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Google Search App for iOS

Earlier this week Google released a new version of their Google Mobile App for iOS. The newly dubbed Google Search App has a new UI which in my opinion makes it nicer to use than Google Search on Android. The default view gives you a text search

White iPhone Due Spring?

Steve Jobs made it very clear that the iPad 2 will be shipping in White and Black from launch day, obviously due to the chaos over the still yet to launch White iPhone 4 he did not want to give anyone the chance to talk about delays.

iOS 4.3 Arrives a little earlier than expected

Woaha, that was a bit unexpected. Apple have just delivered iOS 4.3 for both the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad just now, two days early than we anticipated. New features include a personal WiFi hotspot, a faster browser, iTunes Home Sharing, new AirPlay features and a host

Tesco Mobile sees Android overtake iPhone

Recent comScore and Gartner stats have seen Android growing rapidly and now Tesco Mobile have also chimed in on the continuing tilt towards the OS. In recent weeks they’ve seen sales of Android handsets outstrip iPhone sales. Graham Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Telecoms and Tesco

iOS 4.3 Announced

Apple have just announced the official release of iOS 4.3 to the world at their iPad event.  iOS 4.3 will be available to download on 11th March, the same day the iPad 2 goes on sale \ Included in this update is: Improved browsing via Safari iTunes

MWC Coverage On iPhone 4

As was mentioned in a post a while back Vodafone kindly loaned me a Apple iPhone4 to use whilst at MWC in Barcelona.  This was ideal for me as I am already a Vodafone customer and had a contract which gave me 25MB a day to use

My T-Mobile iPhone App Launched

T-Mobile UK have now launched the iPhone app for tracking your account on your phone, check your remaining allowances, boosters and get help or support. Having used this app which is already on Android it s great to finally see T-Mobile allowing people to manage their own

New Valentine Box released for Cut the Rope

Fans of Chillingo’s iOS puzzler can rejoice as the plucky devs have today released a new set of levels for Cut the Rope. For those of you unfamiliar with this little Gem the aim, as you may have guessed, is to cut various ropes attached to a

Covering MWC On An iPhone4

Having attended many mobile phone events around the world for different manufacturers it has become clear to me that packing to a minimum is highly recommended if you have the tools to be able to do it, but how can you do this and still keep high quality of coverage? Most

White iPhone 4 – coming end of March (probably!)

This is one keeps on rumbling, but the LONG awaited white version of the iPhone 4 is now coming (honest), at the end of March. Apple’s official timeline remains as “Spring 2011″, but Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and a Pocket-lint.com tipster have now come out saying end

New year, new Apple class action

So with antenna gate hanging over Apple in 2010, the tech giant could have been forgiven for thinking new year new start, but not so! Welcome everyone to 2011′s Glassgate, This latest action revolves around Donald LeBuhn who is suing apple because when his daughter dropped his

White iPhone today?

A white iPhone is rumoured to be appearing as the Apple store temporarily shuts its’ doors. Tweets suggest that the white handset may appear today with new iPhone part numbers MC604X/A (16GB) and MC606X/A (32GB) attributed to the new white handset. More as we get it. Link

White iPhone 4 Showing On Three UK Site

UK network Three have on their website the White iPhone 4 at the same price as the existing Black.  Whilst the price being the same is not news, it is after all the same phone, what is interesting is that the white version is on the website

iOS 4.3 released to developers

iOS 4.3 has been released to developers, giving us some insight into what we can expect in the next update. Most mentioned so far is the ability to turn your iPhone into a mobile Wifi hotspot, like Android 2.2 – great news for 3 customers, not so

WiFi Hotspots coming to iPhone

iPhone owners should soon be able to turn their mobile data connection into a WiFi hotspot thanks to improvements coming in iOS 4.3. The facility was spotted during the Verizon launch yesterday but Verizon were quick to state that it was just “an app”. Whether this will

CDMA-capable iPhone 4 coming to Verizon

Here in Europe you have a GSM phone and, well, you’re set. In the US though two major networks – Verizon and Sprint – use CDMA. Today a CDMA-compatible iPhone has been announced by Apple and our US readers can start pre-ordering it on February 3rd online.

Update On iPhone Alarm Bug

Many iPhone users noticed a OS bug yesterday which meant most alarms would not go off.  This was tested a few times on my own iPhone 4 running the latest OS and confirmed to be the case. This issue did not seem to effect ‘recurring’ alarms only

iPhone & iPad 4.2 Now Available

Apple have released OS 4.2 for both the iPhone and the iPad.  To install simply plug in your device, load iTunes and check for updates.  This new version of the OS comes in at 624.3MB in size so a pretty hefty update. The main update in this...

iPhone customers experience alarm delays

For reasons that are probably best ignored, the recent switch in daylight savings time seems to have freaked out the iPhone alarm settings. Some alarms, according to reports, have gone off an hour later than expected. Although some alarms (such as "Ev...

3UK App For iPhone/iPad Users

UK network Three have released an iPhone and iPad application which lets you get help and support with your device and network and also check your allowance or usage which is a great idea and follow O2, Orange and Vodafone who all offer applications l...

White iPhone 4 Delayed Until 2011

In what is VERY dissapointing news, Reuters are reporting that Apple have delayed the White version of the Apple iPhone 4 until Spring 2011 due to issues with manufacturing, Over on the Reuters website the statement says: Apple Inc said on Tuesday t...

The Apple Announcement – Updated devices, more services

Apple launched quite a bit of stuff yesterday. New versions of the iPod Nano and Shuffle were announced, as was a new "social network for music" called "Ping". Although Apple boss Steve jobs would beg to differ, many are stating that the new social ne...

iPhone 4 Now On T-Mobile PAYG

From today (1st September), T-Mobile will be selling the Apple iPhone on PAYG online and in retail stores.  At the start the only version available to but is the 16gb Black which will cost £499.99 + £10 TopUp. However you do get Unlim...

Vodafone Travel App For iPhone

Are you someone who does a lot of traveling abroad?, Got a exciting holiday coming up you are planning for?.  Well Vodafone have released a new application for the iPhone called 'Vodafone Travel' and the best bit is the first 25,000 downloads are...

New iPhone Plans On Orange

Orange have today changed some of the iPhone contracts here in the UK adding some extra features such as Photo Messaging (MMS) and Orange Maps for Sat-Nav use. Orange Maps is downloadable through the App Store if you have an Orange account and the 50 ...

iPhone 4 On Vodafone PAYG

Vodafone have recently started selling the popular iPhone 4 on PAYG for those people who want to control their spends or prefer to be on a sim only contract. Vodafone actually announced this before O2 a few days ago but this slipped through the news a...

iPhone now available on o2 Pay & Go

o2 have just announced availability of the iPhone on Pay & Go. The 32GB version has a £595 price-tag, with the 16GB version coming in at £495. Whilst this may sound a lot, it compares to total ownership costs of around £2000 for people taking free