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Samsung Galaxy SIII v Apple iPhone 4s Drop Test

They are the two best selling smart phones on the planet.  With over 40 million handsets between them in circulation it only stands to reason that some are going to be dropped or broken. In order to see which would fare better if everyone’s nightmare happens and

Coolsmartphone Recommended iOS App – iOSMaps

Anyone who spends time outdoors in the UK probably knows that Ordnance Survey maps are darned useful, not to mention incredibly detailed. Showing paths, rights of way, hill features and even power lines, the OS range are the go-to choice when planning an adventure in the great

Speck Candyshell, Flip and Satin, Review

Speck have been manufacturing cases for iOS devices for many years and have earned themselves a reputation as somewhat of a veteran in the market. Not a company to rest on its laurels they are constantly refining old designs whilst simultaneously releasing new ones. Read on for

Are Windows Phones really outselling iPhones in China?

You may have seen this appear on other sites around the web recently. We chose not to mention it, but I’ll sum up. From what we can make out, the news that Windows Phones were stomping all over iPhones in China came from Microsoft CEO Michel van

My iOS 6 Wishlist

As an iPhone user I look forward to the yearly updates to iOS as much as anyone. I don’t just get excited about the customer facing stuff but also the API’s made available to developers as that’s what allows them to create amazing apps. John Gruber wrote

Apple readies iPhone with larger screen (Reuters)

Reality check … is this true? Apple are readying a 4″ display on the next iPhone…. Well Reuters (and WSJ) appear to believe this to be true….. It is being quoted that production of the screens has already begun at LG, Sharp and Japan Display manufacturers…. we

Triposo launches new travel app for iPhone

Triposo has been around for about a year now on both Android and iOS platforms. It’s a useful app to have installed on your phone when you go on holiday and offers you a lot of information about the city you are in. The main great thing

Apple releases iOS 5.1.1

Apple has released an update to iOS, version 5.1.1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The changes are as follows: Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut Addresses bugs that could prevent the new iPad from switching between 2G and

Olloclip Review

The Olloclip falls into a category I’ve never reviewed or even used before. It’s a 3 function lense that clips over the camera on an iPhone 4/4S and adds three new functions, Wide Angle, Fish Eye and Macro. Read on for my thoughts and some sample pictures.

GEAR4 Airzone Series 1 Review

One of my favourite iOS features is Airplay. The ability to send Audio and/or video wirelessly to a device such as an Apple TV or something like a Gear4 Airzone Series 1 speaker dock is pretty useful and handily I have been using the latter for the

Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch Breaks Kickstarter records

Since the Double Fine Adventure Game Kickstarter funding back in February, Kickstarter seems to have kicked into high gear for tech related projects. The latest record holder and one that I’m personally backing, is the Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch. In simple terms it connects to your iPhone or Android

How the blind use smartphones

Have you ever looked in the Accessibility options on your phone? There’s a load of options that you’ve probably never really tried. However, for those with eyesight problems these options are invaluable and this YouTube video from Tommy Edison shows how he uses his iPhone 4S to

Why Android has won

After MWC and the release of lots of new phones, many people are talking about what their next phone will be. Myself and the rest of the team at Coolsmartphone.com are no different, and most of the debate has been around the new Sony’s and HTC’s. Personally

Numbers are everything… Can Microsoft reverse the trend?

Figures recently released  by comScore reveal a telling story regarding market share for the major smartphone manufacturers in the United States. Perhaps the biggest suprise is the fall of Microsoft’s share of the market from 5.2% in November ’11 to only 3.9% in Februrary ’12. Microsoft can

Independent investigation finds issues at Foxconn plant

OK, story so far. The Foxconn factory, which makes a lot of tech stuff for a lot of tech companies, received a lot of bad press over long working hours, poor safety and suicides. Apple, who of course have the iPads and iPhones build at Foxconn, did

Can you film a movie on a smartphone?

The BBC have filmed a miniture movie but, instead of using expensive HD broadcast cameras, they used a smartphone instead. They’ll be showing how it was done later but the results, we must admit, are rather good. Now sure, there’s going to be some slick BBC editing

iPhone 5 to get 4.6″ display?

There are reports/rumours coming out of South Korea this morning that Apple has decided the next iPhone will have a 4.6″ display and has placed orders with its manufacturing partners. LG and Samsung have made displays for iPhones in the past, and they are keeping schtum, but this does

iOS 5.1 Available now

Today Apple announced (along with “The New iPad” and new Apple TV) that iOS 5.1 would be available for existing iOS devices. Well the time has come, you can grab out now and the changes are thus, • Japanese language support for Siri (availability may be limited

App Review – Team Time Tracker

Keeping track of a project team can be a tricky business, with monitoring tasks, expenses and the like – not to mention dealing with the clients you’re delivering to. It’s hard enough doing this for one project and one client. But get involved with multiples of those