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Microsoft to cut thousands more staff

In May Microsoft announced that nearly 2,000 staff would be given the chop after their mobile OS business started to shrink. Now it seems that thousands more will be looking for work after Microsoft added a further 2,850 workers to the previously announced 1,850. The cuts, as

HTC to lay off over 2,000 staff

Just a couple of days ago we showed that HTC was essentially worthless. Financially, at least. Today they’ve announced that 15% of their staff are to go in order to reduce operating expediture by 35%. The company states that they need to be “leaner and more agile”

Is technology going to kill the BBC?

Over 1000 jobs are to go at the BBC – far more than originally thought – because “more than one million fewer people had a television set than was predicted in 2011”. What? Are people throwing their TV’s in the bin? No, no they’re not. Whether you

Phones 4u fallout begins…

As you may have read yesterday, Phones 4u have shut up shop this morning with the firm calling in the administrators. As part of the announcement, Phones 4u owners BC partners attacked the networks, particularly Vodafone for not giving them enough time to sort out alternative arrangements

EE to create over 1,000 new jobs

EE have announced today that they are to create over 1,000 new customer service jobs throughout Britain within the next 24 months. It means that, starting with 250 jobs in Northern Ireland later this quarter, EE will be bringing more “customer service jobs” (presumably call centre roles)

Huawei To Invest £1.2bn in UK

Huawei are to announce tomorrow investment in the UK that could total up to £1.2 billion.  The Chinese telecoms giant is pledging to create at least 700 jobs in the UK over the next 5 years which will mean a direct investment of some £600 million. A

RIM post large losses, cut jobs and delay Blackberry 10

5000 jobs are set to be axed by Blackberry maker RIM as the company announced a $518m (£334m) net loss in the three months to June 2nd. This, when compared to the $695m profit made in the same period last year, shows how the tide has turned.

Nokia – Iceberg, right ahead.

This morning, like you, I read about the Nokia cuts. Nokia appear, in my opinion, to be hitting the same issue that Microsoft and Windows Mobile tackled four or five years ago. Complacency. There was far too much washing about. Nokia were the undisputed king of the

Nokia to cut 7000 jobs

Nokia has unveiled plans to cut 7000 staff following their tie-up with Microsoft. Here in the UK 700 jobs will be lost with 4000 positions removed across the world. 3000 more jobs will transfer to Accenture – the company charged with providing a future for Symbian. Links