iOS 4.3 Arrives a little earlier than expected

iOS 4.3 Arrives a little earlier than expectedWoaha, that was a bit unexpected. Apple have just delivered iOS 4.3 for both the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad just now, two days early than we anticipated. New features include a personal WiFi hotspot, a faster browser, iTunes Home Sharing, new AirPlay features and a host of patches.

Grab it now or check the link below for the full details of what’s updated.

Link –

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  • Anyone grabbed the update yet? Is Safari really 2 x quicker?

  • safari does seem to be more snappier on iphone 4 i admit.

    • Sounds good to me, think i will be updating tonight then! :)

  • sonicr360

    I have decided not to update at the moment. From comments heard on other forums, it seems quicker, but to me I think Safari is fine for what it is and how it works for me.
    Was hoping for more features, but I guess this may arrive in iOS 5 perhaps, if the rumour mills are true…

    • Andaroo79

      what else would you expect an updat eto do, it has given extra features.

      personally i will use the hotspot feature so i’m happy :-)

      • sonicr360

        Andaroo, these are not really extra features as such. All this has done is put it in line with the Verizon updates. Hotspot is not essential for me. As I said, the next “actual software” release of the OS is the one to look forward to I think. To me, its a small incremental upgrade, and at this moment in time I have no reason to change. If it aint broke, dont fix it sort of rings a bell. Reminds of of the iPHone 3G … great phone until iOS4 was applied, and look at the problems is caused the users!

        • who is talking about the verizon iphone, its not something i would upgrade from since i dont have it

          in any event, something which the iphone didnt have before but has now (hotspot functionality) is a “new feature”

          every release of ios is an incremental update, having iphone since 2.0.

          but it does “fix” bugs so there is usefulness attached to upgrading, each to their own.

          • sonicr360

            Every release has not been incremental. OS2 and OS3 were very different, and OS4 added much, much more, that people wanted to see in the original OS. Like I have already said (and say again), 4.3 is an incremental update… nothing really essential. iOS5 (to be announced later) should be the overhaul people will want…. but my feeling is that the 3GS is gonna be left behind. I am also pretty certain there were/ are apps that allow you to create HotSpots.

          • sonicr360

            Just to add, I just done a quick google and found this…
            Not to turn people off, but this is how I feel about iOS4.3 – Its nothing extra that I really need, nothing new that excites me about “getting it”, and as for Bug fixes…… well…. wont comment on that ;-)

          • I can see where your coming from. I didn’t rush out when it was first released to update it like previous updates but I’m glad I did update.

            Safari is definitely snappier and I don’t get the “cannot connect to iTunes” error everytime I look at the app store so I’m happier thats sorted.

            Personal hotspot would be great but I’m not paying O2s tethering costs (bring back the days when if a phone could do something it worked without the networks trying to charge more for everything)

            The three network have the right idea. All you can eat data. Smartphones these days use up so much data and having it “capped” is annoying.

            It’s not a huge update and don’t blame you for not doing it but I’m finding my iPhone even in menus, switching screens is all a bit snappier.

            Good stuff – iOS 5 will hopefully be great stuff :)

  • Paul

    I installed it. To be honest, I’d not been having any issues with Safari being that slow, and don’t see much difference. I agree with Sonic360 in that it doesn’t add anything that made me rush to upgrade. The only reason I did was because the camera was getting very sluggish, and the shutter closed for approx 5 -10 seconds before it would allow me to take a picture. After the update, it’s instant like it used to be, much better.