Pimp my horn!

I have a very mad belief that there’s a direct correlation between the quality of a car and the sound of a car horn. Get in a Fiat Cinquecento and sound the horn. You’re gonna hear a “meep”. However, get yourself in a big Merc and you’ll gear something a little meatier.

So, if your horn isn’t up to scratch, here’s something I tried yesterday (I think the coronavirus lockdown is getting to me). There’s a huge amount of caveats here, but I was bored and I’m running out of jobs.

Whilst filming another “in car smartphone review”, I found a relatively cheap way to pimp up your car horn. It involves a Bluetooth speaker and one of the random apps available on Google Play or iTunes which are filled with air horns, truck horns or some other noise sound.

This is generally a bad idea unless you know what you’re doing.

If you were to do this properly, you would..

1 – Properly mount a Bluetooth speaker in the engine bay of your car, ensuring that you place it away from anything that is likely to leak, get hot or move.
2 – Connect the Bluetooth speaker to an “always on” power source to ensure it’s charged or powered up.
3 – Replace your horn “button” on your steering wheel with a Bluetooth activation which plays the sound.

I was literally just mucking about, so grabbed a Bluetooth speaker and filmed this.. It might at least give you some ideas if you’re struggling to find things to do on the lockdown 🙂

If I had my first car and I was 17 again, I’d definitely be doing this – just for a laugh. However, now I’ve got a grown-up car and more electronics and safety stuff to worry about, I don’t think I’ll be strapping anything in the engine bay.