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Does the “butter side down theory” apply to phones?

You all know it the legend that states if you drop a piece of toast, it will land butter side down the vast majority of the time. It has even been scientifically proven by this guy. In a number of tests he ascertained that the majority of falls

Black Friday – Honor vMall deals

Honor are as you would expect haveing a bit of a thing for black Friday and are inviting people to claim vouchers through their vMall store to get some tidy discounts off the Honor 7. It seems like the sign-up bonus will discount the price of the

Forget Black Friday, meet Vodafone Red Thursday

Those canny folk over at Big Red have stolen a march on Black Friday by coming up with Vodafone Red Thursday… to cut a longish story short, Vodafone Red Thursday – today – is offering some pretty neat deals. They’re starting today, but there are more to

Xperia Z5 & Xperia Z5 Compact Comparison – Review

The time has come to put Sony’s finest under a microscope and to see what you are getting when you plonk down £610* on the counter. We know that the camera is meant to be the best thing since they made the camera obscura back in the

Nexus 6P – Unboxing

Have you ever wanted to have an exquisitely made Android phone that will make those “friends” that have been drinking from the iPhone lake for so many years a little bit envious? Good news then, as you can now get one. The phone I am talking about

Moto X Force released

Did anyone else notice that Motorola had released a new phone in the USA over the last few days? Well they did and it was called the Droid Turbo 2. Now Motorola have decided that we UK buyers are also worthy of such a powerful device too,

OnePlus have a new device… The OnePlus X

OnePlus have been busy as of late and have just launched the OnePlus 2. They have just closed off the reservation list and are busy sending invites out to the millions of people who had registered. Not only that, but there’s flash sales to appease the masses

Nexus 5X also available from Expansys

I had the familiar ping of my inbox this morning as I awoke. In amongst all the usual detritus I had an email from our friends at Expansys. It seems that they have managed to secure some stock of the Nexus 5X. The are carrying the 32GB

Want a Huawei Mate S? Pre-orders now open

If you were impressed with the Huawei Mate S we reviewed a few weeks ago, then your wait is nearly over. Carphone Warehouse announced today that they are taking preorders for a release next Tuesday. The prices start at £31 per month or £419.99 for a SIM-free

Three hit the boost button – 4G speeds increased by 50%

We here at Coolsmartphone towers love UK mobile operator Three. They were the first operator to roll out a 3G network here in the UK, plus they rolled out unlimited data and 4G for no extra cost etc. I think nearly all our writers have a least one

Vodafone Call+ in action

Following a quick demo from the team at Vodafone on their new Call+ features, I thought it would be useful to do a short write up before a full review in the coming weeks (should the loaner phone arrive soon). If you aren’t familiar with Call+, it’s

OnePlus 2 going up for 1 hour Open Sale

Did you have anything planned around about lunchtime on Monday 12th October? If so cancel it. Take an early lunch break and get ready for some intense F5 action! OnePlus are opening their store up to allow anyone to buy a OnePlus 2, regardless of whether you

Lumia 950 and 950 XL pre-orders open

Clove has opened up their preorders on those two new fantastic Lumia devices that we saw the other day. Yes, of course, I am talking about the Lumia 950 and 950XL. Both Lumia 950 and 950 XL pre-orders are now up and available. They don’t yet have the

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL revealed

That day has come when we finally see a long overdue Microsoft Lumia flagship. Now, for those of you wanting a Surface Phone … you might as well stop reading. That is not what we have here. What we do have is two really nice looking Lumia

OnePlus 2 – Review

The time has come to have a good hard look at the second outing from this underdog from the Far East. While I’m aware that these are very limited in supply and trying to get hold of one of these phones is very tricky, we at CSP

Three UK launch VoLTE network

Three have become the first network in the UK to switch on an exciting new service known as VoLTE, allowing voice calls over the 4G network for better quality and signal strength. Using the 800Mhz spectrum purchased in the 4G auction which has now been rolled out,

IFA – Acer’s new phones

Acer had lots to talk about at IFA, so I decided to pay them a visit and get some hands on time with their new products. Now, traditionally we tend not to see that many Acer phones in the UK – with the exception of their M220

Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 5.5 – Review

Something I have been seeing across the industry right now is an emergence of lots of low price flagship challengers. These come from various sources, with the most prominent of these being China. Now, the inherent problem with buying from China is what then happens when it

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition – Review

Those of you who read the site regularly will no doubt be aware that I have had a couple of Ubuntu devices (including the Bq Aquarius E5) come through over the last few months to review. Now we have another one, and this is the daddy of them

Three UK launch new 40GB Broadband package

You want MORE data? Three have just launched a brand new 40GB mobile broadband package. This is based on a 12 month contract for customers here in the UK. Before now the highest allowance was 15GB. Just the other day we spotted a new 20GB plan on