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Vodafone launch the Smart platinum 7

From Monday 20th June you’ll be able to get this, the new branded device from Vodafone. It’ll cost just £300 on Pay as you go, or you can get it on contract. Prices start at £28 per month for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of UK data.

£5 for 1GB of data – SIM-only deal of the day

This weekend was my tenth wedding anniversary. It really doesn’t seem like a decade. Not at all. I remember being at the church, going on honeymoon and even writing about it here just five minutes ago. What happened eh ? We spent most of the weekend celebrating.

Organika – Making your next phone cover even more individual

Covers. There’s stacks of them. If you want something a little “different” then it usually only extends to having a personalised picture on the back of your device. Meanwhile, other cases are made from wood or leather to give you a small amount of individuality. But.. what

Get a cable free when you buy this power bank

If you liked the look of the Glory P1 Mini power bank we reviewed on Saturday, listen up friends. We’ve got a bit of an offer on for you. If you buy it you’ll find that there’s a microUSB cable in the box. However, you can get

The best phone is the world.. for less than £10

Good morning Sunday readers. I imagine you sitting in your modem kitchen, surrounded by your kids, your beautiful wife, a couple of dogs and you’re perhaps nibbling on a croissant as you read this. Now I’m here to make that all seem pointless. I’m here to deliver

Lumsing Glory P1 Mini Portable Charger – Review

Glory, glory. Hallelujah. I had to spell check that last word. Anyhow. We’ve got another battery pack here. This one is a chunky monkey too. Not chunky as in physical size (it’s 123mm long by 69mm wide and 16mm thick. Basically it’s about as thick as a

It takes two to Tango – Phab2Pro announced

Earlier you hopefully found our post about the Moto Z family and the snap-on Moto Mods. You probably thought, “Oh, what a fantastic website that is, I must follow them on Twitter and then hunt down that “Gears” fella and buy him lots of beer, he’s doing

SEAT turns to VR

When I received this press release I honestly thought SEAT had launched a new way of selling their cars. Perhaps, after strapping your phone to your face via Google Cardboard or similar, you could experience a SEAT before you bought one? Well, it’s not quite that –

Welcome to the Moto Z family

Did you watch the live announcement? If not, you can watch it all again here. Anyhow, come close, because we have to get one thing out of the way… Say goodbye to that 3.5mm audio port. Yes, I know. I know. Moto appear to have beaten Apple

Moto announcement – Live

Lenovo told us to head to their Tech World event and watch the keynote. It’s happening live, right now in Silicon Valley and, during the second hour (scheduled to be 7PM BST here in the UK), they’ll be making a big announcement involving Moto. What is that

Monitoring a smartphone, without revealing yourself

We’ve covered monitoring solutions in the past and, as I’ve pointed out previously, there’s a number of reasons why you’d want them. First though, let me explain a bit more, because the one I’ve been looking at here will monitor phone activity and report back – all

Tesco launch Mobile Xtras

Well, this is awkward. We’ve been given some information about a new offering from Tesco Mobile but their PR team aren’t getting in touch. We’re not totally sure if we’re breaking an embargo or what-not, but here goes anyway. So, word on the street is that Tesco

Rebtel’s Cheap International Calls app – Review

Rebtel’s Cheap International Calls App Review It’s that time of year again. The sun is out and those big school holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to fill a suitcase and head off abroad for … even more sunshine. Trouble is, when you’re abroad,

NatualRays Bluetooth Speaker – Review

Well, this is small. I’ll give it that. You can bag one on eBay for $28.99 in the US or £21.99 in the UK. There’s a blue one or this green one. In the box you’ll get a USB-to-microUSB cable for charging and a 3.5mm-to-microUSB cable should

Virgin add entertainment to your train journeys

A journey for me to London usually falls into two categories. I either take a “cheap” train which takes a couple of hours, stops at places I’ve never heard of and has no on-board “booster” so the signal on your phone is totally pants. If, however, I

HTC post some rather disappointing revenue figures

Following the launch of the HTC 10, all eyes are on the HTC revenue figures. The company has just announced their unaudited revenue for May 2016 and, well, things don’t look too hot. The company have announced an NT$6.75 bn revenue for May 2016. For  January to

Make your own Google Cardboard glasses. From food.

Yeah. It’s a weird idea, but someone in the US decided to make some virtual reality glasses with crackers. Not just any crackers, but Graham Crackers. They’re a bit hard to get hold of here in the UK, which is particularly annoying as my wife finds them

Get your mates on Three and bag a £25 Amazon gift card

Well. There I go again. I’ve included the entire post within the title. Now I’ve got to that Daily Mail thing where I basically repeat the contents of that headline, but again and again throughout the article. Hey ho… Three have come up with a new referral

HTC 10 – Review

I write this shortly after reviewing the Huawei P9 and, I have to say, the first thing I noticed is how much heavier the HTC 10 is. The P9 is 144g and the HTC 10 is 161g. It might not sound much, but boy – I noticed