Looking for a new broadband provider? Try Three.

If you, like me, live in an area where even fibre broadband (aka FTTC) isn’t that fast – there are alternatives. I ended up going with Virgin Media Business and, in the process, binned the rental of my landline. However, with 5G on the horizon and the traditional “big four” mobile networks pushing hard for your money, there are other options.

Take this offer from Three as an example. It’s delivered over their mobile network, so no engineer visits, no need to plonk the router behind the TV or in a really rubbish place by your front door. No, instead you get a router which you can stick in the most optimal part of your home (upstairs if you can) and, for a mere £15 per month, you’ll get 4G-powered broadband.

All the details on this offer are right here. Normally it costs £22 and, yes, there is the option to go 5G if you want (for an extra cost), but it’s still a very cool price for unlimited data over 4G.

Now, this all appears to be postcode dependant (not sure why) – I’ve put my postcode in and it said I couldn’t have it, which is a bit weird considering I have a full 4G Three signal. I can only presume that Three are ensuring that certain local masts don’t go over capacity maybe.

A way around this would be to for their Mobile WiFi solution – aka “MiFi” and then choose the £17 monthly offer. That’ll get you 40GB of monthly data which should be enough for the average household.

Either way, the £15 deal (if you can get it) is on a one-week flash sale, so be quick people.