Working from home still? Get the sounds of the office

Sitting at home can be a solitary affair. The enforced coronavirus lockdown has led to many working from home and many companies have no plans for that to change any time soon.

Many previously saw home working as an ideal solution to the stresses and strains of commuting, early starts and late finishes. However, if your home isn’t that large or you’re sat alone for most of the day, the weekdays and weekends merge together. You long for video and phone calls with colleagues – a little bit of contact with the outside world – but you’re sat in your pants and slippers.

Keeping your mental health in check during these very strange times was the reason for us to start our “Home Active” feature, but this particular site passed us by.

Called “Sound of Colleagues” there’s the usual background of colleagues chatting, printers, coffee machines, phones, traffic, keyboards and more. You can alter how loud each sound is and you can even get entire albums on Spotify with similar sounds. If you’re working at home alone, it can be quite a nice bit of background noise to accompany your work day.