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YouTube app will not be part of iOS 6

Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 to developers this afternoon and in a move that may not be overly surprising, the YouTube app has been removed completely.  To say relations between Apple and Google have been strained recently would be an understatement. On stage at WWDC Apple

iPhone Event September 12th?

The New iPhone will be announced on Wednesday September 12th and will be available to buy on the 21st, at least according to Rene Ritchie over at iMore. Before last year, Apple typically held an event in the 2nd week of September to launch new iPods but

My experiment with iOS

The other week Jamie, Ravi and I were doing Podcast Episode 5 and as usual we were all just talking away. Jamie asked me how I felt the iPhone had changed the world (or something along those lines), I vaguely answered and added at the end of

The iPhone 5 – Really? Is that it?

Rumours are annoying at times. Before the Samsung Galaxy SIII launch, details and “blurrycam” photos were hitting websites all over the web and they were mostly wrong. Now it is the turn of Apple and the iPhone 5, and a recent set of rumoured images and video

Alleged assembled ‘iPhone 5 pictures’ surface.

TheVerge have posted pictures of an alleged iPhone 5, courtesty of one of the suppliers, ILabFactory. The device has all the features of the leaks we’ve seen previously, the centered FaceTime camera, the smaller dock connector, and the longer screen which will hopefully take it up to

Apple Fires Up The Machines

Rumours have been on going for a few weeks now about Apples next handset. The device dubbed the “iPhone 5” is possibly going to be release sometime in the next few months. Will you be buying one? Going off the rumours Apple has started the machines rolling

Word Hex – Addictive iOS Game

There is a new game developer in town. We are introducing Very Nice Studio. The new developers have come up with an addictive game that allows you to pass the time of day whilst using your brain. Word Hex. The aim of the game is to find

Google buys Sparrow

iPhone and Mac users may already be familiar with Sparrow and their apps for those platforms. Originally Mac only, Sparrow came to the iPhone  back in March and has quickly gathered a following as the go to email/Gmail app for iOS. The buzz seems to have caught

Rumour alert – iPhone snaps removed

A website called KitGuru picked up some shots of the iPhone 5 recently and we ran a story a few days ago and you can see them below. These shots have since been pulled off-line, with the website blaming … Due to external pressures, which we are

New iPhone to be announced on 7th August?

A few websites have been throwing around a possible launch date of the new iPhone – August 7th. If true this gives us less than a month away. There have been leaked photos (like the one below) of what we are expecting the new flagship phone from

Do you say “no” to upgrades?

Something strange seems to have happened in our house recently. My wife has the HTC Desire S. She loves it, and she’s broken it more times than I can remember (insurance is a must). A few months ago she came to the end of her contract, but

3CX Mobile Device Manager Review

In recent years we’ve seen a shift in the way that mobile devices are used in the workplace. Previously you may have had a Blackberry or Microsoft Pocket PC dropped on your desk. Things were locked down, secure and managed. Now, with the advent of “Bring Your

Bored? Hazardous Balloon Will Help!

Do you find that you get bored during your commute, in the evenings or those wet weekends waiting for the new week to start. Hazard Creation have come up with a neat little game that can kill a few hours here and there. The app is simple.

Chrome for iPad – first impressions

As reported yesterday, Google Chrome is finally available for iOS now and I’ve had a quick look to let you know what I think. I use Chrome on Windows, Mac and Android so this for me has been a great way to finish off browser convergence across

Google Chrome + Drive Coming To iOS

Google have announced at Google I/O that they are releasing Google Chrome Today, the 28th June for iOS. Not only are we getting the long awaited browser but we will also be getting the long anticipated Google Drive app. Some iOS users have been waiting for the

Apple Launches Standalone Podcast App

There have been rumours for a while that Apple was going to be launching a standalone podcast app, fuelled by the removal of the podcasts section of the music app in iOS 6 betas. Well that day has now arrived and the podcasts app has hit the