Fancy a fun and intelligent hybrid scooter?

A few months ago I had “a few beers” after taking the kids to the pub (always good in the sunshine – they can go in the pub garden on the swings and you can have a refreshing pint). On the way back I decided to use my son’s scooter and it was, I’ll confess, really good fun. 

However, the next morning I woke up with a sore leg and a bump on my head. The latter was due to an argument I’d had with a lamppost and the former was due to me only being able to “scoot” with one leg. I don’t know what it is, but if I try to use my left leg to push, it all goes very wrong.

Fancy a fun and intelligent hybrid scooter?

I did not look as cool as this guy

So, if you’ve got a bit more money, you can have a hybrid scooter. Yes, yes I did just say that – a hybrid scooter. It comes with an electric scooter which fires into life when you start doing the push / kick motion. This is unlike other electric scooters because there’s no throttle control required and it uses a mix of both human and electric power.

The on-board battery will last an hour and the whole thing only weighs 7.5kg, so you can still do a few little stunts on it. It’s foldable and has three different “ride programs” including “eco, standard and sport” to limit the speeds. Not only that, but the scooter has something called “regenerative braking” which gives you a shorter stopping distance whilst also charging the battery. There’s an “assistance switch” on the scooter to kill the electric motor completely if you want to go old-school, plus it’ll shut down by itself when you stop using the scooter to save power..

The company tell me that the scooter is designed in Switzerland and uses a brushless motor inside the rear wheel giving more power. There’s also a “slope support” system which gives additional torque and power when the scooter detects that you’re going up-hill. 

Fancy a fun and intelligent hybrid scooter?

The minor down point? It’s £749.95. Ouch. I could buy a car for that. 😉 Head over to the Micro Scooters website for more information.