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Introducing the Cat S40 rugged smartphone

Want a rough, tough phone that’ll do all that clever smartphone stuff? A phone that won’t break merely by you looking at it, but will still let you keep up with your mates and their flashy smartphones? Cat have a new smartphone on the way. It’ll sell

Cat announce the durable and nippy S50

Over the years we’ve rather enjoyed dunking the Cat phones in water and giving them some general abuse. They’re tough, rugged smartphones designed for tough, rugged people like myself. Oh yes. But.. Let’s be honest. If you put one next to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy

Cat Phones, now available in your high street

If you get a posh smartphone and then hide it away inside a massively rugged cover, Cat Phones are probably worth looking at. We’ve already thrown one in the bath and the people who make the phone even drove a honking great digger over lots of B15

Cat B15Q Announced. New additions and faster too.

The poor Cat B15. We hosed it down, threw it in the bath and then a digger rolled over it. Somehow it kept coming back for more, no matter how much abuse we gave it. We did a full Cat B15 review but today a newer version

The Cat B15 gets some SERIOUS abuse

Cat (who, incidentally, have a rather massive presence about 2 miles from here), asked me to “properly test” their Cat B15 smartphone I decided to put it through what I thought was the ultimate test. I gave it to my son and, after explaining that it was

Cat B15 Review

It’s a sad fact that, if you choose to go for a traditional “tough” or “rugged” phone, people have often pointed and laughed at you. Oh, come on, don’t pretend. It’s true. Deep down you also know that you’ve cut some corners too. The screen is rubbish,

Cat B15 Tough Smartphone now available

The Cat B15 Tough Smartphone is a bit of a rugged looking device. With an IP67 rating meaning it can withstand dust and water, in depths of up to 1M for 30 minutes. Impressive stuff really, although it is a bit of a chunky device. At 14.95mm

The Cat B15 – Can it pass the Coolsmartphone test?

Back in February we got a first look at the new tough smartphone from Cat – those people who do the diggers. This, at first glance, seemed to strike the balance between style and ruggedness pretty well. A good quality 4″ screen, dual-core 1GHz CPU, microSD slot

MWC – Cat reveal the B15, we go hands on

Big shiny yellow diggers. Trucks. Excavators. Say the name “Cat” or “Caterpillar” and you instantly think of their large machinery, but you may also think of their boots, shirts and now – phones. The new Cat B15 smartphone is here at Mobile World Congress and we were