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Teen Developers – Peter Soboyejo

Sorry it’s out a little later today, folks! But do not worry, today’s teen developer interview is here! As for why we didn’t have one last week, I was at WWDC and nobody had time to do an interview, including myself! But rest assured, I was still

A review of WWDC 2015, from a student’s POV

Introduction I attended WWDC 2015 this year on a Student Scholarship. For those that don’t know, it’s the annual conference Apple holds in San Francisco, California where they announce their newest updates to iOS and OS X, as well as some surprised! It was an amazing experience

Teen Developers – Lars Schwegmann

Great response to the changes we made with our last interview. If you have any suggestions for ways we can improve this segment, don’t hesitate to reach out! Continuing with the new format, we have Lars Schwegmann!   Could you start by telling us a little about

The 100MB data challenge

First, a bit of detail about how all this came about. Phones. I get a lot of them to review. I borrow them then send them back, but with different sizes of SIM cards and some handsets offering dual-SIM functionality, it can result in me using Pay

Teen Developers – Harrison Weinerman

Wow. It’s been over a month since our last interview. I apologize for the delay, but I’ve been hard at work getting together a new lineup of developers to interview. If you have any ideas for this segment, or know someone who would like to be interviewed,

Broken phone? No insurance? No time? Try this..

Last year we took a look at a company called iMend who repair tablets and phones. We gave them a rather poorly iPad to look at which had a broken button surround and cracked screen. However, they don’t just do iPads. They do iPhones, Samsung and other

Thinking of getting a signal booster? Wait right there..

You young kids might call it “bantz” now, but I was having a “discussion” on Twitter with a few people about the in-building penetration provided by networks operating on 900MHz. The likes of O2 and Vodafone both seem to get through the walls of my home but,

No, I don’t want an app for that.

I did something I’ve done before last night. It didn’t take long and, after I’d done it, I felt better. I reset my Android phone. Why? Well, I’m sure we’ve all been there. Many call me an Android fanboy but I’m fully prepared to point out the

Today I ran out of data on giffgaff. Guess what happened..

I’ll be up front and honest here. giffgaff have not sent me any cake, beer or phones to say any of this. I’ve started using them because the in-building coverage on my previous network wasn’t great and giffgaff are offering plenty of data plus a fuss-free service

An afternoon with the LG G4

I’ve been quite a fan of the LG G3 for a while now. Until I actually had one in my hand I’d perhaps not considered LG as an option and, to be honest, that’s a bit of a shame. The new LG G4, like the G3 before, is

Skyscanner, who are they and what do they do?

Those of you who are regular listeners to the CSP towers podcast will no doubt have heard of Skyscanner and its resident mobile guru Matteo. Although it sounds from his name that he would be a resident of warmer climes, he actually harks from my neck of

Teen Developers – Erik van der Plas

Erik is our youngest developer to be interviewed, at only 13! Despite this, he’s accomplished a lot! Could you start by telling me a little about yourself? I’m a 13-year iOS Developer and Designer from the Netherlands. I started building apps when I was 11 years old. Since

The Gadget Show Live 2015 – Report

Over recent years The Gadget Show Live Exhibition has become one of major consumer technology shows on the calendar, attracting thousands of visitors through its doors. The appeal of the show is obvious – a great venue in the Birmingham NEC, access to the TV shows presenters

Huawei’s profits rise by 33%

The world’s second biggest telecoms equipment maker Huawei said profits jumped a third last year, its net profit was 27.9bn yuan ($4.5bn; £3bn), up from 21bn yuan in 2013. The Chinese firm, which is also a major smartphone maker, saw revenues rise by 21% over the year. Our

Teen Developers – Patrick Balestra

Amazing that we’ve come to 15 interviews now! That means we’ve been doing this segment for about 30 weeks! As such, the list of new people to interview is slimming down. If you’re interested in an interview for you or someone you know, email me! Thanks! Could

giffgaff 4G vs 3G tested. Is there really a huge difference?

Every network is pushing 4G at the moment, even the MVNOs – those networks that use the likes of O2, Vodafone, Three and EE as the back-end infrastructure but supply their own service on top. giffgaff is probably one of the most well-known, mainly due to their

Smartphones – Killing conversation, stopping friendships.

You guys come here, hopefully, because you love your gadgets and smartphones. Even those who don’t have a vested interest in the latest technology probably still have a smartphone of some kind, and they’re probably more than capable of surfing the web, getting Facebook updates and plugging

The story of the mobile phone

Last night I stumbled across an old video from 1979 which showed something that was pretty amazing at the time. A truly portable phone. It started me on a bit of a journey into the history of mobile phones, so here’s what I’ve dug out of the