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Mobile device use while driving is on the increase!

British motoring association, the RAC, has carried out a survey of motorists. It’s revealed some rather worrying results. The number of motorists illegally using mobile phones while at the wheel is rising. After surveying 1,714 UK motorists it found… 31% of motorists says they used a handheld

Doosl FM Transmitter – Review

I’ve been sent an FM transmitter again. It’s one of those ones you’ll find on Amazon with a rather long and confusing name. The full description for this £13 gadget is (wait for it)… “FM Transmitter, Doosl® 3.5mm FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Hands-free Calling Wireless Radio Car

AVANTEK BC-L6 Bluetooth Stereo audio receiver

Your phone will no doubt have all your tunes on it, but when you get in your car there’s just a few methods of getting those tunes pumping out of the powerful speakers in your car. First, you could perhaps use one of those FM transmitters. They’re

Hey, phone manufacturers. You need to have a chat with Elliptic Labs

Back in February we took a look at a rather fantastic touchless interface from Elliptic Labs. Not many sites covered the technology, and if you’re following one of those lesser sites then they’ll probably only be covering them for the first time today. Tskk. Anyways, eight months

Want to see the next big thing? It’s right here

Sure, those big stands are OK. The companies at them have spend colossal sums of money to be here in Barcelona to push their products, but I personally prefer to go to those smaller stands where there’s just a monitor and a guy standing under it trying

New Hands Free Traffic App with Data Supplied By The Highways Agency

For those that are constantly on the road, the Highways Agency has reached an agreement to feed up-to-date traffic information from England’s motorways and major A roads into a new hands-free app for smartphones.  The app from Information Logistics Inc automatically updates travel advisories based on your

House of Marley Redemption Song Earphones Review

Can eco-friendly, wooden clad, celebrity endorsed earphones really cut it when it comes to multi-platform mobile entertainment, and being a hands-free kit? After reading Simon’s excellent review of the Klipsch S4a Android earphones I was tempted to grab myself a pair. In fact, there was a pair

Review – Digital Silence DS321D Noise Cancelling Headphones

I’ll be honest with you now. I’ve reviewed phones for many years now and I’ve seen a lot of in-ear headphones. You know the sort, they’re provided with every phone and usually end up staying in the box. Why? Well, put simply, they’re bobbins. Why do I