Something slightly unusual here. 

In August Mini are releasing a whole bunch of upgrades to their range, and one eye-catcher is MiniConnected. 

Built for iPhones (what about the rest of us Mini?!), MiniConnected introduces some really interesting features: 

  • Internet radio stations
  • Facebook & Twitter updates
  • RSS feeds
  • Play videos
  • Reads out your texts, Facebook & Twitter updates

Microsoft & Fiat tried something like this a few years ago to work with Windows Mobile, but with the mass market of iPhone users (and Mini drivers), this could actually take off this time. You’ll have to watch those new data caps though – internet radio could punish you if you’re not careful. 

It would be nice if they supported Android as well though – come on BMW!
And throw in support for Spotify while you’re at it 🙂


Link – Mini News