More BlackBerry X10 photos leaked

Earlier we posted about some new BB10 photos of the Z10 which is the touch screen only BlackBerry due to be announced on the 30th January.

BlackBerry are known for their awesome keyboards though and a BB10 handset is also in the making we believe to be called the X10.  Some photos were posted recently of the said device but now there are even more photos with the X10 switched on to give you a better idea of what to expect.

More BlackBerry X10 photos leaked More BlackBerry X10 photos leaked More BlackBerry X10 photos leaked

These photos let you see what the home screen and apps screen will look like on a BB10 device with QWERTY keyboard and should get BlackBerry fans all around the world excited.

More information will be available at the launch event on the 30th January so not long now

Link: N4BB

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More BlackBerry Z10 images leak
  • Steve

    Did this really need 3 separate posts? Surely they could have all been put into one post! Bloody pointless coming here to read the same news spread out over the whole site. Poor.

    • Dan

      all sites post new images in new posts. You see this over on CrackBerry, GSMArena, The Verge and all the big news sites so is no different.

      • Steve

        You still could have put them in one post titled “Multiple new blackberry devices leak” myself, and I think many others, come to this site precisely because its not a big news site. If you start copying their bad points then you simply don’t have enough original content to outweigh that IMO. Don’t stoop to their level and become all about SEO and being first with the news. None of that is what makes this site great and you simply can’t compete with them on that level.

        • Dan

          message noted and I will share this with the team. Whilst the team is growing there might be a few things which get overlooked or duplicated by accident but 2013 will be a great year and everyone on the site values your feedback and the fact you read the content.