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Teen Developers – Rohan Kapur

My apologies for our last interview, as it came out a little later than we were hoping. You may’ve noticed it wasn’t posted by me; Life’s had me busy, but I’m sure this week’s interview will make up for it! So my thanks to Rohan for such

What’s in my bag (Garry) – MWC 2015

Well that came around quick didn’t it? MWC 2015 is here and, in preparation of the team arriving in Barcelona, we have decided to share an insight into the kit we are taking with us. I have tried to go relatively lightweight with my gear as I’m

Teen Developers – Josh Trommel

Thinking of creating your own app? It’s not as hard as you think, provided you put your mind to it. In our regular feature we take a look at teenage developers, how they got started, what drives them and the challenges they face on the way. This

Send money through Gmail. Coming to the UK soon

Following its launch in the US, the “Send Money” feature in Gmail is finally on the way over here too. To be honest this does exactly what the name suggests and will let people to sign into their Gmail account and send money from right there in

Teen Developers – Ahan Sabharwal

From New Delhi, India, we have Ahan Sabharwal! Could you start by telling me a little about yourself? I’m a 15-year-old Android and web developer. Apart from coding I enjoy photography, playing the guitar and designing. I also find startups fascinating and the idea of creating things

Skype on a Chromebook in minutes

Gah. The amount of emails I’m getting about this is insane. I updated my instructions on how to get Skype working on a Chromebook earlier this week and I’ve already got people saying that I’ve hacked my Chromebook or done some other weirdness. Others have stated that

Yotaphone 2 – Overview and picture special

We’ve managed to get a bit more time with the two-faced phone and over the coming days I’ll show you just what this thing can do. However, when I do get a new gadget I’m always quite excited to show it to you straight away, so here’s

Teen Developers – Tom de Ruiter

Howdy all! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holiday festivities! I took last week off, but this week we have our longest interview yet! So take a break from a week of busy CES news and enjoy hearing about Tom de Ruiter’s life! Could you start by

CES – Day one. Terrible carpets.

You’ll find every tech blog in the world following the endless announcements and reveals in Las Vegas right now. Yes, we’re following the crowd a little too, but in the midst of all the emails and new innovations I almost forgot that I don’t like being part

Creating a low-level smartphone strap-on for your car

We’ve featured the READYACTION mount a number of times here. It’s basically a low-cost system for strapping your smartphone to your bike, yourself, your windscreen or anything else you fancy. Initially I showed how it could hold onto a digital camera via a chest-harness mount to film

Teen Developers – Virindh Borra

Hey folks! For those of you who may not have noticed, the past several months we’ve been doing a bi-weekly series featuring teenaged developers who create all the awesome software for your phone! The interviews are pretty short, but a fun and inspiring way to see the

Huawei reveal the Honor 6 Plus

Stuffed with three, yes three, 8 Megapixel cameras, Huawei today unveiled its latest smartphone under the new Honor branding. Following on from the reasonably priced Honor 6, meet the new imaginatively named Honor 6 Plus. The new device’s unique selling point is it’s three 8 megapixel cameras. There’s two

WhatsApp on top of your lap – or just on your laptop?

Heck its been a long time coming – and it’s been wanted for a very long time. Who knows why it has taken so long, but we’re finally starting to see indications that WhatsApp may be coming to our desktops. So these hardcore guys over in the

Carousel by Dropbox update now recovers space on your phone.

Recently I moved to using my Nexus 5 as my daily driver again (just to use the pure Lollipop Android experience).. Thing is, with it being a 16GB version, space is at a premium, as it is with a number of handsets that haven’t got microSD slots.

Teen Developers – Tyler Guidry

Could you start by telling me a little about yourself? My name is Tyler Guidry, and I’m a 17 year old highschool student in Louisiana. I’m pretty much that one nerdy guy that everyone knows. You know, the one that fixes everyones computer problems when most of

Inateck TPB-IM iPad mini Sleeve Case Review

Do you use your iPad naked (ooooo missus, the iPad, not you) or do hide all of the Apple design inside a case ? I recently took my iPad mini out of its case and instantly remembered how thin and light the device was. I decided that’s

Adding a Joystick to your Tablet – a look at the Satzuma Joystick

A lot of mobile games have a problem to resolve, most of us are used to playing games with a physical control pad, and most Tables and Smartphones can’t provide that option. Games designers obviously provide different control mechanics to get around the lack of buttons on

Teen Developers – Micah Benn

Hey, folks! Sorry this week’s interview is a little late. I had a bug with the scheduled publishing, but it’s all good now! Could you start by telling me a little about yourself? Of course! Let’s see, where to start. I’m Micah Benn, a Computer Science major

Got yourself a free mobile phone delivered? Watch out

People tell me that this is a known scam, but to be honest I’d not heard about it. However, a neighbour (at least according to the Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter I seem to get every week) had scammers do this to him. Luckily the guy realised, but this

Sharp’s eye-watering 736ppi display

It appears that phone manufacturers are moving away from the camera megapixel race and instead onto who’s got the higest resolution screen. A screen resolution is measured by pixel density, or Pixels Per Inch “PPI” (not payment protection insurance). Now the human eye struggles to see anything more