Vodafone to launch augmented and mixed reality glasses

These have, up until now, only been available in Japan and Korea. The Nreal Light glasses will be able to deliver new experiences through the Vodafone 5G network.

Appearing first on the Vodafone German and Spain networks early in 2021, it’ll be arriving in the UK later on.

The Nreal Light glasses are mixed reality glasses with widescreen vision that can be worn daily. They can be plugged into a wired USB-C connection to use your Android phone and can provide freedom tracking, plane detection and image tracking. The glasses will seamlessly blend real-world and digital content while you interact with virtual 3D objects. When connected to your phone, they can let you shop, browse the web, watch video, TV and sport plus much more.

You can also enjoy immersive gaming, social media, music and photos. Here’s a look at the glasses in action..

Phil Patel, Vodafone Group Director Products & Services told us..

Nreal Light is a breakthrough product and we are excited to announce that Vodafone is bringing Nreal’s cutting-edge glasses to Europe. Nreal Light combined with
Vodafone’s high speed, ultra-low latency Gigabit 5G network will give consumers and businesses an affordable, accessible way of experiencing the latest augmented and mixed reality experiences and brings the future a little closer for everyone.

Vodafone is also developing a range of practical commercial AR and MR applications for business. These will help design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly processes to be shared and experienced across 5G.