you could have a slight problem. You might need to upgrade the camera hanging under the drone or perhaps