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Siri – on the move..

Ever since I started using my iPhone 4S I’ve been using Siri more and more. It’s incredibly useful. Almost immediately I could see great benefits. Walking to work – pick songs / playlists, make calls, read and compose text messages etc.. all without removing your phone from

Apple admits battery issues with iOS5 – fix incoming

Apple admitted today that a number of bugs have been identified in iOS5 which have caused battery issues for some users.. the full quote is as follows “A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices,” Apple said in a

iPad / iPhone App – The Weather Channel

One thing the App Store on iOS is not short of, is weather apps. As no doubt you’re aware, us brits are obsessed with the weather, so I’m certain at least some of you will find this app review useful. I say review, but it’s pretty hard

iPhone 4S battery problems? Try this fix

As previously reported, many users of the iPhone 4S have been reporting poor battery life. Now Oliver Haslam at iDownloadBlog has come up with a fix. It seems the problem lies with the “Setting Time Zone” option causing the location services to run constantly, sucking the battery

iPhone 4S battery problems reported

According to the Guardian there have been cases of Apple contacting iPhone 4S owners to try and ascertain the problem amidst reports of poor battery life being reported. Have you been affected by this? Let us know!

Slide to unlock – Trademarked by Apple

Yesterday something happened, and it wasn’t the launch of a phone. It was the awarding of a trademark to Apple for the slide-to-unlock gesture. The US Patent Office database desribes …. Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image. A device with a touch-sensitive display

NuGuard Silicon Case for iPhone 4/4S

  I don’t know anyone who uses a smartphone without a case; a phone is (usually) something of an investment, and so in order to protect said investment, a case is needed to keep away any bumps, knocks and scratches.  For years I’ve preferred the ‘wallet’ style

Waze app review

      Waze is a new take on the traditional sat nav apps we’re all familiar with. There are two major differences; one, the maps are not stored on the device (although recently visited areas are cached on the device I believe) and two, the incidents

Rainbow Waterfalls

Rainbow Waterfalls developed by Lazyboy Developments is an addictive little game. I’ve tried my hardest to put it down on a number of occasions today and struggled to succeed. It’s an excellent little time waster and you find yourself saying “I’ll just do this next one” 5

iPhone 4S unboxing and 2nd glance

Literally in the door, on the table and under the knife … here’s an unboxing…   … and after the break we take a look at this …   and then a gander at Siri….    

Do you wish your Android phone looked like an iPhone?

Do you wish you had a seemingly endless sea of icons? Do you hate useful widgets for music or weather? Do you want a plain old lockscreen that just slides to the side? If you are repeatedly shouting yes, then you will need todays apps. Below are


So I’ve had my wife’s iPhone 4S at my disposal this evening and found some lovely little gems :) Ask Siri any of the following, and I’d love to hear your inputs too… - Tell me a joke (ask it many times – there a loads of

Samsung seeks iPhone 4S sales ban

Samsung have ramped up the pressure on Apple this morning by seeking a complete ban of iPhone 4S sales in Japan and Australia. The decision comes after Samsung filed an injunction attempt against the 4S in France and Italy just after the launch, and just days after

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2 – FIIIIGHT!

Ok, so the iPhone 4S has been out since Friday and much has been covered on lots of different sites about Siri, the various speed improvements etc.. However, whilst all these things are great, the thing I use most on my phone is the camera.  I wanted

iPhone 4S – First Thoughts

Got my iPhone 4S today. Walked straight into the Vodafone Store, no queues, had the device I wanted in stock. Thanks very much Vodafone Stockport. The new device looks very, very similar to the iPhone 4 other than a few cosmetic changes; The antenna – The 4S now

iPhone 4S US sell-out

Despite what I’m sure a lot of people feel is a disappointing release of the iPhone 4S, it is still proving hugely popular: Apple really do seem to be holding on to the winning formula. All US carriers have already sold out of the pre-order allocation and

iOS 5 Is Here!

Apple have made iOS 5 available to the public. At 6:06PM I plugged my iPhone 4 into iTunes clicked update and away it went. Be sure to update to iTunes 10.5 before you try to update though. iTunes 10.5 also includes the long awaited iTunes Match which

iFlashDrive iOS USB stick up for pre-order

iPhone, iPod and iPad users rejoice! You can now move data around easily with the HyperDrive iFlashDrive. On one end it’s a standard USB connector and works just like any other USB stick, but on the other there’s the 30-pin dock connector for connecting to your iPhone


For those of you waiting for iOS 5, from past experience Apple will most likely wait till the usual release times. Since I have been a Fanboy, updates for iOS devices have come at specific times; 10AM PST 1PM EST 6PM GMT etc… I am hoping not