New year, new Apple class action

So with antenna gate hanging over Apple in 2010, the tech giant could have been forgiven for thinking new year new start, but not so! Welcome everyone to 2011’s Glassgate,

This latest action revolves around Donald LeBuhn who is suing apple because when his daughter dropped his iPhone 4 from a height of just 1 metre, the glass casing broke.

Mr LeBuhn would like Apple to refund not only the price of the iPhone 4, but also any repair fees, and also a little extra for damages for “overpayment” by people for the devices. The lawsuit is taking no prisoners stating “Months after selling millions of iPhone 4s, Apple has failed to warn, and continues to sell this product with no warning to customers, that the glass housing is defective.”

The lawsuit has been categorised with previous complaints about the iPhone’s glass casing, lumped together under the term ‘Glassgate’.

Although not identical to the glassgate of 2010 that referred to the glass casings breaking after small scratches appeared from 3rd party cases, this case will no doubt gain some traction and could rumble on for a while, let’s hope common sense prevails, although in these cases it doesn’t always work that way!

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  • Billyboy34

    This just goes to show what kind of people buy these mickey mouse devices….

  • Sonicr360

    What you mean Billyboy?

  • Paul Dafastwan

    I resent that statement BillyBoy.

    In fact I’m actually suing Jack Daniels for the same reason. It has a defective bottle that breaks when dropped from a height off 1 metre, erm cough, yeah my 4 year old daughter dropped it.

    It was precious, and valuable to me, and I didn’t want it damaged or broken, but she wanted to see how heavy it was, so I let her

    I reckon I’ve got a chance

  • Johnpaul

    A friend of mine fell 1 metre off the back of a scooter cracked his head and died. The other day a guy fell 300 Metres (1000 ft) down a mountain and had a few scratches. Chaos theory.