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A week with the HTC One M9. Day four. The camera tech.

A lot was said about the quality of the new 20 megapixel rear shooter. There’s a raft of options including the ability to adjust the ISO, EV and white balance settings. Not only that, but if you dive into the camera settings further there’s a stack of

ZTE Blade L3 now available on Virgin Media. Cheap too.

A 5″ 480×854 pixel (196 ppi) screen, quad-core 1.3GHz CPU, 1GB RAM and 8 megapixel camera with flash. Sound interesting? What about if I mention that it’s just £79.99 with £10 airtime included. How’s about that? The new ZTE Blade L3 has arrived in the UK today. There’s 8GB of storage on board,

A week with the HTC One M9. Day three. A look around.

HTC tell me that their new model has a “dual-tone” design. It’s not immediately obvious when you put it next to the M8, and you can see just that in our MWC gallery, but there is a subtle difference in the edging and the colouring. Yet again

A week with the HTC One M9. Day two. Sounds good huh?

I’ve been banging on about this in tweets and posts for some time now, but the BoomSound system on the HTC One M9 is something that I appreciate. Despite the proliferation of Bluetooth speakers and headsets you’ll still find me listening to tunes via the external speaker

Elephone P3000S discount code available here

The people at GearBest have sent us yet another special coupon code for our readers, so here’s the offer. The Elephone P3000S has a 5″ 1920×1080 pixel screen and two cameras – a 13 megapixel rear shooter (F2.2 and flash) plus a 5 megapixel front camera. It

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Yes, they launched today.

James Cordon seems to be making a bit of a name for himself over in the USA and now Samsung have roped him in to promote their shiny new Galaxy S6 handsets. Basically, this is an advert coming up. We can’t get hold of either of the

Tesco Mobile properly launches the Samsung Galaxy S6

Tesco Mobile is, like a number of MVNOs, offering some of the very latest handsets at the moment. Using an MVNO is no longer seen as a cheap and cheerful choice. Now it’s perhaps a clever alternative which is just plain better than the main four networks.

Getting an S6 today? Don’t forget your case

Today marks the launch of both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge. Whether you like it or not, it’s wise to put a case on the posh new Galaxy handset if you get yourself one today. The S6 is pretty much £600 or more depending

Lumia 640 available now, 640 XL arriving shortly

Microsoft fans! Remember the Lumia 640 and 640 XL announcement? One of them is now available to buy right here in the UK. We went to get a full hands-on with both in their rather bright shades and you can get the Lumia 640 right now. The

Win a free phone, if you’ve got a slightly weird name.

I really don’t know much about this whole Games of Thrones thing. To be honest, when I first got this press release, I thought it was a mobile game, not a TV show. Either way, I Googled and got this image, so I’m guessing that people aren’t

Official Twitter Android app receives annoying new update

For many of us using Android, our apps will magically update themselves whenever the developer adds new features or fixes bugs. However, the official Twitter app, which has always been a little buggy on every phone I’ve tried (try sharing an image directly from the gallery for

Life without a signal. Actually, not that bad.

I’ve been somewhere magical this weekend. A place with absolutely no signal. I’ve been with a group of mates and between us we had all the networks covered. One had an EE phone and amongst us we also had an O2, Vodafone and Three device. Not one

Reduce your London cab ride cost – Share the bill with SPLYT

Honestly it seems like we’re getting some sort of taxi app every week here at Coolsmartphone HQ. Today it’s the turn of SPLYT, who’ve raised our eyebrows by offering shared taxi fares to reduce the cost of getting around and 99p rides for a week, beginning next

HTC One M9 now available to buy on Vodafone

Seen our hands-on with the HTC One M9? If not, the video is below. About a month ago Vodafone started pre-orders and now it’s available to buy on the network. A quick note though, if you did pre-order, you’ll be able to redeem one of 1000 pairs

Fancy some slightly cheaper smart glasses?

I do get some very odd emails here at Coolsmartphone, and daily you’ll find an email from some random Chinese manufacturer sitting in my inbox. Usually these are to sell Bluetooth speakers, keyboards or GPS trackers. For some reason they think I’m a buyer for a UK

OfficeSuite Free review

Getting Office documents working on your mobile device can be a hit and miss affair. Sometimes you’ll find an app that opens certain documents but won’t let you edit them. Sometimes you can edit some document types but not others, and you can find that the document

Lucy Hedges shows how to f’ing save money

Right, April Fools is now over… unless you’re in America, then it’s probably definitely still on. Either way, I’d like to state up-front that this is definitely an April Fools joke. This is the First Direct Swear Jar app. An app that runs in the background and

WhatsApp gets voice calling for (almost) all

If you use WhatsApp then I really don’t need to sell this thing to you. It’s a cross-platform messaging app that cuts out the need to use text messages. Instead you send everything over your data connection and you can also keep in touch with people in