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Orange launch a Holiday Europe plan for the UEFA championships

As a UK resident, it was certainly a flash from the past to receive an email from Orange. They are, of course, still going strong elsewhere in Europe and, if you’re heading across Europe for the EURO 2016 tournament. The Orange Holiday plan is available here (this

Fly12 HD bike camera doubles as a front light

Being able to cycle around in these balmy sunny evenings is really refreshing, but when it does eventually get dark you’re going to need a bike light. These are plentiful, and you can even put an action camera on the handlebars to record your journey and log

Lumsing portable battery charger – Now cheaper with our code

Walking around with that low battery notice on your phone is always going to put you on edge. So, to charge on the move, your going to need something like this. This is the Lumsing Harmonica 10,400mAh dual-port power bank and yes, it really is designed to

Wraps Wearable earphones – Ideal if you’re always losing yours

I always have to apologise to the companies that send us headphones to look at. I’m always losing the things. They’re mostly tiny and either end up stuck in pockets (and then going through the washing machine) or stuffed in a drawer somewhere. So, Wraps Wearable earphones

A quick break in regular programming

A very quick mention for a couple of charity things. Firstly, Simon Allum (you know him, he’s written a few articles for us) is doing an insane thing – the Three Peaks Challenge. He’ll be part of a small team walking Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon

Win with Honor

Honor have a competition on right now. Perhaps it’s to find the letter “U” from their name. Who knows. What I can tell you is that they’re giving away some limited edition flip cases (they look a bit like this but more .. errr.. limited edition-ee) and

EE launch the Jay

Back in the 90’s there was a group called Jamiroquai headed up by Jay Kay. He used to date Denise Van Outen too. Oh, and he owns loads of sports cars. Lucky, lucky blighter. Anyhoo. EE have named a tablet after him and, somehow, I though that

Windows Phone continues to fade away

I’ve called it the death of Windows Phone. We knew it was losing market share but then things started getting worse. In March it was all over for me. Yes, the OS is good. Yes, the phones are good, but there was a lack of love from

GoPro goes into spaaaaaace

We’ve seen the teeny-tiny GoPro cameras shooting some pretty excellent footage over the years. The cameras have also helped TV makers to film in cars, on bikes, motorbikes, boats and – when strapped to people – they can grab point-of-view footage in full HD. Now they’ve stuck

EU blocks proposed Three and O2 merger

Hutchison (owners of Three) badly wanted to grab O2. Following disapproval by UK competition watchdogs, they tried everything to change minds. They added guarantees that prices for O2 and Three customers would be frozen for five years. They’d also promised £5 billion of investment and to open

Swytch now offers a weekly mobile deal

You may have already heard about Swytch. Just grab the app and you can instantly have additional mobile numbers piped through to your phone. You can have a line for your business or one for friends. There’s no commitment and, provided you have a fast data connection

Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones – Review

Wowser. That’s a long title for a review isn’t it? Well, we’ve been sent lots of headphones here at Coolsmartphone. These are those big chunky ones that actually sit over your ears and fully cover them up. They produce a very nice all-encompassing sound and the closed

Huawei P9 – Review

Although they’ve probably made dongles that you’ve used, Huawei is a name that relatively few people are properly aware of. This, though, is a company that I’ve spent some time with recently and they’re eager for that to change. They’re already pushing aggressively with their Honor brand,

HTC announces first quarter loss

I’ve got a HTC 10 in my hands right now and, I must say, it’s a strong bit of kit. Whether this phone knows just how much is riding on it is another question though, as the HTC figures (released today) put a lot of emphasis on

Three change their mind – The LG G5 arrives

When we were in Barcelona ogling over the LG G5, we were contacted by most of the usual networks to say that they were ranging it. However… we noticed someone who wasn’t coming to the LG party. Three. We got in touch, and they told us that

Now Vodafone add inclusive roaming too

It’s something we’ve already seen Three and Tesco Mobile doing, but now Vodafone have added some roaming goodness as well. Inclusive roaming across 40 locations is now available, and it’s 4G roaming t’boot. The list of countries look to be European and are as follows… Albania, Austria,

Vodafone now selling the Huawei P9 on the cheap too

Consider, for a moment, the fact that the Huawei P9 (unlocked) is £449 to buy on the Huawei store. Now, if you head across to the Vodafone site, you can get the phone on Pay as you go for just £300! Don’t forget that that giffgaff are also

Huawei P9 now available at giffgaff

How does £17.06 per month sound for a top-end phone on a 2 year deal? Well, even with the addition of a £10 monthly goodybag on giffgaff it’s still pretty good. The Huawei P9, which we’ve already looked at in detail, is available to buy out-right on

1byone Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review

When you’re young and full of beans you really enjoy writing about tech. Mobile phones, gadgets, gizmos – it lights your fire. Then, after several years of looking a Bluetooth speakers, you start to wane a little. You get sent dozens and dozens of the things. Some