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Example footage from the new HTC RE camera

Yes, the new pipe camera that HTC launched just the other day doesn’t have an in-built viewfinder. Although you can use your phone as a viewfinder and although it has a 146 degree wide-angle lens, some are questioning just how accurate the “point and hope” shooting will

Chromecast app updated, now add your own backdrops

If you went ahead and bought a Chromecast then you’ll probably be familiar with the rather beautiful images that appear if nothing is actually being “cast” to the screen. It’s all very lovely, but they’re not your images are they? Now you can correct that with the

Friday afternoon impulse buy?

It’s that time of the week when you’re hopefully thinking of spending a bit of cash on yourself. Expansys are kicking out the 2012 model of the Google Nexus 7. The reconditioned Asus-built device comes with a free dark grey travel cover. It’s the one we first

Windows smartwatch arrives! Sort-of.

If you like watching Eastenders on repeat or nails being dragged along a blackboard you’ll probably like this. Windows 95 is probably running on some office PCs somewhere still (probably on the PC of a Director / Manager who says it’s “essential” to their work. Colin Davenport

A look at the HTC Eye Experience

A fancy new phone usually means new features that are only available on that device. However, the new HTC EYE Experience that’ll be part of the new HTC Desire EYE is also coming to the HTC One (M7), HTC One (M8), HTC One E8, HTC One mini,

All-new HTC Zoe app now available to download

The beta version of the HTC Zoe app received a “mixed” reception (we’re being kind here) and became available for all Android devices a couple of months ago. Last night HTC announced a new improved version, which has just popped up on Google Play. It’s coming to

Hotel information beamed to your smartwatch

You’re the gadget man. You’re the one with the latest kit. You’ve got yourself one of those hot new Android Wear smartwatches. Now. Now you need some apps that’ll talk to it. Yeah. That’s going to take a while. Getting the latest bleeding-edge kit means that you

HTC RE priced up – To be available at EE too

If you’ve seen our coverage of the new digital camera from HTC you’ll probably want to know just how much it’ll cost. We were hoping for it to be around the £99.99 mark, but it looks to be a tad more expensive than that. The orange model

HTC RE Launched – An innovative handheld camera

Back in September we noticed this, and James guessed it to be an add-on camera. I thought it would be a selfie-camera of some kind but now we’ve got the full details – it’s called the RE. Instantly I’m taken back to Religious Education lessons from school,

HTC Event – Live from NYC – Watch here

It’s that time of year again and HTC have a big stage primed and ready for some new products to keep us warm this winter. We’re guessing that there’ll be a new handset and some sort of clever camera gadget, but you’ll find out more at 9PM

OK Google, can you work like the advert please?

You’ve seen those clever “OK Google” adverts on TV. There’s plenty of them and here in Old Blighty but one I spotted last night doesn’t actually work. It’s this one.. We’ve tested this particular scenario on iOS, Android and even the Chrome browser on a PC. The

EE Launch their own TV system

A set-top box still isn’t unusual, even with the large amount of clever TVs on the market. Sky, YouView, Virgin and others already have their own solutions already, but now it’s the turn of EE, who have just announced their own. This particular one is pretty clever

The Fairphone – Exclusive to Co-op

Down my local Co-op they have Fairtrade bananas, Fairtrade coffee and lots of lovely, lovely bottles of beer. That last bit isn’t important though, well…. It’s not an important part of this news story anyway. The Co-op, which seem to have outlets all over our little town,

Has Samsung reached the top?

The mighty Samsung might finally be reaching a plateau after the company announced a 60% fall in quarterly operating profit.  Sales of their Galaxy handsets has slowed of late and Samsung are expecting an operating income of 2.5 billion for Q3 – much lower than expected. Samsung

The iPhone. Let’s try and make it a bit less expensive.

There’s something about the new iPhone 6 that is both a positive and a negative at the same time. Fans and owners will tell you that the device is “reassuringly expensive”. This is a good thing for some, but at the same time it means that most

HTC Event coming live from NYC tomorrow

Let me tell you a story. I’ll try not to get too personal with this but, over the last year or so, there’s been a significant shift from HTC. Not too long ago we were getting bombarded with news from the HTC PR team and their social

Hey, phone manufacturers. You need to have a chat with Elliptic Labs

Back in February we took a look at a rather fantastic touchless interface from Elliptic Labs. Not many sites covered the technology, and if you’re following one of those lesser sites then they’ll probably only be covering them for the first time today. Tskk. Anyways, eight months