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18 month SIM only deals now available on Tesco Mobile

SIM only deals, to me at least, usually mean one month rolling plans. However, if you want to lock yourself into a longer deal and possibly get even better value for money, you can go for a 12 month plan. Tesco Mobile has today become the UK’s

Broken phone? No insurance? No time? Try this..

Last year we took a look at a company called iMend who repair tablets and phones. We gave them a rather poorly iPad to look at which had a broken button surround and cracked screen. However, they don’t just do iPads. They do iPhones, Samsung and other

Windows Mobile – Back from the dead

We’ve been covering smartphones since the Orange SPV and Microsoft Smartphone 2002. That, along with Microsoft Pocket PC, eventually became Windows Mobile 2003, then Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5 and then we had the whole “Windows Phone 7 Series” launch

I did have £60 burning a hole in my pocket..

You know I’m always eager to find a bargain, so when I stumbled across the Elephone P6i QHD 5.0 smartphone, it was already pretty cheap. Powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz CPU and delivering 1GB RAM, 4GB on-board storage and a microSD card for more, this also comes with

Speedy Pong – Relive the 80’s on the bus!

I don’t often plug apps that much because, for reasons best known to developers, we get about 10 “auto submitted” emails every day in an incomprehensible format which tells us nothing about the app or what makes it great. Gianluca, on the other hand, emailed me directly

Honor 4X – Review

Let’s set your expectations shall we? This is £149.99. It’s not going to compete with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and it’s not going to challenge the very latest iPhone either. What it does, even with a slightly older version of Android, it does well. This is from

£0 per month is coming back. FreedomPop headed to the UK

A new MVNO is to come to the UK in July, but its a bit different. Called FreedomPop, it will offer free and paid-for SIM-only plans in a few weeks time. I’ve just used their website from the USA to check out what’s currently offer in America.

Lazy Arm – Review

We heard about this gadget a short while ago. It is, in effect, a really long smartphone holder. Imagine the holder in your car, but with an almost 65cm reach. First of all, don’t try sticking this in your car. It’s far too long at it’d stick

Thinking of getting a signal booster? Wait right there..

You young kids might call it “bantz” now, but I was having a “discussion” on Twitter with a few people about the in-building penetration provided by networks operating on 900MHz. The likes of O2 and Vodafone both seem to get through the walls of my home but,

No more little wee wee on Google Maps

Remember this interesting Google Maps “addition” ? What initially appeared to be a dig at Apple actually turned out to be a prank by someone using the Map Maker system. It allows users to add extra detail to Google Maps, such as rivers or parks etc. Trouble

MINI Produce glasses that give you X-ray vision

Hey, wanna know something? If you’ve ever been in the passenger seat of a car when it’s raining heavily on the motorway, try holding your phone up and take a picture. You’ll probably find that the preview screen affords you a better view of the road than

Tesco hudl2 – Get it for just £80

I’ll make no apologies for this. I totally stole this from the boys at hotukdeals. Good site though, always liked them, do visit. The Tesco hudl2 is £99 in store and online, however if you spend £100 at the supermarket (wait for it) you can use code

LG G Flex2 – Photo special

Way back in March 2014, before I started going grey after typing a ber-zillion posts a week, I took a look at the banana-shaped G Flex from LG. What they were basically trying to do was make an impact. People had seen the same old political parties

Track and share your dog walks with Walkies

** Warning. This was typed early in the morning after 3 hours sleep. Apologies in advance. This ain’t the Daily Telegraph. I started this website from scratch some 13 years ago now. All I had was a copy of Microsoft Frontpage and 16 million pounds. It’s been

No, I don’t want an app for that.

I did something I’ve done before last night. It didn’t take long and, after I’d done it, I felt better. I reset my Android phone. Why? Well, I’m sure we’ve all been there. Many call me an Android fanboy but I’m fully prepared to point out the

Ulefone be touch reduced price with our coupon code

Another one of my cheap Chinese imports now and it’s the Ulefone be touch, a smartphone powered by an MTK6752 octa-core 1.7GHz CPU with dual SIM-slots (micro and standard), 3GB RAM, 16GB on-board storage, a microSD slot and a 5.5″ 1280×720 pixel IPS screen. Up front is

Today I ran out of data on giffgaff. Guess what happened..

I’ll be up front and honest here. giffgaff have not sent me any cake, beer or phones to say any of this. I’ve started using them because the in-building coverage on my previous network wasn’t great and giffgaff are offering plenty of data plus a fuss-free service

Virtual Reality headset, in video

Back in the old days, when I used to construct this site on a daily basis using Microsoft Frontpage (yes, feel my pain), I used to make the odd mistake. Now I’m all professional and dat. It’s rare for you to find me spilling anything inkorrectly. However,

Immerse – Virtual Reality Headset Review

I reviewed the Google Cardboard some time ago. It was £2 and is (obviously) made from cardboard. It’s a virtual reality headset which uses your phone as the screen. This one, which isn’t made of cardboard but has a similar design, is £29.95. You buy this, slap