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Coolsmartphone Competition

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes giving away cash, and after asking for donation yesterday the charity I’m cycling for has only raised £40. If someone comes at me rattling bucket or asking for a couple of quid, I’ll probably dodge them too. You can’t give your money

BT Mobile decide to water down free BT Sports offering

With BT looking to takeover EE, all eyes were on their initial MVNO pricing and plans. For me personally, I try hard not to have anything to do with the company, but those that have already dived in appear to have been burned. Initially BT told us

Elephone P8000 discount code available

Hello again my lovelies. How’s about another cheap and cheerful Android device? This is the Elephone P8000. It’s powered by Android 5.1 and does 4G. Specs include a 5.5″ 1080p screen, a MediaTek 64-bit Octa-core 1.5GHz CPU, 3GB RAM and 16GB of storage plus a microSD card

The EE Power Bars return

If you’re on a train, on a bus or simply walking around town then you’ll know that looking down and spotting a “5% charge remaining” on your smartphone means that it’s time to panic. EE were previously handing out mobile chargers, which they called Power Bars. They

Kitvision Splash Waterproof Action Camera – Review

A GoPro camera might be found on the helmet of a cyclist near you but, if we’re honest, these things are quite expensive. This is an alternative – the Kitvision Splash. The price is £69.99 (RRP), but you can get it for less than that on Amazon.

I’m riding a bike again. Help me. Help me.

A quick break in regular programming while I royally abuse my position and ask you for donations. If you don’t want to read all the details but would like to help, just pick up a phone and text the phrase NAZG69 followed by a space and then

Nuisance callers on your home phone? Give this thing a try

Apparently I had a car accident a couple of years ago and £3000 has already been put aside for me. “That’s pretty good..”, I replied as the cold-caller waited for my response, “..especially when you’re obviously making all this up and I’ve not had an accident for

Vodafone Smart ultra 6 – Review

Come, take a seat my friends, because something is happening again in the mobile industry. When I was young kid (when) started a little website called Coolsmartphone. It was all about a network-branded smartphone called the SPV. For years after we saw networks branding their logo onto

Vodafone announce the Smart ultra 6 – Hi-specs, low-price.

Vodafone have just announced another branded handset – the Smart ultra 6. Perhaps the best part is the fact that this 4G, octa-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm CPU handset is just £125 on Pay As You Go. Yes, I did say Qualcomm. It’s also available to buy as of

MOT Models launch mobile portfolios – A world first

When I applied for my first few jobs I had to sit in a stuffy office while some HR person clicked through my CV. I had a folder with all my qualifications in there too, but fast-forward to today and I’m instead getting job agencies using my

Huawei announce the T1 10″ tablet

How about a tablet with a 10″ IPS screen, Qualcomm quad-core 1.2GHz CPU and 4G connectivity for just £22.50 on a pay monthly deal with a £22.99 up-front cost? O2 will soon be selling the new Huawei T1 10″ tablet in white. It’s powered by Android 4.4

The daddy of remote-controlled cars

Remember this scene from Tomorrow Never Dies? Bond drove his utterly fugly BMW 750i (worst Bond car, ever) with his Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Oh how we laughed. Wait though, because it’s now actually possible. Jaguar have a Land Rover that you can control with your smartphone.

Smart Clock – Sync your life with your bedside buddy

You might think that I’m a gadget monster. You could believe that my house is a computer-controlled ultra-modern home which does everything for me. Not a bit of it. I’m a deeply disorganised and forgetful individual who tends to work far too much and I run out

The Terminator gets added to your navigation

Way back in the day we used to upload voices to our hacked versions of TomTom to Pocket PC devices. Remember someone having Yoda speaking out the directions? Now we’ve got Waze which, if you didn’t know already, is a rather clever community-driven traffic and navigation app.

Give your garden some colour – the new MiPOW Playbulb Garden

Our garden was OK until we realised that the previous owner had decided to fill in an old pond pretty badly. Over the years it’s developed into the Himalayas and I’ll probably need to get someone to roll over it with something. I’m no gardening expert, but

Motorola UK have a sale on people!

Morning. It’s hump day, which means it’s the middle of the week. Wednesday to be precise, and right now there’s a Motorola sale on. If you want a deal, head to this special Motorola page where they have huge discounts on a range of products. We’re talking

Beam TV into your device without the internet

Getting streaming TV on your phone or tablet is great. You get to watch TV anywhere. However, if you’re out of the house and you don’t have a clever DVR or set-top box that’ll squirt the TV picture from your aerial to your device over your WiFi,

Dear HTC. I want something like this I can design myself.

So HTC sent us a press release. We’d perhaps like one of their new phones, but we can’t get that. Anyhow. They sent us pictures of a model called Jourdan Dunn. We’re not sure who she is, and we’re totally against sexist imagery of ladies advertising phones.