COVID-19 – Donate via giffgaff goodybank

We’ve all heard about the flexible giffgaff goodbags, but now there’s something new – the giffgaff goodybank. It’s a new way to help communities in Britain and members of the giffgaff community during the coronavirus outbreak.

You can help by directly contributing towards a local Community Fund or through a hardship fund for giffgaff members.

The network has already helped out vulnerable members, but now the goodybank will allow members to purchase additional credit in the form of minutes, texts or data to donate directly to other members facing hardship. giffgaff will also match donations.

The second option within the goodybank is to make a donation directly to a Neighbourly Community fund. “Neighbourly” is an award-winning giving platform that helps businesses make a positive impact in their communities by donating volunteer time, money and surplus products, all in one place.