A Look at the KitSound Glow Bluetooth Speaker

Music plays such a varied role in our lives, it can be fun, it can be serious, it evokes emotion, we listen to it alone and we listen to it to be sociable and often the environment we are dictates how we consume our media. 

Of course and as the discos in the 80’s prove, music and light naturally go together. Enter the KitSound Glow Bluetooth Speaker, a battery powered portable speaker with an integrated light that can be used in just about any situation. 
A Look at the KitSound Glow Bluetooth Speaker

A Nice Stylish Speaker with a colourful Party Trick

The Glow sports a stylish small cube shape making it lightweight and portable, but it’s internal 3 watt speaker manages to create a significant volume to ‘bang out’ your tunes. #downwiththeyouth
I’m appreciative that hundred pounds is a lot to spend on a speaker but I was impressed by the quality of the audio output, I generally enjoy a bass heavy sound and the KitSound didn’t disappoint. 
To really put the speaker to test I placed it under my seat and slightly behind me, I then watched a film on my iPad, the audio created did a reasonable of providing a cinema like experience.
Connecting your mobile device to the speaker is simple – activate the speakers Bluetooth pairing mode and simply select it from the list of visible devices, no pin code is required allowing the device to be shared by groups. If I had one suggestion for future versions of the device then the addition of an audio input port might be useful to be able to connect some of my legacy or non-portable devices.
The KitSound Glow has an internal 4400 mAh battery which will provide up to 18 hours of play back time. The device also has a IPX4 waterproof rating which means taking it outside shouldn’t be a problem. So the KitSound Glow is portable, loud and sounds good but what really makes it stand out is its ability to provide a light show. Using the included remote control provides access to five different light settings, these are Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth & In time with music. It’s also possible to set the speaker to only display one constant colour.
Examples of each of these modes can be seen in the following video. 

The light function really does add an extra dimension to the speaker, and it’s not just about the re-creation of a nightclub, by selecting a colour that compliments your mood you can really add an extra level of enjoyment to your music. If you are looking for a portable speaker in the hundred pound range, with a little bit of a difference then check out the KitSound Glow.
The KitSound Glow can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here.