HTC One Series example camera shots

HTC One Series example camera shots

So, we saw the whizzy camera technology in the HTC One Series devices. You probably had a look at it in one of our videos, then saw some very similar rapid-fire camera technology in the Sony Xperia range and the Orange Intel phone.

The new HTC phones have something extra though – it’s called ImageSense and helps to make each shot better no matter what the light conditions are. Some example photos have now hit the web and, although they’re not full resolution, they do look jolly lovely. Check them out below and see what you think of the results.

In addition to ImageSense the HTC One phones can take you into the camera app for a photo in 0.7 seconds witha 0.2 second autofocus. There’s also that f/2.0 lens for capturing more light and some clever wizardry for snapping better shots in direct sunlight. It’ll also let you take pics while you’re recording video.

Link – Androidandme

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  • Impressive stuff – my one problem with htc phones has always been the camera, looks like they may have got it right. This and the Xperia P look good options for me.

  • I just love these “sample” photos sent out from PR departments. These are like average fuel consumption advertised in official tech specs by car manufacturers. Let’s wait for *real* units and *real* samples.

  • Gabriel

    can’t wait for you guys to get a review unit through. Will hold judgement and buying decisions until then. Important issues like battery life still needs to be addressed, especially with quad-core chip.

  • Snarlingrabbit

    Its always the indoor shots that let HTCs down. Cant see any here.