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Chrome for iPad – first impressions

As reported yesterday, Google Chrome is finally available for iOS now and I’ve had a quick look to let you know what I think. I use Chrome on Windows, Mac and Android so this for me has been a great way to finish off browser convergence across

Google Chrome + Drive Coming To iOS

Google have announced at Google I/O that they are releasing Google Chrome Today, the 28th June for iOS. Not only are we getting the long awaited browser but we will also be getting the long anticipated Google Drive app. Some iOS users have been waiting for the

Apple Launches Standalone Podcast App

There have been rumours for a while that Apple was going to be launching a standalone podcast app, fuelled by the removal of the podcasts section of the music app in iOS 6 betas. Well that day has now arrived and the podcasts app has hit the

Gear4 StreetParty Size 0 Portable Speaker Review

The Gear4 StreetParty Size 0 is a small, thin and light speaker designed for ad hoc music listening. I’ve been using it over the last few days but is it any good? Read on to find out… The first thing I noticed when taking the Size 0

London 2012 – Android and iPhone Game Review

As Olympic fever reaches new heights in the UK, what better time to launch the Official London 2012 game for Android. There are two versions of the game, free and paid (paid version gives you 3000 points and 5 max stamina points) , and an initial small download. The

Is This The iPhone 5??

BGR have picked up some images of what appears to be a fully working Apple iPhone 5 (if that is to be the name) complete with a redesign over the existing 4S which is now thinner and seems to be a unibody aluminium design with glass. Whilst we cannot

iOS 6 feature compatibility – what will work on your device?

Following yesterday’s story about iOS 6’s new turn-by-turn feature requiring an iPhone 4S, we’ve pulled together a handy run-down of which features will work on which iOS devices when iOS 6 is released in the autumn. iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPad 2 New iPad Siri No Yes No

iOS Turn-by-turn will need the latest devices

As Apple announced yesterday at WWDC – see here for our overview – iOS 6 will feature a brand new Maps app, including turn-by-turn navigation. Great, and long awaited, news for the iOS community. But a footnote on Apple’s preview site informs us that the turn-by-turn feature, as

Apple announces iOS 6

Today marked the start of Apples Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and in traditional Apple fashion they kicked off the event with a Keynote address presented by their team of executives. Apple started the event by telling us that the App Store now has 400m accounts, 0ver 650,000

Video of alleged new iPhone backplate

As is customary whenever an anticipated device is shown off parts invariably start to leak from the supply chain and despite Apples best efforts, they have seen some of there products leaked the most of anyone. This video purportedly  shows the back plate of the new iPhone, pointing towards

Wake Smarter

Tired of waking up to the same alarm sounds every morning? Well, no longer. Crop Duster Media have released an app called Wake Smarter it acts as an Alarm Clock on your iOS device. Your favourite radio station or a custom recorded sound could be waking you

Galaxy SIII to be targeted by Apple

So, in perhaps the most unsurprising news in the world, Apple has now begun to try and block the Samsung Galaxy SIII in the US. Apple staff purchased the phone from the UK, checked it and determined that it should be added to the existing injunction motion

Samsung Galaxy SIII v Apple iPhone 4s Drop Test

They are the two best selling smart phones on the planet.  With over 40 million handsets between them in circulation it only stands to reason that some are going to be dropped or broken. In order to see which would fare better if everyone’s nightmare happens and

Coolsmartphone Recommended iOS App – iOSMaps

Anyone who spends time outdoors in the UK probably knows that Ordnance Survey maps are darned useful, not to mention incredibly detailed. Showing paths, rights of way, hill features and even power lines, the OS range are the go-to choice when planning an adventure in the great

Speck Candyshell, Flip and Satin, Review

Speck have been manufacturing cases for iOS devices for many years and have earned themselves a reputation as somewhat of a veteran in the market. Not a company to rest on its laurels they are constantly refining old designs whilst simultaneously releasing new ones. Read on for

Are Windows Phones really outselling iPhones in China?

You may have seen this appear on other sites around the web recently. We chose not to mention it, but I’ll sum up. From what we can make out, the news that Windows Phones were stomping all over iPhones in China came from Microsoft CEO Michel van

My iOS 6 Wishlist

As an iPhone user I look forward to the yearly updates to iOS as much as anyone. I don’t just get excited about the customer facing stuff but also the API’s made available to developers as that’s what allows them to create amazing apps. John Gruber wrote

Apple readies iPhone with larger screen (Reuters)

Reality check … is this true? Apple are readying a 4″ display on the next iPhone…. Well Reuters (and WSJ) appear to believe this to be true….. It is being quoted that production of the screens has already begun at LG, Sharp and Japan Display manufacturers…. we

Triposo launches new travel app for iPhone

Triposo has been around for about a year now on both Android and iOS platforms. It’s a useful app to have installed on your phone when you go on holiday and offers you a lot of information about the city you are in. The main great thing