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O2 and Three customers could have their bills frozen for years

The O2 and Three merger has been going through a bit of a rough patch recently, with both Ofcom the European Commission raising concerns over the potential deal. They’re basically worried that a new amalgamated network would mean a worse deal for the customer, with less choice,

LG Mobile readies the G5

I don’t know about you, but upcoming phone models are a bit easy to guess. The next HTC One? It’s got to be the M10. The next Samsung Galaxy? That’ll be the S7. So it’s with little surprise to anyone that the next premium device from LG

Microsoft swipes SwiftKey. We have the exclusive boardroom transcript *

Well. I guess there’s some sort of logic to this. Perhaps there was a meeting at Microsoft that went something like this… “Hey guys, you bought Swype didn’t you?” “No, not yet. We bought Skype…” “Ohh bugger. I thought we’d bought that software keyboard company…” “No, we

WhatsApp grabs one billion users

Well, personal experience already led me to think that WhatsApp was becoming pretty commonplace, but now we’ve got the figures to back it up. The messaging app now has one billion users sharing 42 billion messages per day, 1.6 billion photos and 250 million videos.   To get

Mobile World Congress 2016 from Coolsmartphone

Followed us for a while? You’ll probably be aware of Mobile World Congress. Each year in Barcelona the latest and greatest mobile kit gets shown off to the masses for the first time. It’s a frenzy of hastily-built stands, canapes, demonstrations and thousands of people from the

Got a HTC One M8 mate? You could be getting Marshmallow soon

We’re hearing on the grapevine (or, rather, via you lot on our contact page), that the HTC One M8 is starting to get some hot Marshmallow action right now. Not only that, but we’ve also got unconfirmed reports that the newer HTC One M9 is receiving the

Leak – EE SIM Only plans get an overhaul

Three have caused a right old ruckus by tweaking their plans recently and now EE are at it too. However, it looks like this change will actually be quite beneficial for some and perhaps not so much for others. We’ve got a naughty picture from an EE

FIRE! We FRY weeds with Hozelock’s Thermal Weeder

Here’s me, sitting in my house, trying to figure out how to get to Mobile World Congress. It’s a huge show about mobile phones. However, a few hours ago I was testing something from a company called Hozelock. They make those yellow things that connect to your

Three cut off any remaining unlimited tethering customers

You’ve probably read about this one already, but it’s a sign that even Three – that once great data leader – has had to trim back on a few data-hogs. It’s a problem all networks have had – a few customers just tearing through data and causing

iClever FM Transmitter IC-F40 – Review

Imagine the scene. You’re driving along and you put the radio on. You tune around, but every station is either pumping out the same tune or there’s a never-ending barrage of adverts for local window companies and the like. You dig around your CD’s but they’re either

Tronsmart Titan charging station – Review

When I was young I really didn’t, for one minute, think I’d be reviewing chargers when I grew up. Never mind though, because we’ve got ourselves a charging station from Tronsmart. We found it under the name of the “family size” multi-port charging station here in the

Vinsic wireless charger review

I love the idea of wireless charging. Part of the reason that I’ve had an LG G3 for so long is because I’m now so used to dropping it on a charging plate or into a holder in the car and really not worrying about wires. This,

Charge your phone and automatically back it up. MEEM Reviewed.

I’m terrible at backing things up. I mean, really terrible. I like technology because it makes my life easier, but sometimes it does make you a tad lazy. Backing up the photos, videos and messages isn’t too difficult if you’re technically aware. You can hook up your

We want to pimp something. Could you vote for us?

The other night I had a sudden realisation. Since 2003 this lovely website has been on the t’interwebs. We’ve been around the world. We’ve seen smartphones grow from clunky devices with tiny screens and terrible battery life to bigger devices with terrible battery life. I’ve actually been

Honor Meetup in Nottingham, come on down!

Just a short while ago we had an excellent author, editor, podcast creator and general phone guru writing for us. You may remember him. He goes by the name of James Pearce and sadly only managed to write 1,707 articles before the boys at Honor went and

Google handed $1 billion to Apple for search provider privilege

Further embarrassing news for Google today following our earlier story revealing just how much Android makes. Today Bloomberg reports that Google paid $1 billion in 2014 to ensure that they were the default search provider on the iPhone and iPad. It seems that the deal was done