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Pirate Radio – Why it’s not going away any time soon

Bear with me on this one, because I will eventually relate this to smartphones ;) Pirate radio stations have always interested me. Despite endless streaming services and internet radio, pirates still take a chance and launch a station on FM without a licence. It seems that, regardless

Remote kill order initialised!

Thought that might get your attention ;) Imagine the scene, you are on a bus /train/aeroplane/horse drawn cart or other mode of transport. You are minding your own business and get off without a care in the world. A while later you go to get your phone

Controlling Pandora’s box

I know I’ve mentioned it before, and yes, I’m guilty of repeating myself. However, it’s something I’d like to bang my drum about because, for the most part, people tend to switch off when the words “online safety” are mentioned. Still there? Good, because a recent survey

A meeting destined to shape our future?

This evening I am having a meeting. This meeting will be taking place in a bar. Some drinks will be drunk and words will be exchanged. It sounds quite dull and mundane. However, the meeting is with a very interesting chap by the name of James Hepburn.

Google Now tells you to get off the bus/train.

Google Now  keeps growing for strength to strength with yet another ingenious feature added, it can now alert you when it’s time to get off your bus or train. If you are using public transport and you open Google Now you may find that it offers you

Google Nearby

Google is rumoured set to reveal a new extension to the Android Location Services called Nearby, with the goal to provide increased accuracy for your smartphone to know your exact location and to know what’s around it. The Nearby application will use Bluetooth and audio clues to

Is Apple killing off the 3.5mm headphone jack ?

During a developer session on “Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X” at Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), Robert Walsh, manager of platform accessories at Apple, announced the new Lightning headphone module. This, of course, means that those “Made for iPhone” headphones really won’t connect

Which device’s will run iOS 8

Following last night’s announcement by Apple announcing iOS 8, the latest version of its mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch people are wondering which device’s it will run on. For the moment the good news is, that unless you are running anything older

Mini-satellites could bring live Google Maps views

Google Maps is something we’ve all used daily. The initial thrill of viewing our homes in the “satellite view” changed recently to the popular “street view”. However, actually getting those initial satellite views (many of which are actually supplemented with shots from planes) takes time. So step

What is in my bag? Huawei Paris event edition

Today I embark on a brief sojourn to Paris for a the Huawei press event. I thought I would enlighten you as to the kit I intend to use for the trip. As this is a reasonably short trip I don’t need to be hugely weighed down

Cortana VS Google Now

Most of you will have heard of Siri, the personal Apple assistant used by millions of people around the world. It’s used for all sorts of different tasks and has been around for a while now. Maybe you only use to set an alarm instead of going

Wireless Chargers Review

Since buying James’ Note 3 (or, if you listened to our podcast, me bullying it off him), I have wanted to look into wireless chargers mainly because it came with the Samsung wireless charging back. Now here comes my dilemma, which is of two parts.. 1. I

Google to release Verify Apps security update to Android

Android if full of malware and viruses isn’t it? Well no, not unless you believe the hype. Yes the Android operating system has its weaknesses, but as long as you’re careful and not go around side-loading apps from the less desirable sites things should be OK. This

Gadget Show Live 2014

So another year has gone by and the Gadget Show Live is opening its doors again for another gadget filled festival of tech. The doors will open tomorrow morning at 10AM and it will be here until the end of the week. If you are even remotely

Nest halts sales of its fire alarm

After finding out that users could accidentally disable the device by waving their arms. Google owned Nest Fire Protection has halted sales of the Nest Smoke detector. The company said the feature, Nest Wave, which allows users to wave their arms to deactivate the alarm, could be

Tips to speed up the Chrome browser on Android

Are you a Android phones user? Do you use the Google Chrome browser on your device? I do and to be honest there is a lot of functionality but it certainly isn’t the fastest browser out there. I’ve found a couple of tips that you can use

Microsoft Office Mobile free to Android phone users

Following today’s announcement of Office for the iPad, Microsoft also announced Office for Android completely free to use on phones. Office itself has always been free, but you needed to have a paid Office 365 subscription in order to make any use of it. As long as

Camera samples from HTC One (M8)

I’ve just back home and I’m checking out some of the photos I took whilst in London. They were snapped on the brand new HTC One M8 so we can see if the camera is all it’s cracked up to be. These are some of the very

The Travelcard smartphone charger

The new batch of flagship smartphones are coming out with great battery saving features, but what if you haven’t got a new fancy flagship device, what if your smartphone has a sealed in battery? Which is becoming the norm nowadays. Well either don’t stray too far away

HTC One vs HTC One

We’ve been at the launch event today and have already detailed all the HTC One features and the specifications you should expect. The new device is now in shops and available to buy, but how does it compare to the older version? Both phones go under the

HTC One (M8) hands-on

We were at the HTC event in London today and, with the press area so busy and loud, we really couldn’t get proper shots. Luckily enough we were given a handset to take away and review for the next few weeks. The device was announced and available

Rumours may be true: Performance Boosting Thing in Android 4.4.3

When we first heard it, we were blown away by the audaciousness of those GooglePlex dwellers. Its long been a bone of contention between the Android faithful and those who prefer Apple’s way of doing things, but when the rumours of PBT were posted up on the

MWC – Behind the scenes 2014

Yes, I say this every year but I’ll say it again. You may think it’s a glamorous trip, but in reality you’re trapped in a building the size of an airport and you almost forget you’re in Barcelona. It could be Birmingham, where I spotted these signs

The Flappy Bird saga. Why remove it?

Where do I start really? This is a game that got people talking. Sure, it didn’t always gain positive comments, but it lit the social media candle and soon turned into a bonfire. It’s become the most popular app so far this year, but has now been

Real world Three 4G testing

If you’re here in the UK and use Three, you will no doubt be excited by the thought of free 4G access. Three, unlike many others, won’t charge extra for 4G access. Tweets are going out today from some happy customers stating they’re now seeing 4G on

Pebble App Store coming to iOS on Monday

Have you like me got a Pebble smart watch or, if you’re a lucky boy like our own Dan, a Pebble steel ? Well, if you are you will know only way to install apps to your watch is by using “third party” sites to download and