iOS App Store reaches 1 Million apps submitted



iOS App Store reaches 1 Million apps submitted

Apple has reached a rather large milestone this week, according to Appsfire. Appsfire is an app discovery service who monitor the iOS (and Android) app stores and they believe from their data that the iOS app store  has now reached the 1 Million total apps mark.

It’s taken just over 4 years to reach that number. Now whilst not all of those apps are live its still quite an achievement. According to The Next Web 45% of currently live Apps are paid and around 16% are games. The 1 million number does not include rejected apps.

Last month at the iPad mini event, Tim Cook stated that 90% of the available apps are downloaded every month showing the the App Store is still pretty vibrant. Of course this has a knock on effect for other platforms as well as many of these apps will have be ported or are already available on competing OS’s.

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