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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge – Further details and photos

Usually the Samsung leaks are kept to a minimum ahead of Mobile World Congress, but with marketing material hitting stores, we’re getting a deluge of data on the two new Galaxy devices. As we mentioned recently, the IP68 dust and water protection has returned and will be

Moto 360 images leak – looks good

With the release of the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch, Android Wear is up and running. The last confirmed device to be released is the Moto 360, pictures of which have now leaked. The images show the round design that Motorola have chosen for

Nexus 4 factory images back on Google Developers page

Recently a group of Canadian devs got the inert 4G chip working on part of the 4G spectrum after using the Google Nexus 4 factory images. They were subsequently pulled from the Google Developers page, probably because of licensing concerns from the chip makers. Anyway they are

More BlackBerry X10 photos leaked

Earlier we posted about some new BB10 photos of the Z10 which is the touch screen only BlackBerry due to be announced on the 30th January. BlackBerry are known for their awesome keyboards though and a BB10 handset is also in the making we believe to be

More BlackBerry Z10 images leak

Now I wont lie, I have not been much of a BlackBerry fan in the past for the main reason the OS seemed very old and outdated even with updates to 7.0 and more recently 7.1. However I have to admit BB10 has got me pretty excited

HTC One Series example camera shots

So, we saw the whizzy camera technology in the HTC One Series devices. You probably had a look at it in one of our videos, then saw some very similar rapid-fire camera technology in the Sony Xperia range and the Orange Intel phone. The new HTC phones

Factory images available for Galaxy Nexus

Android software engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru [JBQ] posted on twitter this evening that the factory images for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are now available for download. What this means is that if you flash a bad ROM onto your device or there’s an issue whilst flashing you can

Share your images on the big screen

Sony Ericsson have made an app and a web service that makes displaying pictures on a big screen really easy. There are of course a few things you need to do to get it to work. First of all you need to install THIS app from the Android