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Driverless cars that work with your smartphone

If you drive up the M6 between Junction 11 and 14 you’ll see how this particular stretch of motorway is being converted to a “managed” road. What this means is that cameras will be fitted along the motorway and your speed will be tightly monitored and controlled.

Climatecars – The eco-friendly car service, reviewed

Editors note – We get a lot of apps sent in for review. This one had a twist, they guys from ClimateCars wanted to show us their new iPhone app with a free drive around London. Well, we decided to offer this out to one of our

Status: OMG! WiFi at the Tube station

Use the Tube? Use one of the stations listed below? Hey, you’re in luck. You’ll soon be bathed in free (for a limited time) WiFi while you stand on the platform. Better still, some stations have been turned on today, so you might start seeing people like