The Apple Announcement – Updated devices, more services

The Apple Announcement   Updated devices, more services Apple launched quite a bit of stuff yesterday. New versions of the iPod Nano and Shuffle were announced, as was a new “social network for music” called “Ping”. Although Apple boss Steve jobs would beg to differ, many are stating that the new social network will further diminish any remaining MySpace market share. Apple also has the benefit of the largest online music service with over 12 billion tracks downloaded to date.

Apple TV, which has been around for some time, has been updated but this time we’ll only allow renting of content. All shows will be in HD although initially shows from Fox and ABC will be available.

One strong point of the new Windows Phone 7 platform will be the XBox 360 games and integration. However, Apple also took the chance to promote their new “Game Center” system for multiplayer gaming action on the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’ll be built into the tools available to developers of iOS apps.

Apple are getting their fingers in more pies. Social media, computers, MP3 players, phones, TV and gaming. They’re becoming an even bigger force in the industry.

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