Pebble watch update

For those of you with an interest in the Pebble ‘e-ink’ watch crowd sourced via Kickstarter project an update was sent out this morning, although there were no shipping dates confirmed it looks like Eirc and his team have been hard at work on the product. The update details where they are with the production and we are given X-Rays of the product after the two halves have been fused together. 

Looking at the first sample against the second one you can see there is a lot of progress being made in the watches, also in the update theres confirmation that the vast majority of the components for the watches have left Arizona and are flying towards Hong Kong

So all looking very promising, I can’t wait to get my hands on my one. I’ll mainly be using mine with RunKeeper on my Galaxy Nexus when I’m out running. It will also be a great remote music controller for when I’m on the train and don’t want to pull my phone out of my pocket. If you’re getting one how will you be using yours?