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The Gadget Show Live 2015 – Report

Over recent years The Gadget Show Live Exhibition has become one of major consumer technology shows on the calendar, attracting thousands of visitors through its doors. The appeal of the show is obvious – a great venue in the Birmingham NEC, access to the TV shows presenters

Huawei’s profits rise by 33%

The world’s second biggest telecoms equipment maker Huawei said profits jumped a third last year, its net profit was 27.9bn yuan ($4.5bn; £3bn), up from 21bn yuan in 2013. The Chinese firm, which is also a major smartphone maker, saw revenues rise by 21% over the year. Our

Teen Developers – Patrick Balestra

Amazing that we’ve come to 15 interviews now! That means we’ve been doing this segment for about 30 weeks! As such, the list of new people to interview is slimming down. If you’re interested in an interview for you or someone you know, email me! Thanks! Could

giffgaff 4G vs 3G tested. Is there really a huge difference?

Every network is pushing 4G at the moment, even the MVNOs – those networks that use the likes of O2, Vodafone, Three and EE as the back-end infrastructure but supply their own service on top. giffgaff is probably one of the most well-known, mainly due to their

Smartphones – Killing conversation, stopping friendships.

You guys come here, hopefully, because you love your gadgets and smartphones. Even those who don’t have a vested interest in the latest technology probably still have a smartphone of some kind, and they’re probably more than capable of surfing the web, getting Facebook updates and plugging

The story of the mobile phone

Last night I stumbled across an old video from 1979 which showed something that was pretty amazing at the time. A truly portable phone. It started me on a bit of a journey into the history of mobile phones, so here’s what I’ve dug out of the

Teen Developers – Amit Kalra

Wow! This is our 14th developer interview, and the list to come is still long! I’m so glad it’s lasted this long and hope for it to continue far into the future! But in case you haven’t noticed, quite a few of the questions are repetitive. So

MWC – My top 3 things (James)

2015 was my first year of attending MWC. I really had no idea what to expect, Leigh and Dan have spent years going and covering a huge range of devices. This year was going to be no different, Garry, Leigh and I all arrived on the Saturday

Teen Developers – Rohan Kapur

My apologies for our last interview, as it came out a little later than we were hoping. You may’ve noticed it wasn’t posted by me; Life’s had me busy, but I’m sure this week’s interview will make up for it! So my thanks to Rohan for such

What’s in my bag (Garry) – MWC 2015

Well that came around quick didn’t it? MWC 2015 is here and, in preparation of the team arriving in Barcelona, we have decided to share an insight into the kit we are taking with us. I have tried to go relatively lightweight with my gear as I’m

Teen Developers – Josh Trommel

Thinking of creating your own app? It’s not as hard as you think, provided you put your mind to it. In our regular feature we take a look at teenage developers, how they got started, what drives them and the challenges they face on the way. This

Send money through Gmail. Coming to the UK soon

Following its launch in the US, the “Send Money” feature in Gmail is finally on the way over here too. To be honest this does exactly what the name suggests and will let people to sign into their Gmail account and send money from right there in

Teen Developers – Ahan Sabharwal

From New Delhi, India, we have Ahan Sabharwal! Could you start by telling me a little about yourself? I’m a 15-year-old Android and web developer. Apart from coding I enjoy photography, playing the guitar and designing. I also find startups fascinating and the idea of creating things

Skype on a Chromebook in minutes

Gah. The amount of emails I’m getting about this is insane. I updated my instructions on how to get Skype working on a Chromebook earlier this week and I’ve already got people saying that I’ve hacked my Chromebook or done some other weirdness. Others have stated that

Yotaphone 2 – Overview and picture special

We’ve managed to get a bit more time with the two-faced phone and over the coming days I’ll show you just what this thing can do. However, when I do get a new gadget I’m always quite excited to show it to you straight away, so here’s

Teen Developers – Tom de Ruiter

Howdy all! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your holiday festivities! I took last week off, but this week we have our longest interview yet! So take a break from a week of busy CES news and enjoy hearing about Tom de Ruiter’s life! Could you start by

CES – Day one. Terrible carpets.

You’ll find every tech blog in the world following the endless announcements and reveals in Las Vegas right now. Yes, we’re following the crowd a little too, but in the midst of all the emails and new innovations I almost forgot that I don’t like being part

Creating a low-level smartphone strap-on for your car

We’ve featured the READYACTION mount a number of times here. It’s basically a low-cost system for strapping your smartphone to your bike, yourself, your windscreen or anything else you fancy. Initially I showed how it could hold onto a digital camera via a chest-harness mount to film

Teen Developers – Virindh Borra

Hey folks! For those of you who may not have noticed, the past several months we’ve been doing a bi-weekly series featuring teenaged developers who create all the awesome software for your phone! The interviews are pretty short, but a fun and inspiring way to see the

Huawei reveal the Honor 6 Plus

Stuffed with three, yes three, 8 Megapixel cameras, Huawei today unveiled its latest smartphone under the new Honor branding. Following on from the reasonably priced Honor 6, meet the new imaginatively named Honor 6 Plus. The new device’s unique selling point is it’s three 8 megapixel cameras. There’s two