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Yotaphone 2 goes official

Earlier we posted news on the new Yotaphone 2. It’s just been formally unveiled and we can clarify the price – a whacking £555. You can buy it from yotaphone.com and there’s going to be a pop-up store just off Brick Lane in Shoreditch tonight at 6.30PM.

Sony behind the FES watch

The FES (Fashion Entertainments) watch was a crowd-funding project on Makuake, a Japanese crowd-funding site, that ran in September this tear. The project shows a watch made almost entirely of e-ink, the same technology used in Kindle screens and Pebble smartwatches. The difference here is that it’s

Sony unveil ‘Digital Paper’ tablet

Sony have lifted the lid on their latest tablet, Digital Paper. A 13.3″ E-Ink tablet, this thing is aimed at the office. The display is the same flexible technology they showed off last year, but this device doesn’t flex, apparently that trick is being saved for a

Want the Yota experience without buying a new phone? You can.

In Hall 7 there’s a company called Oaxis. If you’re liked the Yotaphone we showed you, you’ll like this. It’s basically a cover for your iPhone 5/5s, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note II which also has an e-ink screen on it. As is usual with e-ink,

Pebble watch update

For those of you with an interest in the Pebble ‘e-ink’ watch crowd sourced via Kickstarter project an update was sent out this morning, although there were no shipping dates confirmed it looks like Eirc and his team have been hard at work on the product. The