Official UEFA 2012 App Launched

Football or for our stateside visitors Soccer is once again about to explode to the fore with the advent of Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.

To accompany this extravagaza Orange in conjunction with UEFA have released the official Euro 2012 app across 8 (yes, eight) mobile platforms according to the Orange Events Blog.

The app allows fans to share reactions through social media and uses Geolocation and Augmented reality to find the best places to watch games or meet up with friends.

Official UEFA 2012 App Launched

The app will also enable users to contact and have fun with friends more easily, particularly in terms of sharing through Facebook and Twitter. ‘Photo Fun’ lets users digitally apply face paint in a national team’s colors to a photo and then share it with friends

Available free, Orange claim it “will be the definitive source of information regarding Europe’s top soccer tournament. It will provide match highlights as well as SMS updates, pictures, interviews with players and live commentaries.”

Available here for iOS and here for Android , let the games commence.

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  • It doesn’t make sense to have an “official” app that allows to share, connect and more… but only for Orange customers! Either UEFA releases an official app for all users, regardless of carrier and country (after all this is an international event and not a local one!) or it’s a fail.

    • Lee Marshall

      Where does it says it is for Orange only? I have just installed it on my T-Mobile (admittedly same company) phone with no issues. Play store doesn’t mention network requirements either.

      • Well, the store doesn’t let me install it, it says the app is not compatible with any of my devices. I have a HTC Desire S with Gingerbread, a HTC One S with ICS and a HTC Flyer with Honeycomb, and none of them is compatible according to the Play Store!

        • mmm, thats interesting, does the play store filter based on network?

          • Don’t know if they filter with network or just country. All my devices are listed with both information, and there’s no Orange in my country, which is definitely participating to the Euro Cup!

    • This is definitely NOT exclusive to Orange, it is simply because Orange are the main telecoms sponsors that they have their name to the app