The CoolSmartPhone Christmas Tech Gift Guide 2015

It’s that time of year again when we start looking to buy Christmas gifts for our loved ones, and I’m sure for some of you, technology and gadgets will feature heavily.
There’s the small chance that some of you haven’t managed to get Christmas presents yet, but over here at Coolsmartphone Towers, we gotchya covered. So with that in mind, here are some suggestions based on some of the tech that has impressed us over the last year.

First up here are some great Music & Speaker kit.
FM Radio is so 1990’s and for those who like a huge choice of radio stations, you can’t beat the Grace Digital Mondo Internet Radio. 
Connect this beauty to your wifi, and you have the option to listen to hundreds of radio channels from all around the world. Available now for £155 from Amazon.
If you’re hitting up someone who like a party atmosphere, you can check out the Kitsound Glow Bluetooth speaker. With a built-in battery and powerful LED lighting, the Kitsound Glow allows you to bring a happy, colourful and portable vibe where ever you go. Available now for £70 from Amazon.
Maybe the recipient is the type who likes their music loud and powerful, check out the Edifier M3280BT Home Audio Speakers. Not portable and designed to replace a traditional home hi-fi system, these speakers will rock your Christmas. Available now for around £40 from Amazon.
For those looking for some good sounding and attractive headphones, then check out the Kitsound Manhattan Headphones. Available in an awesome and strangely manly Rose Pink, these headphones will make a great gift for anyone who likes listening to music, and keeping it to themselves. Available now from Amazon for £35.
Next up, you can gift a cure for those who complain about falling foul of battery management issues, let’s look at Portable Power.
Some of you will be wanting to charge multiple types of devices; then the iWalk Extreme is ideal. With an integrated Apple Lightning Port, Micro USB and full-size USB, this 10 000 mAh powered portable battery is rugged enough to meet most needs. Available now for £55 from Amazon.
However for those iOS device owners who are looking for something extremely stylish, then check out the Kit Executive Power Bank. Styled to compliment the iPhone perfectly, this 4100 mAh battery is available from Amazon for £40.
We all like accessories to compliment our devices and here is a selection which may fit into a Christmas stocking.
The Instalens is a cracking idea which adds the ability to add interchangeable lens’ to just about any smart phone, using a stick-on magnetic ring. Available from Amazon at varying prices I particularly like the macro lens.
Maybe you’re looking for a great iPad case, then without doubt the Filofax iPad Case is one of the best I have seen, especially if you are looking for an executive entry style case. Available from Amazon for £30.
It could be a family gift, so if you’re looking for a cool way to control your lighted environment, then check out the Playbulb candle. Complete with Bluetooth connectivity, this battery powered candle replacement allows you set the colour of the virtual flame. One of my personal highlights of the year the Playbulb candle is available now from Amazon for £15.

There are times when you want to actually write on your device and the Trendz Stylus Pen is one of the best stylus’ I’ve ever used. It just feels so nice to use, and is a true bargain at £6 from Amazon.
We all like a spot of Adventure and fun and we have covered some great tech to help you fill your action quota.
The Kitvision Edge HD30W is a fantastic simple to use action camera, that is more than capable of capturing precious golden moments of you and your family. Available from Amazon for £195.
For those who like sky photography, then we were all rather found of the Arcade OrbitCAM XL Drone. (Relatively) easy to fly with a good camera, you can pick up this cool supersized flyer for £75 for Amazon.
Everyone likes a spot of Gaming right, and there’s no better time for sharing a gaming gift than at Christmas.
IMO the PS4 is quite simply the best all-around mainstream gaming system available – even more so when you consider that an Android version of the remote play app is available if you know where to look. There are some great PS4 deals available on Amazon at the moment.
For those looking for a stocking filler for iPhone 5 gamers, then you can’t do much better than the Logitech PowerShell iPhone case which adds physical console-style controls to your phone and is available for a bargain: £18 from Amazon.
Finally what to buy the tech-savvy ladies in your life? Here’s a few suggestions:
Firstly in the cold winter, The Kitsound Winter collection ear muffs are an incredibly stylish way to keep their ears warm, whilst listening to your favourite music. The sound quality is high, making this a great seasonable gift. Priced at £20 from Amazon.
If your good lady normally carries a compact mirror, then the Trendz Mirror power bank is a great replacement. It combines an attractive design, a mirror and a 2000 mAh battery, is stylish and very useful. A great little stocking filler at £15 from Amazon.
Should a mirror design not quite hit the spot, then the 4000 mAh Trendz power Bank makes a stylish alternative, costing £14 from Amazon.
Have a great tech-filled Christmas, everyone.