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Google Duo coming soon, maybe…

Google have just announced that their new video calling app, Google Duo, will start a phased release globally as of today. Google Duo is a video calling app which the Mountain View headquartered company teased at their Google IO developer conference in May. Until now Google Duo

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas now for iOS

No one realised the potential of the franchise when the original Grand Theft Auto launched way back in the depths of beyond.  The top down splat them up was a great success and was swiftly followed by sequel after sequel with the latest installment becoming one of

Hill Climb Racing – Android and iOS recommended app

Time wasting.  There are plenty of apps that can be classed as time wasters, games that you can dip in and out of, a quick read of social network feeds whilst waiting for the kettle to boil and so on. One such game that can firmly be

iOS App Store reaches 1 Million apps submitted

    Apple has reached a rather large milestone this week, according to Appsfire. Appsfire is an app discovery service who monitor the iOS (and Android) app stores and they believe from their data that the iOS app store  has now reached the 1 Million total apps

Google Play Store passes 700,000 apps mark

Last month it was announced by Apple that the app store had passed the 700 thousand apps mark. Well, in the spirit of true competition, Google has now also announced that the Play store has now also passed the 700,000 apps number. With the announcement of the

The State of Mobile Security

All too often in the news are reports of hackers, websites breaking down, personal details being stolen and posted and various other nefarious activities to do with privacy and security. With the burgeoning smartphone world the opportunity for hacking and data theft is growing exponentially which is

Official UEFA 2012 App Launched

Football or for our stateside visitors Soccer is once again about to explode to the fore with the advent of Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. To accompany this extravagaza Orange in conjunction with UEFA have released the official Euro 2012 app across 8 (yes, eight) mobile

Apple fails to secure ‘App store’ branding exclusivity.

A federal judge has kicked out Apple’s attempt to get a preliminary injunction to stop Amazon using the Term ‘App store’. Apple had been trying to force Amazon ( and by default others…) to stop them using the term app store for their newly launched Android Amazon App Store.

Microsoft disputes App Store trademark

Microsoft have started to dispute an Apple application to trademark the words “App Store”. The original submission was filed by Apple back in 2008 but it’s only now that Microsoft have filed a dispute. Windows Phones currently come with an App store called “Windows Marketplace” whilst Android