iPhone 4 Issues – Apple responds…

iPhone 4 Issues   Apple responds... The signal issues on the iPhone 4 seems to be hitting the headlines now. It’s an issue that did actually occur on the earlier model too, although the iPhone 4 problem seems to be more pronouced and easier to replicate in real-world usage.

Apple have now responded to customers by telling them that you should maybe hold the phone in a different way, or perhaps use a case. Engadget have already fired back on this one, showing a video that Apple made showing the phone being held in the “problem” way themselves. The Apple response has now started to spread into newspapers and TV news, which can’t be great PR for the company.

Update – The Daily Mash have posted their take on this.. 😉

Links – EngadgetTelegraphBBCMaccastiphonehold.tumblr.com